Neil and Sal
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Description: Sal has been working out and he is still as horny as any model we have ever filmed. Sal has amazing smooth olive skin and a nicely defined upper body. We have watched Sal get ******d by Haigan and we have watched Sal fuck like a rabbit with his huge cock. I was looking forward to watching Sal take care of Neil this time. Neil has turned out to be one of the best bottoms to cum through Southern Strokes in quite some time. He is our latest ginger boy with the palest of white skin, a nice cock and an amazing ass that can hang with the best of them. Sal put Neil on his knees and made him suck his cock until it was nice and hard. It didn't take much before Sal's throbbing cock needed a hole. He bent Neil over the bails and drilled him deep. Fucking him so hard Neil just kept moaning for more. Neil trusted against Sal loving every inch of Sal's hard cock. As motivated as Neil was to be fucked by Sal, he was in for a long, hard ride. Sal put Neil on his back and the pounding picked u
Haigan fucks Ricky
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Description: I couldn't wait to get Haigan and Ricky together for a shoot. They both have amazing bodies not to mention huge cocks. I watched Ricky get fucked a couple of times so I knew he could take it and Haigan seems to get nastier with every film. Haigan started giving shit well before it was time for the shoot. He started the day by telling Ricky that he had better make sure that he had an empty stomach so that he could feel Haigan's cock deep inside of him. Haigan and RIcky are both pretty cocky as well as dirty. They were both so turned on by the time the cameras were on that they didn't waste any time getting down to business. Ricky spent most of the morning rubbing his amazing muscle ass up against Haigan's crotch and running off. THere were a couple of times during the day that I thought we were going to have to start the filming earlier than anticipated. By the time we were ready to start, we were all turned on and ready for action.
Fuck Fest
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Description: It was our last night in Texas and the boys were all pumped up for a little going away orgy. Rex was the first one to bring it up and before I knew it, there were naked bodies everywhere. I can't begin to tell you how hot it was that Texas night. The crickets were loud, the bugs were huge and sweat was dripping from every pore. It definitely set the stage for some of the nastiest sex we have produced here at Southern Strokes. Rex was the ringleader of the group egging the rest of them on to join him. We set up a bench in the middle of the yard and surrounded it with lights and cameras and let the boys go at it. They had been partying all day so all inhibitions (I'm not sure they had any to begin with) were thrown out the window and anything and everything was fair game. Sal was the first one to strip down to a jock strap and lay on his back on the bench. Ricky and Sal got into some hot 69 action while Rex was mounting Haigan's huge package right next to them. They were so close that
Haigan Rex and Everett
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Description: Everett and Rex were hanging out alone in the yard when one thing led to another and they started making out. We were all checking them out so the crew grabbed their cameras so that we could memorialize this romp. Next thing that I know, Haigan walks into view holding his behinds the scene camera in one hand and a hard dick in the other. By the time Haigan reached the action, Rex was on his knees sucking on Everett's big cock. Haigan dropped his shorts and grabbed the back of Rex's head and shoved his cock in his mouth. It wasn't to long before Everett wanted to taste Haigan's manhood so he got down on his knees and both boys worshiped Haigan's swollen cock. Haigan bent Rex over the chair and shoved his fat cock deep into Rex's hole. While he was being pounded at one end, Rex had a mouth full of Everett's cock at the same time. Haigan gave Rex's hole a good thrashing before he told Everett to come over and trade places with Rex so that Haigan could fuck him too.
Matt H
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Description: Matt kinda blew in and blew out of the house so quick that I almost forgot that he hung out with us for a while. Matt walked in when we were in the middle of watching Haigan fuck Tanner. He immediately hit it off with Haigan and they started fucking with each other a bit. Matt is a big solid Texas boy standing 6'1 tall and weighing 205 lbs. He has a thick beefy build and a cocky attitude to match. Matt loved being around all the guys but he seemed just a little unsure about getting naked for our cameras. I finally cornered Matt out on the deck and just chatted with him for a while. He finally just decided to take off his shirt and give us a little show. Matt has dark tanned skin and a tattoo that covers most of his arm. He has this bad boy Guido kinda look but a much more sensual attitude. Matt didnĂ­t stop there; he took off his pants and gave us a show right on the deck.
Haigan fucks Tanner
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Description: This might have been the most highly anticipated video of the trip. By the time Tanner had made it to the house, all the boys had a good look at his pictures and they couldn't wait to break this 18 year old in. Tanner told us that he really came on the trip so that he could expand his boundaries. Well I decided what better way to expand them than a 9 inch cock attached to a dominant top. Tanner jump in the pool one of the hot afternoons that we were there. Haigan saw him out there and called us so that we could take advantage of situation. Haigan threw off his shorts and jump in the pool and started to swim naked with Tanner. Tanner saw us follow him out with our cameras so he knew that the time had finally cum. After they played with each other for a while in the pool, they both stood up and started to kiss. Haigan just towered over Tanner and Haigan's muscles just totally engulfed Tanner's body. They were both immediately into it as Haigan took control and put Tanner on his knees s
Haigan fucks Sal
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Description: Haigan seemed a bit agitated in the hot sticky Texas sun.He was really restless and he definitely needed to unload some pent up frustration. Quiet Sal could obviously sense this so he used it as an opportunity to live out a fantasy. Things finally exploded when we made a visit to a local park for some afternoon fun in the Texas heat. It is so hot and sticky out that you can almost cut the air with a ******. Haigan suddenly flipped a switch and took complete control of our South American hottie. Haigan put Sal on his knees and made him suck his cock for what seemed like an eternity. It was so hot watching Haigan grab Sal by the back of his head and literally face fuck him deep with his 9 inch cock. Sal obeyed as a good boy should and did exactly what Haigan wanted. Haigan finally let Sal up for air and made him get on his knees so that he could fuck him good. Haigan didn't show any mercy as he drilled Sal's ass as hard as I have seen anyone fuck. Like I said, Haigan definitely neede
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Description: I would have to say that Haigan just might be my favorite of all the guys to join us on this trip. He was born in Louisiana but raised all throughout East Texas. He has a gorgeous rugged face with a chiseled body courtesy of the Texas prison system. Just to make sure that he gets even better, Haigan has a fat 9 inch cock that loves to stay hard and shoot big loads. From the first time I laid eyes on him, I knew that Haigan was going to be something special. He is extremely hot in a bad boy kinda way and he has the attitude to match. He loved being surrounded by all these gay boys because they were falling all over him. Haigan was eating up the attention and dishing it right back at them.