Romulo Bangs Gustavo Henry
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Added: 30 Oct 14
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Description: Gustavo removes Romulo's hard cock and gently licks it all over and sucks his balls. Romulo then reciprocates before he starts to rim Gustavo's fine ass. Now its good a lubed he starts to impale the tight hole with his thick cock.
Marcelo Mastro and Gustavo Henry
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Description: Marcelo Mastro has an insatiable hunger for ass. Its intensity is matched by the size of his big fat cock and Gustavo is the latest piece of ass lining up to be pummelled by the thick beast. They trade blow jobs before getting down to the fucking - its hard an intense as you would expect. Gustavo cops a load of Marcelo's cum in his eye - a nice present at the end of a satisfying fuck.
Mikael Pezznine and Gustave Henry
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Description: Videos, Brown-Haired, Solo, Masturbation, Toned, Brown Eyes, ****s And Twinks Mikael Pezzine, Gustavo Henry & Tony D Bang|Mikael, Gustavo and Tony are at the beach - working on their tans and playing in the sun. With three hot guys playing together the sexual tension builds up so much that they just have to escape the beach and head back for an afternoon fuck session. Mikael finds himself the meat in the middle of the Latin sandwich which suits him just fine as he loves nothing more than being fucked hard while he sucks on someone's cock. And like the best meat in any good sandwich he gets covered in sauce ....|
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Description: Henry lets you spy on him as he masturbates in this solo display of twink action. Who wouldn't sign up for a turn on that hot cock?
Gustavo Henry Bangs Ralph Jackson
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Added: 07 May 14
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Description: Having just returned from the beach Gustavo and Henry take a shower. The tanned bodies glisten in the sun as they start kissing and rubbing their hands all over each other. Enough! They head inside and trade blow jobs. Gustavo then primes Ralph's ass with a thorough ass licking before he jams his cock deep inside.
Amateur Aussie Orgy 6way
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Description: The boys are back to finish what they started! Part two of this hot 6way orgy featuring Sam, Henry, Bryce, Lucas, Will and Greg starts off with the guys all getting naked and gets better and better from there! The cocks are out and there are plenty of willing holes to fill, starting with mouths as our studs go down on each other and swallow some solid rock hard throbbing cocks that need servicing.
4 Way Amateur Group Sex
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Description: Four Australian studs agree to do a group sex video. Tate, Will, Leon and Henri aren't new to AmateursDoIt, but this is their first group video together. These guys are hot and waste no time in getting down to business.
6 Way Exposed Amateurs Group Part 1
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Description: Sam, Henry, Bryce, Lucas, Will and Greg get together for a massive 6-way orgy!
6 Way Exposed Amateurs Group Part 1 X
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Description: Sam, Henry, Bryce, Lucas, Will and Greg get together for a massive 6-way orgy!
Xtra Uncut Footage of 4Way
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Description: There is always left over footage from the great video at Amateurs Do It and we never, ever just throw it away. Tate, Leon, Will and Henri had so much fun during their 4-way and this footage here certainly shows that off. Leon got to prove to everyone just how utterly insatiable he is by taking a huge dildo up his ass and the lads look great in this uncut video as they suck cock like it's going out of style. If you've seen the original video of these four very hunky men getting it on, you know how the scenario unfolds. But we get to see all the little bloopers and joking around in this one. All the things each man wants to try and whatnot. The close-up cock sucking is awesome too, really showing off that wet, mouth on dick action we all love so much.
6 Way Exposed Amateurs Part 1
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Description: Sam, Henry, Bryce, Lucas, Will and Greg get together for a massive 6-way orgy! The boys have all modeled for Amateurs Do It in the past, so we brought them all back for a party! We start out with some intros, getting to know the crew. They take a keen interest in each other and you can almost see who will end up hooking up with who, just from the way that they chat with each other and get along. Next up, the strip shows. We get each of these hotties to start taking off their clothes, right down to their undies. Yes, its pretty obvious that these guys are excited, judging from the big boners that are constantly popping out of their undies. Mmmm, what a nice teaser for what is to cum! You know this is gonna be a hot one! The boys are hard and keen on getting to know each others bodies a whole lot better, but that has to wait until part 2, coming soon :-)
Jim and Henry
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Description: Buddies Henry and Jim are soaking up some sun with their shirts off at the fishing pond. Jim snaps a couple of photos with his buddy and his fishing pole. Jim has more on his mind as he pans the camera down to shoot Henry's crotch. In appreciation for his handiwork, Henry first kisses, then deep throats his friend's rigid cock. The two hungrily go back and forth on one another, then Jim slowly works his way down on Henry's fat cock. Jim's hole is soon nursing on Henry's dick, riding all the way down to the hilt. Jim stands up and takes over from behind, sending Henry into a moaning, groaning fit. When he's ready to pop, Henry pulls out and lets his buddy lick his ass. Then he blows his load down Jim's throat. Not to leave him out, Henry sucks out Jim's well earned load.
Hungry Henry fucks a lovely 21 y/0 Portugese boy
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Description: He was a really nice boy. one of those boys who really seem to enjoy and care about their work
Amateur Group 4way
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Description: Good looking amateur hunks, Tate, Leon, Will and Henry engage in one very hot hardcore sex scene.
Henry Fucks Jonny Deep!
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Description: Gorgeous Henry is back for the first time this year and we had to team him up with a perfect guy able to handle that 8" uncut cock. Of course, handsome and horny new guy Jonny could manage it! Their hunger for cock is undeniable as they suck each other off and savor the taste of flowing precum, but when Jonny's ass is up for grabs it leads to a hot fuck with some thick loads to end!