18yo Cuban Virgin Jonny Buys His 1st Rent Boy
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Description: Jonny Gonzales is a boy, 18, and Cuban. He has been here for a year and contacted me. Apparently, in Cuba, the difficulties of having premarital sex are unreal. Now, let's add to the fact that this Latino is gay. Jonny is understandably a virgin and has never touched another dick in his life; "I live with my family and they are very strict" he laments. For Straight Rent Boys, this "Cubano" is about to go "downtown" for the first time and learn some "mano a mano" skills. With his new phone, Jonny has used an App to contact an escort, who will help "release his inner beast." Jonny wants me to be a go between to make sure everything is safe; I guess I just have one of those faces (hehe). "Remembering when," I know how it is, as most of us do, being young, gay and wanting to express our desires, without the retribution. I have Jonny contact the guy to set up a meeting then he, Eddie and I set off on this "once in a lifetime" rendezvous. Making sure that the boy, Diego Reyes, is okay filmin
Masturbation Tutorial Video
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Description: Winter Vance is a very confident young man... a bit cocky, really... hehe. He's got a very large dick and he doesn't always need a partner to satisfy it. He talks to the camera and encourages you to masturbate along with him.
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Description: Max is 19 and from Chicago - sorry about the Blackhawks hehe - he came to us seeking some extra cash. He's an athletic young man with ripped abs and a nice swimmer's build. Enjoy as he undresses, plays with his pink hole and jerks his nice thick dick all the while filming himself with his iPhone. :)
Roommate voyeur 2
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Description: Another clip of my roommate. Unfortunately this is a short clip and I was trying to get a better view of his body, which I did manage to get, but not as long as I wanted to. I have been spying on him for the past month and have yet to catch him hard :( If you look very close towards the end and pause it just right, it looks like he was starting to get hard, it looked longer! Wishful thinking maybe hehe. He still brags about how big he is and how it gets in the way. One day I shall see!
Masturbation Tutorial Video
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Description: Winter Vance is a very confident young man... a bit cocky, really... hehe. He's got a very large dick and he doesn't always need a partner to satisfy it. He talks to the camera and encourages you to masturbate along with him. He's a pretty boy and he just won't take no for an answer, so join in and have some fun.
(2012-05-19) Milking My Cock!
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Description: Just a day after, I was able to have a huge cumshot!... Hehe. How was it?...
KUK 1 - the bus boy
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Description: " KUK 1 " I met Dave in the bus into work a few month's ago, he kept glancing over in my direction across the crowded bus, he looked shy, but still with a very naughty look about himself, it turned out he was only 19. He left the bus two stops before my stop, but a week later I was in the bus sitting at the back upstairs, and he came and sat opposite me, it was a very quiet day, and I couldn't help starring at his bulge in his track suit bottom, he noticed, and smiled and squeezed his cock through the pants. I smiled back, he did a sucking motion with his mouth and pointed at me than his cock, i nodded, over excited hehe. We left the bus, he walking in front of me, and i followed him around the corner into a back alley behind some bins, classy I know lol… where I gave him a blowjob that he seemed to enjoy very much. A week later i invited him back to my place after work, and asked if I could film me sucking him for this little art project of mine, and he agreed as long as no face. Al
Shooting my huge cum again
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Description: Shooting my huge cum again...sooo hot jerking out my cum for you! who wants it? hehe ;)
High Toe Time
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Description: Em loves his feet, which is why I brought him back for some foot licking fun! Join the cutest Thai boys in the world (well, in my opinion hehe) as they taste the deliciously smooth toes!
Dildofuck and cummmm
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Description: Getting fucked by my dildo...mmmz im loving it...big shooooting after great fuck hehe
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Description: hehe well after some fun, I surprized my bf while cleaning himself, He is so dam sexy, i love his rear <3<3<3<3<3 hehe what do you think? also you'll see some size comparison and frottage :D
Mi primer Video
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Description: bueno aka una prueba heheheheh / lol! my firts video hehe enjoy :)
My cock
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Description: A few seconds before I start to masturbate hehe
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Description: This guy sent me a message via email and dedicated a nut to me so even though he told me to delete it i had to show it to yall...lol its classic. gotta watch what he says at the end it had me cracking up laughing lol
Un break
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Description: Pues, estaba con los deberes, se me puso dura, me puse cachondon... Y pues me di un break para bajarmela, que mas podía hacer, no? hehe
playin with myself
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Description: just having a bit of fun with my little dick hehe
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Description: Just playing a bit with my dildo, I was so horny that day hehe.
Muscle Mix III
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Description: The third hot installment of my obsession for muscle guys and their pecs hehe. Enjoy!