Bi Curious SeXploration
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Description: Casey Monroe comes to us from Texas, in town for Spring Break. He's 23 years old and thinks he may be Bisexual! Casey heard about ClubAmateurUSA and our in-house masseuse Chad Brock and decided to take the first time plunge while in town.
Frat Pack
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Description: Frat Pack takes you into a frat house with four young studs who make a sport out of seeing who can bed the hottest daddy.
Discover Blaine Prescott's allure
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Description: Meet Sexy brunette hunk Blaine Prescott. He definitely is something special to look at in this semi-exclusive video. Watch him flaunt what he's got before taking his shirt off and posing around the house while preparing himself for a very sexy and kinky party that will surely be remembered for a long time! After some hot posing, he takes off his underwear and started stroking his dick.
Golden Gate Season 1 Scene 4
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Description: Golden Gate Season 1 Scene 4 Naked Sword Episode 4: "The Beach House" The majestic wonder of the Northern Californian coast has drawn lovers to its shores for centuries. Jacob (Jeremy Bilding) and Brett (Trent Locke), for example. They are seemingly inseparable, bound to each other like the sky holds on to the clouds. But in a land of impulse and desire, the hunger for more is all but undeniable, even for the most loyal of lovers. On this journey, the hunt to satisfy the irresistible craving brings them to a street hustler named Marc (Christian Wilde), here on the streets of San Francisco.
Skinny White Gay Gangbang by Three Huge Black Ghetto
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Description: So horny white gay got a texted by his black ghetto friend to come on his House. This skinny white gay was shock and gangbang by this three huge black ghetto, Watch out for the extremely deep throat blowjob dick sucking and anal fucking ever. White gay was Double Penetrated by this huge black cocks, They all so horny and wild until they reach the final glory and released a huge load of cum at the end.
Cecil Sedum
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Description: Built like the proverbial brick shit house, 23 year old Cecil Sedum turns an afternoon of outdoorsy hard work into working his hard-on. Enjoy!
Roommate Wanted Episode 3: The Housing Squeeze
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Description: Looking for a place in San Francisco without a dotcom salary? Good luck. Liam Harkmoore and Dylan Knight meet in a line for rental unit, but when it's clear they're outpriced, they go in for something a little more cooperative. Luckily, Dylan's got a key to a place around the corner where no one's home. They may not be able to move in — but they certainly can use it to unload. The door is hardly shut before Liam is thanking his would-be host, with a pair of firm lips and raging hard cock. So what if it's a short-term solution? In San Francisco, any bed is better than none!
Roommate Wanted Episode 2: Shared Utilities
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Description: Want to move into this hip crashpad? Before you sign the lease here, you have to leave a deposit. In the second episode of NakedSword's Roommate Wanted, Cam Christou is looking for a shared apartment, but when sexy Luke Harding opens the door, he sees that the floors aren't going to be the only hardwood. The house has more men than it does bedrooms, Luke tells him, and the communal living arrangements extend way beyond the chore wheel. It's a sharing economy based on sex, and lean-and-tatted Cam shows he's more than happy to contribute. The initiation starts out in the hallway, and before long the two are joined by Leo Forte, who breaks in his new roommate with his fat dick. Luke gets in on the action as well, first riding Leo and then moving into Cam's back bedroom. The three collapse in a pile of sweat and sex. And just think — the other roommates aren't even home yet!
Roommate Wanted Episode 1: Beautiful End Unit
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Description: Rent in San Francisco is skyrocketing, and the boys of San Francisco are desperate! In the premiere episode of Roommates Wanted, Rey Luis shows up at an open house, and finds that he's the one taking the deposit. So what if it's not the right apartment — when he cracks the door and finds Boomer Banks stroking his huge cock, he's ready to move in. And so is Boomer! After stuffing Rey's face, he bends over the smooth bottom and splits him like a utility bill. If this is what the new economy is like, bring it on!
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Description: The world is sometimes small. Just one week ago my new colleague had an appointment in a social housing compound. Now I got a call from a guy who was also living there. Well, I decided to ask Jan if he could visit him there as he knows the area already. When he came back I was a bit jealous because the guy was really cute. But he was also one of the more „difficult clients“. The talked about all his debts and Jan offered him our help. Then he explained him our only condition: to be a sex toy for one hour. The young man was really not amused. He told Jan to leave immediately and even throw the money which was already on the table to the ground. But Jan can be persistent as you will see.
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Description: Please let me introduce Jan, our new colleague. He recently joined our team and is eager to proof his „counseling abilities“. He has a funny attitude towards his job. He doesn't consider sex as sinful at all. Not even the fact that most of the clients are straight would ever change his mind. So he is exactly that kind of guy which fits our team perfectly. Today he had his first appointment. The guy who called lived in some sort of social housing. This is a place where you can go when you have lost your apartment already. It is not a nice place but it's really cheap. Jan had a different approach towards this guy. He wrote down all his debts and offered to pay them one by one. For an adequate reward of course.
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Description: Lazy but so horny. That was my today's mood. So I've decided not to go too far from my house. Actually I just went out of my apartment and switched on the cam. Bus stops are always good spots to get an ass. Within 10 minutes I've spotted my little prince. Cute face, but masculine body was a perfect fit for today. I felt in love with him as soon as we started to talk. He kept smiling no matter what the question was. Football player, with a good paid job. I was afraid that my money trap won't work on him. But I felt something vibrating about him and his charisma. Without too much of a convincing he showed me his dick. And it was a nice smooth dick with huge glans. Oh god, I have to get this guy. Luckily he was very open minded and I got him over to my basement. I didn't see someone so gifted for a long time. The blow job he gave me was the best one ever. Now it's just a question how do I get him into fucking.
Brenden Micheal poses
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Description: Sexy blonde hunk Brenden Micheal wants to play. See him flaunting his gorgeous booty and lovely cock. While posing completely naked in this semi-exclusive video. He's back in the house and is in the mood to masturbate. His uncut dong furiously into an amazing solo orgasm that just gets him hornier than ever.
Hung Skater Stud Fucks Toy
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Description: Jizzy is a hot ripped skater stud who rolls in on his skateboard all horned up and ready to go. His house is a pit but he doesn't give a shit. He's horny and the only thing that will satisfy him is his trusty fleshjack. He takes his shorts off, plays with his junk a minute, throws his arm up over his head and sticks his cock inside the toy. It feels good all lubed and pounding against his balls as he works his big thick hairy cock to the finish.
House of Leather
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Description: You unlock the door of this house with the key of imagination, for you are about to travel through another dimension—a dimension not only of sight and sound but of art, pleasure and ****.
Bareback all around
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Description: Argie and Gilbert want to explore whole new things so they think to fill the whole house their nasty and smelly piss and cum. They started their fucking in the bathroom up to the bed and experienced bareback of a lifetime with awesome watersports
Blu Thompson's awesome cock
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Description: Kinky redhead Blu Thomson is here to stay. See how the gorgeous and muscular stud. He's playing around the house while assuming some very intense positions in this sexy video. Then he's ready to sunbathe naked and jerk her superb cock before reaching a mind-blowing solo orgasm.
Anal Invasion
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Description: After Argie makes him suck his cock while tied to the bed, this only makes him hornier so he decides to teach him a bareback lesson on what happens to burglars who break into his house.
School Buddies Reunion - Part 1
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Added: 01 Oct 14
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Description: I thei 2 part series, Cute and boyish looking Gabriel is skateboarding back to his house, when he runs into his old school friend Rafael. The two Latinos haven't seen each other in a long time and are anxious to get naked and have some fun together again. They quickly head to the house with hops of bringing back memories of when they were younger and certainly more innocent.
Boning that delivery boy
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Description: The guy has had the hots for this sexy younger delivery boy who worked in his neighborhood for like ages. One Friday they finally had some alone time when the guy saw the boy delivering stuff to someone in his house.The boy was dealing with some papers and our guy started telling him how strong he looked and stuff. It totally worked. Soon that slutty boy had his mouth all over the guy's raging erection - and then that erection went straight up the boy's tight wet pooper. Good that his customers didn't see the boy getting fucked like the cock-crazed slut that he was!
Meet the sexy Adam Kincaid
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Description: Adam Kincaid is here to show you what he's got in this intense semi-exclusive video. He loves posing outdoors and once he's back in the house, he's ready to take his clothes off and flaunt his hot twink body. Adam loves jerking off his spectacular hard cock while assuming very interesting poses.