It's Hard Being the Boss
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Added: 14 Jan 14
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Description: Tony is pissed that these boys have been fucking on his dime, but since Remy's hole is already open he figures why not let his new guy Hotrod get some…and he even gets it in himself! By the end of the day, over 100 inches of dick got thrown around: poor Remy!
The Bossman
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Added: 07 Jan 14
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Description: HandyMEN is back in business with a whole new crew for the sequel to our urban classic, Beat It Up! The day starts with Remy dreaming about taking his boss Tony Rock's 13 inches of fat black dick up his ass in every position possible. Meanwhile, Tony is showing the new guy Hotrod the ropes... and the pipe!
Rod vs The Stone
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Added: 16 Dec 13
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Description: Y'all are always asking us for flip scenes so we decided to head into fall with the biggest flip we could get! Hotrod and Jordan have a total of 25 inches of dick and they go at each other full ***** in this epic flip flop fuckdown! There's really not a lot more to say…the dicks spit for themselves!
Spencer Reed and Sam Barclay
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Added: 26 Feb 13
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Description: It's the HotRods night and the awards are in full swing. With young stud Sam Barclay getting his harness on and socks pulled up, he's getting ready for one hell of a heavy fucking by US superstar Spencer Reed live and in front of the entire club! Collared and chained, there's a reason why Spencer is Best Top 2012 and this is it! With Sam getting throat fucked and arse eaten by our *********** in charge, he's swiftly bent double in front of everyone and ploughed hard by Spencer's famous thick cut cock! Pushed and pulled all the way in and all the way out, there's no denying Sam is feeling every rock hard inch playing with his insides as his neck is pulled back and tight body contorted with each heavy thrust until both men spunk hard, leaving the stage awash with man juice.