Straight Fire Crotch Beats His Meat
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Added: 16 Oct 11
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Description: It is another rainy day in paradise. A hot young ginger-colored boy came in to dry off a bit, and have a quick rest on my casting couch. This is the second time that Mase has dipped his toe in the waters of adult entertainment. The first time left him a little leery of being alone in a room with nothing but another man and a camera, but one should never let a single bad experience ruin the fun for everyone. This hot red-head decided to let his guard down for good old ****** Tony and bare it all. Now everyone knows I am a sucker for a fire-crotch, but if that guy turns out to be in the military too... Then there is no way I am letting this fire-cracker slip through my fingers. He even found me while he was standing watch on base. Mase is definitely a man's man, and is in to everything from swinger's parties to judging a woman by the size of her ass. He is broad-shouldered, masculine and covered in copper colored man coat from head to toe. The chest hair alone would have sold me, but whe
Red Hot Patrick
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Added: 27 Nov 09
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Description: I ran into Patrick as he was leaving a fire station a few blocks from the studio. He was wearing one of those sexy blue fireman t-shirts. I have to admit I was thinking about the size of his hose the whole time we were chatting. I managed to slip into the conversation that I produced porn, and suddenly he was all ears. Well, all ears and a lot of cock.