Forest Hump
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Added: 10 Apr 14
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Description: Paul can't seem to control his raging boner while Les is around and once he finds a secluded enough place, he sees no reason to continue to deny his desire. In this scene you get to see these two naughty twinks in a hardcore outdoors fuck that will have you rock-hard in no time. Check them out as they position themselves in a 69, sucking cock and licking ass before Paul slams his dick balls deep up Les' tight puckered butt. Wanna see more?
Ardon Yos's Stroke
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Added: 15 Apr 14
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Description: Wrapping his hand around the girth of his shaft, he strokes rhythmically - taking time to look down and admire his manhood. His dark eyes, cleft chin, and full, pink lips distract from the beauty between his legs. When he peels off his shirt, a hairy chest and firm, muscular arms are exposed. As he slips his shorts down to his ankles, a set of toned, hairy legs are revealed; black hair leading up to his bulging taint, which is covered in a thicket of fur. Flipping onto his stomach for some couch humping, he buries his face in the arm of the sofa while his hair covered ass cheeks bounce up and down. For his finale, he rolls onto his back and begins to moan. As his voice gets louder, ropes of cum leap from the tip of his cock and splat on his abs, coating the black treasure trail.
Casting Couch - Liam Santiago
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Description: For a moment, he climbs onto all fours and dry humps my sofa, rubbing the engorged cock head against the green corduroy. When he finally flops onto his back, I see my opportunity to get a measurement of the giant maroon monster. He allows me to take inventory of his manhood, then goes back to his task at hand. His breathing becomes a quiet moaning, which crescendos into loud grunts as his cock begins to spew. As his abs heave, and his thighs muscles tighten, white ropes issue onto his stomach; pooling in his belly button.