Hung Corporal jerks his rod
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Description: Completely naked and turned on, Matthias continues to appreciate his huge dick and jacks off to his heart's content. Matthias loosened his firm grip and slow his pace every so often to enjoy the pleasure that a man can only receive from the bond within. Being in full ecstasy, he stops himself from cumming so he can enjoy the bliss he was having a little bit longer. Fully satisfied, Matthias' breath shorten and his moans quicken till he releases a flood of white, cream all over his hairy body. Globs of warm, sticky cum are in his pubes and treasure trail as he inhales deeply and exhales slowly.
Ashley Rider Colby Keller Solo Scene 1
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Description: Ashley Rider Colby Keller Solo Scene 1 Naked Sword Ashley Ryder might not be too well known on this side of the pond, but we guarantee you'll be a lifelong fan after watching the young British stud whack his tallywhacker to an explosive climax. Next up, brawny, well-hung Colby Keller wastes no time exploring his beefy, lightly hairy body, soon making his way down to his plump, cum-filled cock for a solo jerk off session that will leave you just as exhausted as it did him! But as we all know Colby, he'll be ready to go again sooner than you think!
Hung Jeff Jacking
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Description: Jeff is a good looking man with a big dick between his legs. He was concerned he'd shoot too quickly, because he hadn't had any in a long time. You would think someone with his attributes could get it all day long. Enjoy, as he jacks off and shoots his cum load for us.
Argentine Assets 1 - Carlos Morales
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Description: "Argentine Assets 1" ends with a great solo performance by darkly handsome Carlos Morales (not the Venezuelan-American porn star of the same name). Longhaired Carlos shaves his face, leaving a dark chinstrap beard that accents his angular handsomeness very well. Then his black shorts plump up in the crotch while he admires his reflection in the mirror. When he flops his dick out of the shorts, it's easy to see why he can get turned on to his own image. Even soft, it's a monster. Carlos hops in the shower and lathers up, and his huge dick just seems to get fatter every time he runs his fingers over it. Then he sits on the ledge in the tub and starts to seriously jerk off, and his dick gets even bigger (not an exaggeration at all, he's easily the best hung in a cast of very well hung men), turning into a long, thick club that his fingers almost can't reach all the way around. Carlos' abs get taut as he spurts, covering his hairy crotch with cum.
Marc Long Thick Hung Top
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Description: Sexy muscle stud Marc is back! You may remember Marc from a few shoots that he starred in with Julian back in August. We simply fell in love with Marc's giant uncut cock and needed to have him back for another show! Marc is in a horny mood today, he is already rock hard when he is stripping and teases us with a massive outline of his huge cock in his grey briefs! We know what really turns Marc on, so we give him a laptop with some of his favorite videos and then sit back and watch as he strips off and starts jacking off. This muscle stud gets pumped right up, so we move into the bedroom where he can pump out a load of cum all over!
Chase Lyons
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Description: Chase Lyons comes to us from Chicago; he's one hung 22 year old stud and a waiter at a local restaurant not far from where he lives. He's Gay and a top for the most part! After the interview, he removes his shirt and begins rubbing his upper body all over, licking his armpits. He unzips his jeans and begins squeezing his balls and stroking his monster cock! The pants come off for some more rubbing, tugging and stretching. His package bulges shooting right out of the top of his briefs. He turns giving a bird's eye view of his smooth ass and love hole, which he stretches and massages for you. Leaning back on the couch, Chase strokes his huge cut cock, by firming griping it one handed. Ready to reach his final happy destination, he lays on his back, implementing some mad stroking. Chase then blows a huge load clear up his chest, ending his first solo jerk off with a big bang!
Uncut Jack Off Buddies
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Description: A very cute and red cheeked Walden walked right up to my studio just as his partner Iker was pulling some tricks on his skateboard out front. The two met inside the studio and could not have been more uncomfortable if the bed were made of tacks. Still hot and hung, Iker promised to get the job done even if it involved jerking off with a complete stranger. They inched closer together as they swapped surfer stories, and even a story about getting a "shot" in the face. They put their differences behind them and their cocks in their waiting hands. Iker was the first to pull out his unit. It didn't take long for Walden to notice the monster Iker was packing. Walden was a real trooper and even gave his fellow surfer a hand when I asked him to, much to the dismay of Iker! It all turned out well. My sheets were covered in thick white ropes of straight boy cum and the boys were covered in sweat and smiles.
Petty Officer Matthew's Huge Military Cock
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Description: Petty Officer Matthew is a lean, navy technician with a gigantic sized cock. Matthew is a little shy about his life in the military but opened up once we started asking questions. He tells us that he once saved a whole ship of fellow Navy seamen, by stopping the engines of his submarine right before it almost went down too far. This brave act is what gained Matthew his status as a hero! Ready to begin, Matthew automatically starts rubbing his friendly monster through his blue navy coveralls. A raging boner quickly appears with the whole shaft being easily visible through the thick fabric. He finally pulls out his massive 9 inch dick, poking through the opening of his boxers and strokes it with amazing fervor. Matthew finally reaches his climax, aching to blow his load all over the black leather coach. Erupting from his horse-hung man meat are streams of gooey white man milk that spew out of his swollen head. After releasing an amazing amount of cum, Matthew decides to try some of his o
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Description: Barrett Long is an extremely tall and hung stud with an enormous uncut fuck tool that was sent from heaven to wreak havoc upon unsuspecting or skeptical bottoms. He came to the FratHouse to meet up with the handsome Hungarian man's man, Kyle Lewis. These two strong silent types don't say much but do just fine expressing themselves through sensually seductive physical actions. Kyle begins by showing off his swollen cockhead through the mesh underwear of his cute red swim shorts while Barrett sticks his hand under his waistband to play with his dangerously ginormous cock. After achieving a headache inducing boner with all the ****** loss, Barrett grabs ahold of that sequoia tree-trunk and hauls it out of his basketball shorts making Kyle's eyes open wide, equally impressed as scared. They both grab each other's cocks and begin vigorously jerking each other, with Kyle pulling Barrett's expansive foreskin back exposing the biggest bulbous cockhead he's ever gotten close to. Getting insanel