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Description: 45 year old boss got tied to the chair and milked, his cockhead was really sensitive and I of course used that against him. Great big cock and a moaner. Big load at the end.
Sexy Stud Latino HJ
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Description: Sexy, tattooed and toned Pana is here to grace my studio today with his presence (and surprisingly thick meat.) Pana begins talking about how he stays in shape: Dancing at gay clubs and hitting the gym as much as he can. This Puerto Rican-Italian stud must really work his body hard, I could his biceps flexing just as he was sitting there, describing to me the unique curvature of that aforementioned fuck tool and how other guys have recognized him based off that. Even though he's a straight guy he's no stranger to having another dude's lips wrapped around his cock; unfortunately though he's never gone all the way. Let's see if I can't change that sometime down the line. He strips off his shirt showing off his large, defined chest and washboard abs to go with his muscular arms. Getting back on the bed and comfortable, Pana starts working on his cock through his hip-hugging black jeans. He undoes his belt and opens them up to reveal he's going commando and sporting some serious, uncut wo
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Description: Diego is an easy going fresh face in sunny California. He is laid back, straight, hot, and has an alternative spiciness to him. He loves women, foreplay, sex on the beach, and oral just as much as the next guy. This one seems alright...until he lifts off his shirt exposing a beautiful hairy chest and some cut-up abs! Diego just got some major points in my book, and I have something major I wouldn't mind giving to Diego. But I didn't want to scare the straight lad just yet, so I kept my cool. Diego starts rubbing his dick through his jeans, getting all wound up and pulls out his cock. This Ohio born **** isn't doing too bad in any department that I can see. A nice plush patch of pubes, a tan and taut tummy, and nice hairy chest. Wait, did I already say nice chest? With his tight blue jeans pulled all the way down to his Chucks, Diego gets a little more comfy on my couch. I then offer to make him just a little bit more comfortable Dirty Tony style. He licks his lips and strokes his man c
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Description: A future star of ultimate fighting turns out to be more of a lover than anything else. Spencer had a smooth warm tan, beautiful strong arms, and a pair of big brown eyes to match his big...well that comes later. Spencer is a MILF chasing twenty three year old California boy with a big dick and a six pack. He swears by the ladies, but doesn't blink an eye when it comes to a beautiful girl with a strap-on. We had a few laughs and Spence had some great stories about fucking a family friend during a block party with his parents within earshot. When it came time to get to business, he was not fucking around. In a flash this fighter's cock was hard and at attention peeking out from under its denim home. It all gets better when the pants come off, a big thick dick and six pack to boot! Young and eager Spence spread his cheeks this way and that for my camera, and I made sure to get ALL of his best angles.But in the end his best work was done on his back, when he almost glued his hand to his po