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Description: As I grab his cock to get an accurate measurement, I start to feel a little stirring in my own pants. He seems like the kind that would probably let me keep on man-handling him. But I hold back for the moment. He unbuttons his fit jeans, pulls down his tight underwear, as his 7.5-inch cock is exposed. He grabs his tool and strokes it until it's fully erect. As he continues to stoke it, he lowers his pants to his shoes, bends over and gives me a close up of his semi hairy ass--arching his back to give me a full view of his constricted sphincter. Can this guy be any hotter? He rolls back onto my couch to finish the task he's be***. As his abs rippled with anticipation, he starts to moan louder and more intensely. Finally he exclaims, "I'm going to cum", gazing straight into my camera as his balls burst. The white ropes coat the head and shaft of his cock and a few streams reach his flat stomach. He gasps for air in the aftermath and smiles as I ask him what he's willing to do next.
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Description: Nothing is hotter than twink amateur video. There's no script, no actors, no directors, these young boys just love having fun and film it all on cam while they're at it. You'll see these cock-hungry youngsters hook up with each other during their tea time and jumping out of their trunks to munch on some fat bulging meat. What is more tasty, a banana or a hard cock? Surely, that twink will choose the latter. Watch this cutie pie sucking off his gay boyfriend POV style and going for a big swallow!
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Description: Sergeant Miles needs an emergency medical procedure refresher course, and Private Seth is only too happy to oblige. It doesn't take too long before the tourniquet falls loose and the ***** starts flowing to their main veins. All good pounding sessions should start off with some major tongue fucking, and Seth demonstrates just how much of an expert he is, driving that hot tongue deep and then running it around the edge before diving it back in. Nothing is hotter than getting fucked from behind while the top grabs the bottom's head and draws him in for some deep lip locking. Beads of sweat roll off Seth's perfectly toned body as this intense PT session goes into overtime. Rank does have it's privileges and one of those is getting Seth's huge creamy load shot down Mile's wide open mouth. That is an amazing cum shot!
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Description: Once Jayden's lips work that dick into a frenzy where you could count his pulse just by looking at it, he turns around and plunges backward shoving Mark's man-sword deep into his tight anal scabbard. Mark dominantly holds Jayden in place while he pummels his prostate like heÕs training to fight Mike Tyson. Longing to take even more control, Mark pushes Jayden down on all fours and knocks the shit out of his tight sugar-walls till he unexpectedly explodes pearl-cream all over the sofa. Jayden, in the throes of orgasmic hysteria, moans louder and louder as Mark, with sweat running down his face, fucks his way closer and closer to achieving his own super-nova load geyser. He rips his cock from a swollen punished hole and jerks every ounce of glistening fluid from his giant nuts into Jayden's eagerly awaiting mouth. It doesn't get any hotter than this.
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Description: Taking it all the way down to the base, Ryan deep throats the firefighter making this scene even hotter. No matter how hard Mikey f*rced his way into the Marine's face, Ryan never g*gged. It seems like no matter what went down his throat, he would swallow it whole.
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