Jaden James
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Added: 11 Nov 11
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Description: Me and my boyfriend decided to go to bed early last night, until he started teasing me. I got our handycam out as a joke and thought I would tease him back, now i'm glad I got it out! He put his book down and jerked off for me. Playing up to the camera and turning me on at the same time... think we may have to go to bed early more often!
Adam Watson
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Added: 19 Oct 11
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Description: I decided to sneak in on my boyfriend with my handycam while he was having a shower. I wasn't expecting him to start jerking off for the camera. Glad he did though, i love watching this video when he's not around, shame i didnt record me licking up his cum afterwards :P
Hard an Horny
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Added: 12 Aug 09
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Description: A little vid, made by handycam that i´ve made and send to a *********** at the day i have sex with him