Stag - Scene 2
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Added: 13 Aug 13
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Description: Cleaning up dishes in the kitchen, Adam Champ is approached from behind by Scott Hunter
Ass to Mouth Asian Fingers
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Added: 18 Jul 13
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Duration: 0:05:16
Tags: skater punk Asian solo jackoff hariy balls blonde tats tattoos alt alternative pubes ass to mouth finger

Description: Yuki is an Asian skater punk who sniffs and wipes his face with his own underwear before he starts beating off. His balls are hairy and he loves to finger himself and go ass to mouth with his fingers.
Pete Plows Rod Barry
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Added: 27 Jan 11
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Description: Rod Barry is a big fan of the Frat House. Every time he cums in, he gets laid! Today he gets to get fucked by a tall, dark, and handsome twink known as Pete. Sucking face and cock grabbing commences immediately, as these guys get ready to do the nasty! Rod looks especially hot today, ripped and ready for action. What a hot couple, dude on dude, making out in just their jeans, and not a care in the world. Pete starts the cock-tease through Rod's tighty-whitey's, blowing and nuzzling his dick through its cotton housing. While sucking off Rod, Pete unleashes his own stiff pole and begins stroking it to full salute. Rod shoves his ass up in the air right in Pete's face, giving him a sneak peek at the territory he is about to explore. He rides that cock until his legs start to shake. Then he wraps Pete's arm around him and pulls them as one into ***gie, cock still inside and all! The hairy twink doesn't skip a beat and continues to bury his man-meat deep in Rod. Growling savagely, Rod stro
5 Give Nerd Facial
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Added: 26 Jan 11
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Description: Luke is a total nerd with a dirty side. I got this studly co-ed fresh out of college and on the hunt for cock and cum. Luke's eager mouth can't wait to get wrapped around the plethora of sausages waving in his face. The more I see of Luke, the more he opens up and tells me about his naughtiest fantasies. Turns out he is more cum hungry than I had first thought, so I decided to offer him a little test. Just how much cum can Luke take? I rounded up some of my horniest and hung lads, dropped the reins, and let them run wild on Luke's hungry mouth. With multiple dicks in his face, Luke is in cum-whore heaven. Those randy fucks just can't wait their turn to get some nerd face-fucking action. Cat calls, insults, slaps to the face, and throat fucking is it for this very happy nerd. By the end of the afternoon, he has lost his pocket protector, his broken glasses are splattered in jizz and He ends the day with a big load of his own on a cold concrete floor, still dripping from the shower of