Cayden and Richard
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Added: 08 Jul 11
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Duration: 0:00:50
Tags: Hardcore Caucasian Brunette Smooth Tattoo Muscular Hung

Description: Cayden Ross and Richard Pierce entwine tons of muscle and ink around each other as Cayden buries his tongue and then his cock deep into Richard's hot jock hole.
Jarrett and Richard
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 06 Jun 11
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Duration: 0:03:41
Tags: Hardcore Caucasian Brunette Smooth Tattoo Muscular Hung

Description: Richard Pierce and Jarrett Rex get real dirty with Jarrett eating Richard's hot ass and shooting his load of spunk all over his face.
Dallas & Riley
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Added: 12 Nov 10
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Duration: 0:03:31
Tags: Hardcore Caucasian Redhead Brunette Smooth Tattoo Hung

Description: The hot breath that passes between two open mouths. The way a tongue lightly plays about a hard nipple, exploring the slight crevasse between hard muscular pecs, down a set of six pack abs and eventually fallowing that V shaped crease that leads right to a hard dripping cock. Dallas Evans loves sex and getting to explore all of Riley Price's sexy body was something he'd been looking forward to for a long time. Dallas is quickly becoming a name often associated with Randy Blue and this video shows why. Aside from his gorgeous body and handsome face he's got a sexual energy whether he's sucking cock, rimming a hot ass or ramming his dick deep into someone's hungry hole. Just like Riley, Dallas couldn't get enough of him. He laid him out on his bed and fucked him senseless, then let him ride his aching hard cock all the way home. You can tell how hot and horny Riley is for Dallas and the way he looks into his eyes while he's sprawled out on the bed getting fucked is just priceless.
Jarrett & Richard
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Added: 02 Oct 10
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Duration: 0:03:41
Tags: Hardcore Caucasian Brunette Smooth Tattoo Muscular Hung Jarrett Rex Richard Pierce

Description: Richard Pierce and Jarrett Rex had one assignment from this video. Make it hot and make it dirty. They had no problem with this. The moment these two got together it was obvious the chemistry between them was electrifying. After some major oral action Jarrett dove face first onto Richard's hot ass and worked his tonnage so well that Richard couldn't stop moaning. And once he rammed his huge cock deep into Richard's hungry hole he fucked him so hard that Richard was begging for more. These two have such hot muscle jock bodies adorned with some of the hottest tattoos and watching them fuck was like seeing a moving work of erotic art. They got really nasty with each other, talking dirty and making so much noise, and Richard was so turned on he shot his huge thick creamy load all over his smooth flat stomach with Jarrett's gigantic dick still deep inside him. Then he started begging Jarrett to shoot his load all over his face. And who was Jarrett to say no?
Dallas & Nicco 2
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 29 Sep 10
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Duration: 0:05:06
Tags: Hardcore Caucasian Latin Brunette Smooth Tattoo Hung

Description: Nicco Sky and Dallas Evans are no strangers. There was a live show last year in our gym where Nicco got his first taste of Dallas' thick cock and sexy ass. Their first video together gave Dallas more of a chance to experience Nicco's amazing cocksucking skills. And even though they didn't have sex with each other in our last movie, Text, Lies and Video, they certainly had some time to spend together behind the scenes. The chemistry between these two is electrifying and this gay hardcore video between them has been a long time coming. This was going to be Dallas' first time bottoming on Randy Blue and he specifically asked for Nicco. Dallas, who's been letting his natural curls grow out a bit is looking absolutely hot as can be with that horny muscle stud body of his. And Nicco always turns heads with his beautiful smooth honey brown skin, tight muscular chest, six-pack abs and delectable bubble butt. Nicco got Dallas so hot but engulfing his dick that he just had to tap that ass. But n
Gunner & Roman
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Added: 08 Sep 10
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Duration: 0:03:18
Tags: Hardcore Caucasian Brunette Smooth Tattoo Hung ***ner Pierce Roman Todd

Description: ***ner Pierce looks like he just needs a good ass pounding. It's that hungry look in his eyes, and that handsome face and smooth muscular body. He's just so gorgeous and you can tell that after hours of working out in the gym he's aching for it. Then we have Roman Todd, who's got this great tough guy look. He's boyish yet you know he could hold his own in a fight. And that cockiness just adds to the sexual heat when he's ramming his nice long prick deep into some powerbottom's hole. Putting ***ner and Roman together seemed like the perfect match. ***ner didn't waste any time letting Roman know he was more than ready and Roman doesn't need to be told twice. They went at it like wild ***s. After feeding ***ner his dick, Roman throws him down on the bed and teases his hungry hole with his tongue. Then he rams his dick deep in ***ner's gut and jackhammers him like crazy. And ***ner is loving every minute of it. Roman gets so intense as he fucking ***ner's ass and when he's ready to pop he
Cayden & Richard
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 09 Aug 10
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Duration: 0:00:50
Tags: Hardcore Caucasian Brunette Smooth Tattoo Muscular Hung

Description: Cayden Ross and Richard Pierce, two mountains of horny jock muscle, both eager to fulfill an aching sexual need, both craving heat, sex and cum. Cayden goes after Richard like a wild *******, engulfing his huge cock all the way down his throat. After a quick blowjob Cayden flips Richard over so he can get a taste of that ass. Richard can't get enough of Cayden's tongue massaging his hole and it makes him hunger for more. Seeing these hot muscle studs, with their bodies entwined, their tattoos complimenting each other, is like looking at a work of art. Ink wrapped around biceps, triceps, pecks, abs, and legs almost appear to blend into one another as Cayden works Richard's body, exchanging sweat and sexual energy. The very idea of all this hot jock muscle making gay porn gets both of them off. Then Cayden takes his thick meaty dick and plunges it deep into Richard's hole while he's begging for more. Cayden rides him hard and deep and then showers him with loads and loads of hot creamy j
Benjamin and Jarrett
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Added: 05 Aug 10
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Duration: 0:04:09
Tags: Hardcore Caucasian Brunette Smooth Tattoo Muscular Hung

Description: Benjamin Bradley is a rock star. Well, okay, we don't know if he can really sing or not but with those adorable looks and perfect body he could give any one of these rockers a run for their money. I love pairing him up with the hottest guys I can find and when Jarrett Rex said he wanted to come back and do some more work with us I couldn't wait to pair them up. Jarrett made a huge splash a little while ago with his cool style, wickedly beautiful face, hot worked out gym muscle stud body and somewhat cocky demeanor. Anyone who would grab Benjamin by the scruff of the neck and ****** feed him a face full of cock has the balls to be a major ****** in the porn world. Don't get me wrong. Benjamin isn't quite as innocent as you may think. Seeing his rock hard cock bobbing up and down as Jarrett rams his big thick piece of meat deep into his throat while talking dirty to him shows he's got a nasty side and isn't afraid to explore it. And his deep husky voice moaning while his hot hungry hole
Andrew & Trevor Cash
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 19 Jul 10
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Duration: 0:03:59
Tags: Hardcore Caucasian Brunette Smooth Tattoo Hung FacialHair

Description: Andrew Stark and Trevor Cash make a great pair. They both have adorable good looks. They both have smooth muscular jock bodies. Both give you that vibe that says they are horny college guys and they'll do anything to get off. There is only one exception. Trevor has never done anything with a guy before. This is his first time sucking cock on a gay porn site and for a straight amateur he's really got a natural talent for it. It doesn't hurt that Andrew gives a really amazing blowjob. Andrew is such a sexual being it doesn't matter who his partner is, he always finds a way to connect and make the sex incredible. It's almost a shame to have him be the bottom since he's got that huge beautiful dick, but he also bottoms so well so either way you're going to love him. He got Trevor so worked up that he was more than ready to take the next step and fuck Andrew right then and there. They had talked about possible positions before the shoot but decided to just go for it and do what came natural
Reese and Richard
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 04 Jul 10
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Duration: 0:04:03
Tags: Hardcore Caucasian Brunette Smooth Tattoo Muscular Hung

Description: Finding a new place to live is always stressful, but when you're looking to share a house with Reese Rideout you'll do anything to sign the lease. Richard Pierce offers up a prime piece of ass as his collateral and with an ass like that I hardly think he would be denied. Richard looks amazing and this smooth muscle hunk can take an ass pounding like nobody else. And with Reese giving it, what's not to love. Reese is always so charming and sexy, and that killer body of his always looks so hot. He's just one big hunk of muscle, giving Richard Pierce all the hardcore ass action he wants.
Brock and Cayden
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 30 Jun 10
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Duration: 0:04:08
Tags: Hardcore Caucasian Brunette Smooth Tattoo Muscular BodyBuilder Hung FacialHair

Description: Brock Traynor and Cayden Ross have been eyeing each other up for months. Two mountains of hot jock muscle just dying to get their rock hard cocks primed and ready for some intense hardcore fucking. Cayden starts off by engulfing Brock's monster member all the way down that talented throat of his. Brock is still new to getting sucked off by a dude and this technique drives him crazy, so he grabs Cayden's head and starts face fucking him. And since Cayden likes it rough, this turns him on even more until he's practically begging Brock to plunge his huge dick deep inside his hungry hole.