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Description: For guys who like their gal with a little meat on her bone, we've got another fresh batch of gorgeous tranny sluts with firm tits, slender thighs, and a big thick cock!
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Description: Kevin Warhol & Harris Hilton are both sexy blond boys coming on the heels of Manuel & Andrei who are both olive skinned. Also its not the first time the boys have been together, though in this episode Kevin will get his chance to top the beautiful bubble ass of Harris condomfree. Keep tuning into the action at this December with non stop hardcore updates everyday!
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Description: Drum roll please. Our very first hardcore scene has arrived, and I called on the big ***s for this one. And by big ***s, I mean Nicholas, of course. Anyone who has seen this straight stud before knows he is 220 pounds of muscle with a cock to match. I paired him with Scottie, a bi-curious hottie with a perfect ass. I didn't want Nicholas to be disappointed by his first experience fucking a dude!
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Description: Max, a young twink, and David, a well trained bi-fucker with tattoos. Hot deepthroat sucking to start off with, but from the very beginning David has a fixation on Max‘s firm ass. Heavy arse play, fucking in changing positions and hard cocks dripping in cum.
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Description: When we started our homepage project we realized how it is possible to talk straight boys into gay sex. Step by step. A little money here, a small bonus there and you can soon put your dick into their virgin asses. But this time I wanted to try something new. I wanted to find a guy who would agree on having sex with me for 25.000 crowns – right on the spot. And to even make the game a little bit more demanding he had to also find another guy from the street willing to join us for the same amount. I was finally able to persuade a guy who really looked like a fashion model. He insisted that he would do it because he was bi-curious. I insist that it was the money ;-).
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Description: I already woke up with a hard-on and decided to start my hunt early. The good thing is that especially in the morning there are so many cute boys around. The bad thing is that they are mostly in a hurry. The first boy I met was quite funny. Maybe not a top-model but very sexy for my taste. When I offered him money to show me his dick he immediately asked me wether I was gay and I would want to fuck him. Surprised by his openness I persuaded him with a huge amount right away. Well, what happened in my shower a few minutes later was less funny... Anyway. I am persistent. And when I met that little angel smoking his last cigarette in the park I was even happy that I didn‘t waste more time with the first boy.
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Description: It was really not my day. I started the hunt in a rather remote area in the outskirts of Prague. Too remote as I would say now. It took me half an hour to find the first guy who I could even ask. And when I wanted to find a cosy pub an evil thunder storm started. I was seeking shelter under a tree. Two guy were running home and I was able to stop them for a while. One of them even sold me his undies. Just the second guy convinced his friend not to go any further. Damn it. And they even told me that the bar I was looking for doesn‘t even exist. Well that was bullshit as i can say now. I finally found that place and it was not really over-crowded. Good for me. The barman was nice :-)
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Description: I love to philosophize about my sexual preferences. Yes, I am into straight boys. And yes, I like blondes more. Maybe because I am blond myself. And unlike Jiri I am more into boys who have a job already rather than students.. The boy I met this day was blond and well - well, he didn‘t have a job yet - but he wants to become a plumber. So far so good. I am still not sure if he was open minded or just stupid... it was really easy to make him show off, jerk and suck me. And not even expensive :-) Maybe he was even bi-curious but he insisted that he was straight. Anyway - he was a great catch. I will never forget how he was moaning and screaming when I fucked his little virgin-hole. Deal is deal.
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Description: From all sports I know I like soccer most. It is one of the most straight sports. And when it comes to boys I like soccer player most. When I saw this boy in the morning I didn‘t know that I again would have the honor to talk a soccer boy into my little games. He had those brown eyes and black, dark hair that always made me weak. But though he looked self-confident he was quite shy. I offered him a casting for some model-job and indeed he believed me. And he was interested a lot. It seems that I am more confidence inspiring than I thought. Well, when he finally stripped for me (and his career) I found his little secret that obviously made him so shy. But this juvenile shyness made me even more horny.
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Description: Although I have been able to talk dozens of straight boys into gay sex already I am still looking for the perfect way. A friend told me that it is always good to promise some career. Fame can be as persuasive as money itself. Well, I wasn‘t sure if I would find someone but I was willing to give it a try. My starting point was that I am making a street casting and that I need some actors for minor roles. And - as it is a prison movie - some homosexual erotic needs to be included. It took me a lot of tries - trust me - but when I finally found a boy willing to kiss me in public I realized that he would save my day.
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Description: Every tourist coming to Prague has to visit the Wenceslas Square. It is full of impressive buildings underlining the beauty of our country. And every gay tourist will see that it is overcrowded with nice young boys. I must admit that most of them are tourists. Often from other countries. But if you are open and talkative like me you will easily find a nice Czech boy there as well. Actually I already wanted to give up for that day when I finally met this youngster. He was so afraid and he looked so innocent that I had to try my best to persuade this handy student to make him my toy-boy for the night.