Huge Muscle Top Fuck
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Description: Kris Evans & Harris Hilton went canoeing once day......guess what happened next? These 2 could barely keep their hands off each other, no less their mouths of each others cocks. Soon after canoeing the 2 boys get horny fast and begin to suck each other off. Kris being the big top, goes for Harris's bubble ass mighty fast with his tongue. It doesn't take long for the big uncut cock of Kris to start fucking the sweet hole of Harris. Don't miss a moment of the action, plus get daily content updates exclusively from!
Gaelan Binoche & Harris Hilton
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Description: Harris has arrived a little later than the other guys on one of our trips to South Africa and the team has left Gaelan in the house to welcome him and show him around. After a long flight from Hungary, Harris turned up more than just a little horny and takes advantage of the fact that they have the house to themselves to get to know Gaelan a little more intimately. Gealan fucks Harris on
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Added: 07 Jun 14
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Description: When your door is open and you are using the toilet, all you are really looking for is a distraction. Antonio left his door open and knew what he wanted. His cheeky flatmate Eddie came back horned up and ready to go. These two guys don't just share a flat, they have an unquenchable thirst for sex. This scene is amazing. Only hardcore sex, Antonio used and dominated Eddie, a hard session of real hot sex, these guys are real hard Fuckermates. Enjoy.
Phillipe & Harris
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Description: We're coming towards the end of our Dirty Blonds month, and we have saved the blondest and the dirtiest of them all for last. Phillipe Gaudin is on the receiving end of some please giving by Harris Hilton in today's scene. After a little swimming in the rain, the boys decide to put the overcast day to better use and head indoors for a little hanky panky which ends up with Phillipe sitting on Harris' hard cock. By the time Harris had finished fucking Phillipe, the rain has stopped and the sun come out, so it is a perfect time for a short dip to cool off and freshen up. It doesn't last very long though as both boys are soon hard again and eager for another round. This time Phillipe gets his chance to explore the wonders of Harris' eager ass. Nobody Does It Like BelAmi!
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Description: Coming up in April we have a special treat featuring some of our blond stars. New scenes with Mick Lovell, Dolph Lambert and Harris Hilton are included amongst a rich mix of typically sexy BelAmi boys.
All Day Bareback
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Description: A marathon flip-flop bareback fuck session with Aaron French & Colton Harris. After watching this video, we think you'll agree, there's really nothing better than hours-long bareback ass fucking. Watch the entire video only at
Fucking Colton Harris Raw
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Description: Seth goes faster and faster & starts breathing really heavy. It's just a matter of moments until he busts. By the look on his face you can tell Colton is so ready to take Seth's nut in his ass. Watch the entire video only at
New York Teaser Trailer
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Description: Ah New York, home of the Great White Way, Times Square and hundreds of delicious gay men ready to eat you up! We have been dying to visit the Big Apple for ages and we finally got a chance to visit and cruise the hot spots for hungry, horny locals itching to fuck the fresh faced newcummers! We met scads of amazing boys including first timer Dean Wyatt, just off the bus and ready to become a star; Antton Harri and Saxon West hooked up in brazen New York fashion and showed us how Americans can do it nasty and dirty. We also met JR Bronson and Jay Black for an unbelievable scene. We're keeping touch with these lads and hoping to crash with them on our next trip to Manhattan!
Condomfree fucking
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Description: Kevin Warhol & Harris Hilton are both sexy blond boys coming on the heels of Manuel & Andrei who are both olive skinned. Also its not the first time the boys have been together, though in this episode Kevin will get his chance to top the beautiful bubble ass of Harris condomfree. Keep tuning into the action at this December with non stop hardcore updates everyday!
More Cream & More Ass III-3
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Description: Sperm Overload III-3 features Casey Wood, Jarod Steel, Jason Mitchell, Alan Gregory, Brandon Matthews, Duke Savage, Caleb Daniels, Big Ben ***n and Jake Harris in Palm Springs. Ah yes, beautiful Palm Springs, California. Truly the new Gay Mecca in the United States. Home to movie stars, sun, mountains, deserts and of course, these PALM SPRINGS SLUTS! With more than 40 gay resorts, most of which are clothing optional, you can just imagine the sex, sweat, and cum that takes place in this desert paradise. We've compiled the five scenes with 9 gorgeous men and cum galore for your very own viewing pleasure. If your a serious cum addict and if you like hot, steamy real man juice being pumped up your ass or down your throat or shot all over you, then this is a movie you should have in your collection. If you like gangbangs and the fantasy of having one guy after the next fuck you and feed you his load and breed you with his hot, white, milky cum, then this movie is for you.
Travis Cooper Fucks Justin Cross
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Description: The boys are back, ready to fuck. Travis is not in a chatty mood, he'd rather use his cock to talk. Straight Rent Boys has Travis Cooper and Justin Cross on the futon to "do the deed." Indeed, Travis' hot body and well defined muscular build is in contrast to Justin, a slim twink with a great smile; and a hole that will be gauged by Travis' boner. These two have already blown each other and their chemistry is great. I really want to see Justin do Travis, but it's a "no go" for that. I do offer up an option of being “Roto-Rootered” by one of our newest models, he keeps an "anaconda" in his pants; pity, they both decline. Stripping, they are down to their tighty whities, my favorite. Harry52 will be receiving these "cum rags" as a bonus for setting up this scene. As Travis comments, "I got there first bitch" I remark that Harry is one of our beloved members, with quick hands. Download this video and more here!
Jerry Harris
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Description: Jerry Harris is a 25 year old hunk from the Czech Republic. He has an amazing body and cock and is Hot as Hell! He's a full time student at the local university. Instead of studying, Jerry has something else in mind. He removes his white tank top, dressing down to his Calvin's, he rubs and pinches his nipples and begins stroking his uncut cock and squeezing his balls. Moving into the bathroom, Jerry puts one leg up on a rack and begins vigorously fingering his ass. He kneels down on the floor and his attention is now focused on stroking his way to a big release. Now laying back on the floor and heading for the finish, Jerry lets go with a huge, thick and creamy ending.
1 top and 2 bottoms
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Description: This weeks 2 part update was shot in Africa one fine afternoon. In the first part Kris and Phillipe spot Harris walking alone along the beach and decide to invite him to join them for a little fun. What ensues is a 3-Way BJ scene with a giant cum gushing finish. In part 2 we find out that we have a scene with 1 top and 2 bottoms, and no one is better suited to satisfy everyone's need than Kris Evans who is always horny. The hottest boys in the world plus daily content updates exclusively from!
1 top and 2 bottoms
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Description: This weeks 2 part update was shot in Africa one fine afternoon. In the first part Kris and Phillipe spot Harris walking alone along the beach and decide to invite him to join them for a little fun. What ensues is a 3-Way BJ scene with a giant cum gushing finish. In part 2 we find out that we have a scene with 1 top and 2 bottoms, and no one is better suited to satisfy everyone's need than Kris Evans who is always horny. The hottest boys in the world plus daily content updates exclusively from!
Jerry and Robin Bareback 3
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Description: We took a trip to the great outdoors. We brought Jerry Harris and Robin Few along with us. How could you not? These two are hot, they bareback so no need to travel with rubbers, and they love getting it on. We feel that we made the best decision because these two have fantastic chemistry amongst each other. Jerry fucks Robin raw. These two can't leave each other's cocks alone. They both swallow each others cum. How much better could it get?
David Jones and Justin Harris
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Description: Uber hot straight stud David jacks off while watching hottie Justin shove a dildo up his ass.
Graham Sucks Flints Cock
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Description: Graham may be straight, but he does know how to give a good cock suck
Joey Lafontaine Fucks Adam
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Description: Joey Lafontaine is a romantic in a way that only a hot *****ed twink can be. When he saw little blonde haired, blue eyed Adam Harris he just wanted cuddle him like a cute little teddy bear. He decided to ask Adam over for a "date" in hopes of sweeping him off his feet with his hospitality and romantic words. Adam was barely through the door with a drink in his hand when Joey went straight for the gold. Joey's direct approach was the perfect strategy to use on Adam because Adam could barely contain his own desire to get his mouth on Joey's cock. So Joey made the first move but Adam was strong on the follow up. The first kiss opened the flood gates leading directly to the ripping off of clothes and deep cock sucking. But what Joey really wanted right from the start was to stick his 7.5 inch, fat, curved dick in Adam's tight little hole. So at the first chance he got, he bent Adam over the bar stool and squeezed himself deep inside. If you're wondering if Adam was enjoying it, just watc