Gung, Han, Jee, Taw and Nik
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Description: Foursome anyone?! These gay asian twinks gave their best performance for you. A lot of anal banging, blowjob, handjob and a lot more.
Han and Jee
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Description: Han and Jee got bored and think to something fun to do. They try to mix and match their outfits... while their dressing up Han remove all his clothes and kiss Jee deeply and hold him tenderly. He suddenly undress Jee and suck his cock and fuck him.
Long Haired Fuckers
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Description: Hans and Christop are two horny shaggy dudes. Twinky Hans prefers it up the ass, so it's not long before Christop bends him over for a nice long rim session to open his asshole up wide. When Hans is open and begging for cock, Christop shoves his big stiff one in and fucks him hard. There's a lot of hair for rocker dude hair lovers and quite a few tats to go around in this long haired shaggy twink two-some!
Rocker Twink With Toys
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Description: Hans is a cute skinny twink who loves everything about sex. When there's not a man around to fuck his ass, he pulls out his toys to loosen himself up while he beats off. Watch him stare into the camera for extended contact with his big blue flirty eyes, big pouty dick-suckin' lips, and long blonde rocker hair!
Skater Twink Gives Outdoor Blowjob
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Description: Billy bumps into an amateur skater who will do anything to suck cock. His name is Han and he's horny and ready to wrap his lips around a hard cock. illy has been lonely for a long time and don't longer remembers how a blowjob feels like.
Hans Berlin Logan Rogue and Tomas Brand
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Description: Jacked as a fuck mare on a cart Hans is heading towards Logan's twitching stiff cock with an open mouth. It disappears down Hans' throat. Hans gasps. Next muscleman Tomas unpacks his dick which is even bigger and fatter. Hans gets both knobs stuffed in the mouth alternately. While Tomas is sucking Logan's cock, he fucks Hans in the ass. Finally, Logan and Tomas shoot their loads on Hans. One in the face, the other on the tits.
Fuck Marathon - Han and Payom
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Description: For a nice afternoon the two cute twinks decided to have a movie marathon in Han apartment. After a few movies they got bored and find a new things that they can do together. They both look at each other and started making out and removing all their clothes. There's a lot sucking and fucking. They fuck all night long.Movie marathon turns to Fuck marathon
Toraemon: Wanted And Caged
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Description: has for us today Toraemon, and we get him all to ourselves. This sexy Asian oozes desire and as he undresses, we see why. “Wanted and caged,” by the time he pulls out his hard dick, we are right there with him. He strokes himself and lies back on the bed; his naked body is a true feast. Toned, tight and then bent over before us as he tugs his cock, Toraemon know how to please. Getting himself and us “in the zone,” he begins to twitch as he arouses. The camera follows as the boy toys with his hairy hole; ah, to be his fingers. Panning up his muscular body and abs, his 6-pack definitely needs a licking. While he jerks his rod next to the bars, I' can't help but think maybe he's in there for his protection; I can think of a “handful” of things I'd love to do to this boy toy. With some precum already glistening his cock, it doesn't take long before Toraemon is producing a nice thick string of cream; some pools up on the tip of his head, that is until he shakes it off, han
The Weekend: BTS
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Description: Idyllic cottage in the beautiful countryside. Somewhere not too far away, three friends are lost in the wild. They fight, and Rio leaves them in search of help. Instead he finds Joe and Geoffrey which do help him rescue his friends but only after having him join them in bed. The following morning Scott gets fucked by Tom (supposedly lost in the wilds, but really just the other side of the cottage tennis court) and after the sweaty morning romp, Rio joins them again to take them back to safety to the cottage. Geoffrey and Joe play with the new arrivals and Rio ends up fucking hunky Theo in the barn and disappears with him while Tom has a shower and ends up wanking himself off on his bed. The guys prepare a big dinner for their guests and a local friend of theirs. After dinner Tom and Scott go to bed, leaving Joe to relax with Hans. They start fucking and are joined by Geoffrey. They both fuck Hans deep and loud. So loud Tom decides to go downstairs and investigate. Joe shoots on Hans&rs
Ray Han - The Halloween Whore
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Description: A crowd of horny men torment and gang fuck Ray Han before dousing his face in cum
Frat House Cream Episode 2: Truck Load - NakedSword Originals
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Description: Kev's alone in the frat house… or so he thinks. He's close to blowing a load to a webcam show when the lights go out. Is it a blown fuse, or something more sinister? Kev (Hunter Page) ducks outside to investigate and finds two movers (Connor Maguire and Ray Han), lurking outside with a stray couch, an empty truck bed, and raging hard-ons. What's a horned-up guy to do? Give the hard-working boys a tip, of course. And while the movers take turns on Hunter's tight ass, no one notices the truck door sliding down ... and locking them in.
On Tap: Scene 3: Jessy Ares & Hans Berlin
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Description: As he sets up the billiard room, boss Jessy Ares gets distracted by Hans Berlin’s backside. “That’s nice,” he says as he grabs hold and grinds on it, eliciting a smile from the stud. Jessy is soon sucking the blond cock, a voracious sequence where he gulps and gags, spitting all over Hans’ groin and drooling on his own hairy chest. Jessy takes his shirt off, wraps it around Hans’ neck and pulls him down for a kiss. Hans whips his cock on Jessy’s pecs and spits down before delivering a fast face fuck. Jessy whips out his big boner, feeding his bud: “All the way down! Stick it in there!” His face getting redder, Hans chokes, smiling as he says “I want that in my ass!” Jessy *****s his face some more (“All the way down to my balls!”), then bends Hans over the pool table—eating him before fucking his bubble butt. Hans grips Jessy’s arm and hand as he gets rammed (“Get into me!”), then sits
Hans Berlin and Michel Rudin
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Description: Sexy blonde beast Hans gives it to Michel’s hot bearded face, shoving his fat meat deep down his buddy’s throat.
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Description: Luckily, Dirty Tony gets lots of hot military guys because he is so close to the military bases. And, Giovanni is one of these guys, who is a hot, confident and a sexy airplane pilot for the Army. He is a unique officer, because not only is he a stellar pilot but he is also a fitness trainer to get other recruits in shape. He is also very DIRTY. He has had lots of threesomes with girls and even had a few where a guy was involved, but says they never actually touched...yet. He does admit, however, that he gets turned on when guys or girls watch him on his web cam. Voyeurism seems to be quite popular these days, which is the reason why he is here today! Giovanni takes off his shirt, revealing nice hairy armpits, big muscular pecs and a lightly furry torso. Ready to start rubbing one out, the officer pulls down his pants and jerks his hard cock for the cameras. Getting close to finally cumming, an Tony reaches out to help our naughty military guy. Spraying copious streams of hot cum and h
Long Licking
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Description: Guy and Hans have decided to get away to the coast for a few days, where they can spend some time with just the two of them together. The lovely hotel bedroom has relaxed the pair, and Guy can't keep his hands off of his youthful friend. Hans strokes his dick inside his undies, as Guy smothers him with kisses. Guy wants to taste cock, and he releases Hans dick, and sucks and licks the stiffening shaft, playing with Hans' balls as he licks his cock.