Horny as hell
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Added: 14 Sep 14
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Description: Denis and Peter are the boy-next-door type and being young and full of energy they constantly want to empty their balls. So a friendly fuck at the warehouse is the obvious conclusion. After rubbing their smooth bodies against one another, they suck each other off and fuck each other's tight hole until they both shoot their load and lick it off to the last drop. Caution: Getting sperm into your mouth carries the risk of HIV infection. Please get all the relevant information before playing the sex games featured in this film!
Pornstar gets his due
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Description: Pornostar Darian Hawke shamelessly makes use of the good looking trainee Andreas' lack of experience and starts getting off with him. However, Andreas is not the lamb he seems when he pops out his 21cm pierced dick. This turns Darian on so much that, after a heavy session of nipple play he gets even by stuffing the pierced pig in every possible position. IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This scene shows sexual practises which should be viewed as unsafe (cum eating) and could lead to infection with HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore please do not regard this scene as an incitement to imitation, but protect your life by avoiding to swallow cum from a person you donĀ“t know very well.
Morning Jerk with a nice load
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Description: Super horny after waking up so jerked off with my POZ buddy, I filmed myself jerking with a fat load. Love jerking with buddies, and more ;)
Cold Case Love
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Description: A video me and my Timbz put together to help educate some pppl on here.