Justin Baber, Leroy Dale & Oliver Black
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Added: 28 Nov 09
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Description: Our bait-bois Justin Baber and newbie Oliver Black decide to have a walk through the city, hoping to trick some cute lad in to a coming with them. Sitting in the park they find Leroy,a very hot, very toned and very keen guy who wants to follow our bait-bois to Manchester's newest night club. Once inside, the horny buggers grab Leroy and soon have him tied-up and naked. They fuck his tight, peachy ass and both shoot their creamy loads over Leroy's face, leaving him tied-up for the crew!
holiday watersports, good m8 pissing on me.
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Description: Thought about trying this for a long time then i finally had to courage to ask a good friend if he would. He would, he did and I loved it. More to come i hope, fingers crossed
Johnny: The Next Level - Bonus Buck
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Description: Johnny starts off this session with a shower, soapin' up his rubber duckie and all… He settles down with a ***** and a cigarette and starts some double-fisted strokin'… We play around a little then he unloads a pint of baby batter all over his chest… This was a tough nut to bust and Johnny exclaims “I hope she doesn't think she's getting any tonight!”
my first video
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Description: well this is my first video in this porngay site i hope you enjoy it's homemade from mexico!
Firefighter Mikey & Coast Guard Trainee Brendan
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Description: Mikey, our favorite furry-chested firefighter is back doing what he does best, slinging his hose into new recruits. Coast Guard hopeful Brendan is still very green to law en*****ment and civil service, but Mikey is just the guy to show him the ropes. Brendan is very intense as they share their personal experiences with the war on ******. Saving some friends who had partied too hard and needed some saving. Not surprising for a couple of heroes! They move on to the subject of girls, Mikey likes them petite with an hourglass shape, but not small enough to break them. He is also and ass-man (go figure), and all the while Brendan is still hanging on Mikey's every word. Is it the conversation or the growing lump in Mikey's shorts that really have Brendan's attention? When the camera starts rolling, new-comer Brendan starts to sweat a little under the spotlight. Brendan says he hopes to get into law en*****ment, so he can help serve his fellow man. By the way Mikey is looking at his
hot body .. hot cum .. nice dick >_O
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Description: a hunk on webcam ... have fun with himself .. i hope you guys cum toooo!
Broke Straight Boys - Ace Tyler
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Description: Putting Shane and Alec together I had hoped that I would be able to get a decent shoot, since I had recently paired them up separately with other guys that didn't work out. The other guys couldn't get hard, and so the shoots just were a letdown. However, I know that Shane can always get hard, and Alec has been doing great ever since his first shoot with us. I had the guys show up and both really didn't speak to each other besides just saying hi and where they were from. We walked into the shoot room when I was ready and I had them take a seat on the couch. I started out with telling them the reason I put them together and that I wanted to see them fuck. Their eyes were on me the whole time in wanting more details, and I told Shane that I would give him $1500 to take Alec's small cock in his ass. However, Shane told me that he made the statement in his very first shoot that he would not bottom for anything. That lead me turning to Alec to see if there was anything I could do to convince
College Boy Physicals - Adam
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Description: I didn't do as well as I had hoped on a recent anatomy exam, and that made me a little nervous about my grade in the class. After one of my classes I went up to my professor after everyone had left, and I asked him if there was anything I could do to get some extra credit to make up for the extra points that I missed on the exam. Professor Johnson said that I could go to the local school clinic and see Dr. Phingerphuck for a special experiment of anal stretching. If I took part in the experiment than he said he would give me enough extra credit to get my grade on the test up to an A. That was perfect, and just what I was after. I asked him how quick I could go down there to do the experiment, and Dr. Johnson told me that I could head down to the clinic and he would call ahead. The clinic was only a short walk across campus, so I knew it would only be like a 15 minute walk.
White RIPS drawstring brief CUM
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Description: Me rubbing my hard cock in a nice, thin pair of RIPS briefs...hope you like the shot through the fabric!
Smooth Blond Jerks
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Description: Robin is a DJ from New York City who came to the Islands to escape his hectic city life for a few weeks. While in the jungle he continued to wear the large tribal earrings, necklaces and wristbands that are a trademark of his urban club life. His naturally smooth body displays this jewelry well. This urban primitive was so at ease being naked and posing in front of the camera for the first time. He is proud of his big white dick and likes flopping it around in the open air. He really liked the amateur home made porn video I showed him. He easily jerks off to it. You can hear his comments throughout the JO session. Whether you are a piss lover or not, you are sure to enjoy Robin's long long pee. It is one of the longest fountains of piss I have ever witnessed! And his sexy outdoor shower scene is not to be missed! Robin is a young guy who loves being naked in front of the camera and loves touching his hairless body. I hope this Island Stud will continue to return to the Isla
Rockets 3 Duck And Cover
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Description: “Eh, what's goin' on? I haven't jacked off in three days,” begins this sexy Irish boy. “Gettin' ready to watch some porn. Hope you enjoy it.” You will. Corbin rubs his bulge through his sweats and then through his boxers, before pulling out at least seven inches of cock that is so hard it springs tight up against his abs. He knows how to handle himself, applying just enough lubrication to keep up some juicy jackin', sometimes with one hand, sometimes with two. He stands to show us that he's already starting to leak, but soon lies back down and tugs on his heavy balls, getting even harder than you thought humanly possible, showing off an admirably defined mushroom head. Corbin jacks ambidextrously and confidently and pretty quietly, except for an occasional, “O, yeah, you like that? You like that?” Yes, we do, Corbin. Rather suddenly, shortly after showing us a little leakage, Corbin arches his back, breathes heavily, and squirts a fan-fuckin-tastic fountain of Irish cream. What makes C
Sunshine Bed Humping FleshLight Fucking
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Description: A friend of mine is coming to visit and he likes dry humping his pillow pretending he's fucking, I showed him how to hump your bed but fucking a FleshLight while you do it. He can't wait to get here to try it, we're going to tag team bed hump/fuck my FleshLight. I hope he lets me take a video to share with gaytube!
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Added: 02 Nov 09
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Description: This is my second clip. We apologize for the darker picture. I hope you will not ruin :-)
In the shed
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Description: Same guy I met at my job. He wanted to make another video for you viewers. I hope you enjoy!
WS Video
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Added: 31 Oct 09
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Description: This was done for a friend a while back, thought I would put it up on here. Hope you enjoy.
Broke Straight Boys - Jordon Scott
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Added: 23 Oct 09
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Description: I called Scott and Jordan up to see if they wanted to come in to do another shoot, and figured we would kind of decide how far things would go when they came in. I was pretty surprised at how easy it was to set things up for the following day. Jordan was the first to arrive and he told me that he makes a lot more money being in front of the camera compared to his retail job, so he would move anything around for the extra work. When Scott showed up we moved over to the shoot room and I had them take a seat. Starting with Scott, he is bisexual and has some experience with guys as for as hand-jobs and oral goes. The one thing that he says, he won't do is anal, but hopefully someday that will change. Moving over to Jordan, he's straight and has done oral with guys before here in the studio. I told the two of them that I wanted to purpose another contest between the two of them. This time I wanted to see which one of them could get the other guy off from oral and jerking together. If they c
Category: Masturbation / Jerking Off
Added: 18 Oct 09
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Description: My first gaytube video, sorry for the bad quality too, but still nice wanking cumshot i think hope you enjoy
Naughty But Nice
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Description: In this final three-way, Torque once again finds himself conveniently in the middle. When Torque gets busy on JG, Bradley flirts and waits for his turn. When Torque eagerly, hungrily sucks Bradley, as we knew he would, JG goes down on Torque, as we thought he might. And when Torque blows JG, Bradley jerks and even sucks Torque, as we hoped he would. Bradley climbs over Torque to feed his cock to JG. Then he leans over to suck JG while Torque sucks him. Everybody seems happy. To get happier, Bradley fucks Torque on their sides, while JG jerks off just outside the frame. When Torque rolls over on his back, Bradley reinserts, JG gets closer to watch, and Bradley really, really fucks Torque, playfully, but seriously. Before long, Bradley cums on Torque (it's no big deal by Shaw standards). Torque then squeezes out a small load, using Bradley's cum for lubrication. Pretty quickly Bradley is cumming a second time, side-by-side with Torque, with JG kneeling over him. Torque also cums a second
Hot Stripper
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Added: 17 Oct 09
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Description: This is by far a really cool, sexy, and amazingly handsome stripper. Hope you like him as much as i do.
Broke Straight Boys - Jordon
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Added: 16 Oct 09
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Description: Jordan has been in a bunch of shoots for us on broke straight boys, but now I am going to take you back to the first time he set foot in our office. He came in for an interview appointment, and when he arrived he had to fill out all of our standard paperwork all the models go through. I took Jordan back into my office and turned on my camera to start getting him used to being in front of a camera. Jordan is from New Jersey, but was down in South Florida going to school working on getting a business degree. He shared that he hopes to one day open his own restaurant, but until then he has to work and finish school. Looking over the app some more, he mentioned that he's straight, but said a little curious. When I had him tell me more of what he meant, he used an example of him walking down the beach he would admire guys and their bodies. As far as working out goes, Jordan said that he likes to go running every morning. I explained to Jordan that we do the shoots at our studio not too far
Twink Jerk and Cumshot! Awesome toned body!
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Added: 14 Oct 09
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Description: The result of no sex for a week! Was Jerking for about 10 minutes and thought you all might like to see the result... not dissimlar from my last video. Hope you like. Pleased with the GYM resultsw too :)