Dakota's ball clinching massage and bj
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Added: 05 Jul 14
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Description: Dakota was getting out of the Marine Corps shortly after the shoot with his buddy, Preston (when they jerked each other off). Just before he was heading off to the wild blue yonder, I asked him about doing a massage scene. He was all for it, since he'd gotten… ohhh, just a few while stationed overseas. "In Japan I did a lot. Probably like 10 or 15," he said with a hint of humility. "It was a weekend thing." Of course, those were all with girls. But getting one from a guy for the first time didn't seem to phase him much, saying he could just close his eyes and "go to Happy Land."
Agonizing Spanking
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Added: 07 Feb 13
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Description: Arrogant young hot guy Shamus is tied down and ready for a lesson in total humility. Having already had his ass cheeks flogged his butt is incredibly sensitive. Adrian binds him so his rear is pointed up in the air. His tight white pants are snipped off him leaving his bare bottom helplessly exposed. Every whip from his captor’s cane causes this strong macho man to buck violently against his restraints. It drives him crazy that he can’t stop the ceaseless beating his ass gets. Fighting in vain against the ropes that bind him, Shamus’ sore bottom trembles helplessly. Adrian selfishly gropes the lad’s sizeable cock and balls and exposes his tender asshole while mercilessly whacking him. Just when Shamus thinks he can’t take anymore Adrian climbs on top of him and aggressively fucks the bound hetero until tears spill down his cheeks.
Handsome Hetero Michael
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Added: 22 Dec 12
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Description: At TheCastingRoom, handsome hetero Michael is out to establish himself in the modelling and theatrical world. He’s very full of himself and confident because he’s always been told how striking and attractive he is. So getting paid bundles just for striking a pose should be easy, right? Here he gets a lesson in humility as he discovers men willing to fuck a woman for money are a dime a dozen so he has to be something special and willing to pose his naked body exactly how we want to see it.
Annihilation of Sebastian Keys
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Description: Spencer Reed and Ricky Sinz lead the crowd in the most intense gang bang ever on all of KinkMen history and possibly the web.