Jimmy Coxxx Massaged
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Description: Webster's dictionary defines erotic as "strongly marked or affected by sexual desire." For me, erotic is best described as walking into a room and finding Jimmy Coxxx naked on my massage table. His body is pure perfection and I couldn't wait to feel his skin as I rubbed oil over his muscles and glided my tongue across his cock, balls and scrotum. I started the massage with his neck and back, working my fingers across his butt muscles as well. I couldn't help but cradle his cock in my hands as I gave him a rim job. Jimmy rolled over and you could've hung a flag on that pole. The coat of oil gave his legs and torso a sexy shine and if you watch closely you'll see Jimmy's legs spread open, inviting me to finger him as I blew him. It was so hot to feel the cum shoot out of him while sucking his balls at the same time.
High hetero give me a blow job
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Description: My hetero friend get high for the first time and give me a blowjob.
Alec's Casting
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Description: Alec finally works his dick into such a frenzy that he has to release it from it's bondage, pulling his waistband down and unleashing a rock hard beautiful cut dick with perfectly suckable balls. This boy really has such an exotic handsome look, and really knows how put on a show. He jerks his swollen dick like he's trying to strangle an attacker, really grasping tight as he clenches his cock in an upward yanking motion with his other hand teasing his taint and flicking at the rim of his tender pink asshole. All this ass-play really gets Alec worked up so he bends over and presents one of the most spectacularly tight holes I can remember seeing. He plunges his fingers deep into that salmon colored pucker letting out more moans before sitting up on his knees and jerking a huge load all over his stomach like an accident at the milk factory. I don't know anyone who has a better job than I do.
Str8 Hottie's Big Cock
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Description: He teased me for the longest time, stroking his pet trouser snake until I almost went mad with anticipation. Justin then whipped out one of the biggest dicks I have ever seen in person and starts making it flex and pulse. I keep my cool standing aside with my trusty measuring tape in hand. Justin must have been as excited about the outcome as I was, after measuring a lovely seven inch circumference I draw my hand away and Justin gets very still and quiet. He almost came! He held it together and finished the job, beating that big beautiful meat of his. Large spurts of tasty straight man gravy spews out of the towering cock and lands on a soft pillow of big beautiful bush. Justin has the tools and the potential to go far in this industry. With a dick that size he's already halfway there!
Getting Railed by Muscle Stud
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Description: He climbs up onto America's lap and starts to ride him cowboy style. America's giant dick is splitting his sphincter and Caleb is enjoying every minute of the pleasure-**** he's experiencing. America wants to take control so he stands up with his cock still plunged inside his buddy. Laying Caleb gently on the table, he begins stuffing his cock deeper and deeper into Caleb's gape. As he's getting pounded, Caleb edges closer to ecstasy. He chest heaves and giant globs of goo pulse out of his dick and coat his hand and stomach. America's also turned on and ready to blow. So he waves his uncircumcised dick in Caleb's face. Wanting to show his buddy how to give a real blow job, Caleb catches the thick jism in his mouth, swallowing and slurping it's salty goodness.
Blame It On The Head Guy
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Description: Leo goes in for an interview for Boysstarmovie.com. This being a gay for pay porn site, the more he strips down, the more the boss wants to see. In his underwear, Leo has quite the body, now let's see what the man in charge can do with it. Rubbing on Leo's cock, the two sit down and get to it, as the manager turned fluffer does his best. As the casting couch guy positions our boy into several directions, it seems that he may not have what it takes to work Leo up, let alone blow. The best is yet to “cum,” as Leo rolls over and shows off his beautiful hole, hairy with a scent of ass. The manger goes back to sucking and trying to get “things” to work. It's not until he tweaks Leo's nips and jerks him off that the hottie can release; thin streams off jizz coat the boss' hand; job well done.
Str8 Loads 4 Dante - Excuse 2
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Description: Dante's girlfriend wants to have sex with him and he tries, but he's too big for her pussy!? Here I come to the rescue again! When I set him up in the bedroom he plays with his foreskin and gives himself a nice hand job while he massages his balls. After lubing him up I go down on his rock hard cock and feel it throbbing in my mouth. I start licking and playing with his balls as he grabs my head with both hands to show me the right rhythm. I can tell how much Dante is turned on so I take out my own rock hard cock. When I kneel on the bed next to him and start rubbing our dicks together he laughs nervously and with his eyes transfixed on my cock he says "Yours is kinda big!" That little action must have hit the spot because not 90 seconds later he moans, closes his eyes, and I take his big creamy load right down my throat. Dante says that it felt good and that he had been thinking about it all day at the restaurant.
Naughty and Nice - Curtis Glendale and Torque
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Description: Curtis and Torque strike a convincing skater pose, dragging in the boards and porn. Both work up nice bulges, as they ¡§get a little comfortable.¡¨ When they strip off their sweaty shirts, Curtis admires Torque¡¦s tats. When Curtis is the first down to his boxers, Torque helpfully strips them off before taking Curtis¡¦s still soft cock into his mouth. We¡¦re rewarded with a nice close-up of Curtis¡¦s horny face while Torque gets more aggressive with his blow job. Curtis gets verbal: ¡§O, yeah, baby. Feels good. You like that? You¡¦re so hot, sexy, and masculine. . . fuckin¡¦ turn me on, baby.¡¨ Maybe if he¡¦d stop talking, Curtis could get hard more easily, but then it might not be as much fun to watch Torque try to work his magic. It¡¦s lots of naughty fun to watch Torque bob on Curtis¡¦s cock with Curtis¡¦s hand resting on his head. And when Torque loses his boxer briefs, Curtis isn¡¦t shy about massaging his ass. Neither dude gets hard easily, but that can be fun to watch. ¡§Put tho
18 Boy - Handjob Adventure
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Description: EastBoys.com - Derek Gustafson is sexy and he know it. He loves to flex his muscles for you and lift weights to pump up. He cannot wait to get a handjob and he loves to get his body touched and massaged. His dick gets hard instantly. Watch him getting a handjob, and there is more to come soon!
Black Cock Masturbating Hard
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Description: A must watch hard masterbating of petite black gay gangsta that enjoys doing his hand job while watching himself in mirror. Long black cock that after doing masturbation languid cock turns into black hard cock that ends with gross cumshot