Golden Gate Season 1 Scene 2
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Added: 30 Sep 14
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Description: Golden Gate Season 1 Scene 2 Naked Sword You are invited to enter the land of impulse, dreams and desire with Naked Sword's first-ever original production, Golden Gate. Twelve guys... five hardcore sex scenes... five incredible solos... over five hours of content. Golden Gate Season 1 is an exploration of the sex lives of gay men living in San Francisco. Each episode of Golden Gate is a well-crafted vignette that brings together two disparate elements of the city beloved by so many men. "The Island Of Lost Toys" They say that San Francisco will take you in when no one else will, but that's little comfort to Alejandro (D.O.) who's traveled twenty hours to see Adam (Kennedy Carter) - only to get stood up. Without Adam to pick him up, Alejandro's lost, a stranger in a very strange land. When he stumbles across a café, his luck finally takes a turn for the better. "This hot scene should be illegal" -said no one ever!
Ashley Rider Colby Keller Solo Scene 1
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Description: Ashley Rider Colby Keller Solo Scene 1 Naked Sword Ashley Ryder might not be too well known on this side of the pond, but we guarantee you'll be a lifelong fan after watching the young British stud whack his tallywhacker to an explosive climax. Next up, brawny, well-hung Colby Keller wastes no time exploring his beefy, lightly hairy body, soon making his way down to his plump, cum-filled cock for a solo jerk off session that will leave you just as exhausted as it did him! But as we all know Colby, he'll be ready to go again sooner than you think!
Rod Painter, Peto Coast, Thomaas & Slotmachine
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 28 Sep 14
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Duration: 0:02:01
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Description: Slotmachine likes to swallow a big load and has a big hole which needs urgently to be filled. At the Wurstfilm dungeon he is the perfect fuck buddy for our stallions Rod Painter and Peto Cast. Huge big cocks work hard to nail down the throbbing hole. There is also a juicy fluid refreshment. Thomass watches greedily and then it is his turn to swallow everything up to the last drop.
Steamy Anal Fuck With Massive Muscled Men
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Description: See these big and huge muscled men do what the want the most. They desire for some steamy and hot muscled gay on gay dick to asshole fuck. See how these big muscled gay get it on when they are out resting after a long and sweaty hiking trip. Watch as he gives his gay partner the best blowjob to make him hard in preparation for his tight asshole. Watch as he uses a violet dildo to widen his tight ass. Witness how he rides him and pushes his long hard dick on his narrow behind. Watch him cum blast on his partner.
Rovitoni and Alejandro
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Added: 14 Sep 14
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Description: Rovitoni is too hot to scrub the floor of his master, and his master knows it... His Master will find him doing nothing and he will start pissing on his face. Then he will fuck him very hard and bareback with his huge cock and will play with lots of dildos... Rovitoni has a very big and good ass!!!|bareback, pissing
Category: Asian
Added: 21 Sep 14
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Description: This guy is quite slim and has a fantastic shaped body. He likes doing Yoga and it shows, this guy is very flexible in many ways. He is also a very horny Asian Twink and enjoys sex to the fullest. Here he strip and show his hard fat cock and sucking skills. Then he get a glass dildo up his ass so he is well prepared for the fuck. But it does not end with just a fuck! He also get a fist up his ass and squirts a huge load of cum out from his ass.
Sylvan Lyk & Alfa Jota
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Added: 07 Sep 14
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Duration: 0:02:30
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Description: Once Sylvan's hole is totally open and ready, he's ready for a good fisting. Alfa Jota works on his hungry hole without mercy, fisting and punching into him until Sylvan's hole is like one huge, wet red rose. Meanwhile, the greedy fist pig just keeps on asking for more. This is obviously one incredibly sexy guy who can't get enough of what mature Daddy Alfa has to offer. Sylvan has wanted the man's fist for a long time and, now that he's got it, loves that Alfa has taken control of him and does not disappoint.
Matthieu Paris and Macanao Torres
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Added: 06 Sep 14
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Duration: 0:02:30
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Description: At the same time, another customer, French Matthieu Paris, goes into the fetish shop asking for a big dildo. Macanao Torres realizes that he wants dirty action and this is what he gives to him! This crazy scene takes place at the dildos section. Macanao Torres would stick all kind of budgets into Matthieu Paris' hungry hole: huge dildos, a baseball bat (covered by a dirty sock!), one fist, two fists, a boot! There will also be blow jobs, piss and dirty fuck action!
Opening Ceremonies
Category: Leather
Added: 28 Aug 14
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Description: Sexy pig Jack Union gets his huge cock licked by Dildosboy, then fucks him on the bed. Each filthy fucker takes turn on the other's ass with a can of Crisco and a massive dildo.
German guy's ass fisted then tortured with hot wax
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Added: 10 Sep 14
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Description: This is what's going on sometimes in these huge European apartments and mansions. A real kinkster get-together, no less. Watch as the participants get started with the ambiance lighting a few candles. Then their servant for today is placed on the table and things start getting naughty. Waxing and CBT are on the menu today as the hunks take things slow and explore all their urges thoroughness. And this anal dildo, boy is it big! It's so big several men feel the challenge to try and take it!
Asian Fresh Face
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Added: 16 Aug 14
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Description: Our our sweet, slim, slender, smooth and seductive Asian twink friend Jacob, gives some tender loving care to the camera as he allows it to zoom in on his tasty body and his tight and hungry gay Asian ass, and we can see a huge dildo, ready for use.
Prisoner #05092014s12
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 15 Aug 14
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Description: Strapped into a gas mask prisoner rams a large dong up his ass and masturbates while seeming noting that he can barely feel the huge dong with his stretched asshole.
My Hole to Take 4: In the Sling
Category: Hunk / Big Muscles
Added: 07 Aug 14
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Description: Now that Drae has loaded up Vann's hole he's ready to pull out the big ***s…a super huge dildo and his hands!
Anal dildo
Category: Solo (1)
Added: 02 Jul 14
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Description: Crazy boy fucks himself in the ass, filled with liquid, kinky stuff
Plowing Jordan's Hole
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Added: 29 Jun 14
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Description: Cameron's dick is getting good and stiff while he's giving Jordan the rim job of his life. He squares his hips right behind Jordan and slides his huge dick into the tight hole. Seeing the dildo laying on the couch out of the corner of his eye, he grabs it and shoves it into the hole next to his meat. Jordan is really moaning now, as his hole is stretched wide by the double penetration. He's ready to ride Cameron and sits right down on the massive tor****. When he's worn out from squatting on Cameron's dick, Cameron takes control by picking Jordan up and laying him on his back. The plowing continues while Jordan moans happily. The stuffing he's getting makes his balls boil and jizz begins to spray out onto his rippled, tan abs. Cameron continues thrusting until he's ready to burst. He jumps to his feet in time to feed Jordan an enormous load. Jordan is pleased with the new game he's just learned.
Foursome of Filth
Category: Jock / Athlete
Added: 27 Jun 14
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Description: It's a foursome of filth these four nasty bastards take turns on each others asses with huge dildos and raging fists
Two pigs in a Sling
Category: Leather
Added: 07 Jun 14
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Description: Marco sucks off Matt and gets fucked by him in the sling. Matt wields a huge dildo aimed for his mate's nasty ass, then a baseball bat, thick end first.
Mack and Mike: Huge Toys
Category: Toys
Added: 03 Jun 14
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Duration: 0:06:00
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Description: In the second of the MACK & Mike videos, Mike submits to some of Mack's more intense pleasures. Mike takes one of the longest ass toys and then one of the biggest around for his Muscle Bear Dad.
Boy Jakeys Anal Show HD
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Added: 03 Jun 14
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Description: Very Hot Boy Jakeys Anal Show HD Jake uses a huge black dildo in his tight twink ass hole and cums his hot spunk cumshot uncut cock load
Black Monster Cock 3
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Added: 17 May 14
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Description: Black Monster Cock is back again with our third film, raising the bar even higher (or bigger we should say) on bottoms taking a rear-door beating and getting their tight holes tore wide open from huge, veiny, raw black meat.