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Description: Seth is a hot, young college guy, who is covered perfectly in hair and has a nice lean body. And that is not even mentioning what is hanging between the youngster's legs...a huge 9 inch cock! Seth starts rubbing himself through his white gym shorts and a massive swollen head immediately starts showing through the fabric. He says he never wears underwear so people are constantly checking him out, especially at the gym. This sexy, little otter must get a lot of action with that peeping through his shorts all the time! Finally, pulling out his big frat boy cock, he strokes that stunning piece of meat over and over. Seth then gives us a show of his tight ass, giving you the options of a great dick or a nice butt. Eager to blow his load for the audience, Seth jerks off harder and feels his balls pulse with the urge to release his hot cum. With a couple more hard strokes, streams of pearly, white jizz sprays out of that stiff beauty, coating his furry chest and abs with his own collegiate ju
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Description: You think your trainer is mean? Try a psychotic puppy workout complete with CBT, tt, ass and thigh caning. No, your sets are not timed, puppy doesn't care if you are winded, go bitch go!
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Description: Gay gangstas from gym decided the take a rest together in room when they feel the heat inside their body. Their eyes met and started to kiss each other. After while they suck their hard cock and lick their ass
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Description: Arnold and Luke take a break from their work out routine to engage in some cock flexing. It's raw hardcore between two hot hunks!
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Description: Gay gangstas meet up in the locker room after workout. They went out of house along the gym and they gonna work on a whole new muscle group only to get even sweatier with some pulse pounding prick play
Mount Fuji
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Description: In the school locker room, Fuji gets undressed. As the air cools off his skin, his cock hardens; we've all been there. He just needs to shoot one off. In this video, as Fuji works his meat, and ass, maybe he's not the only one who needs to release? As our hot twink has got a hole that begs to be ridden and a cock that needs a licking, I'd say he's a perfect “gym buddy,” up for any game. “Riding” his hand, his body tightens and releases very nicely in a super sexy pose. If you're not touching yourself right now, you're not seeing what I'm seeing. Thumping his cock against his stomach, he is playing my song. Sitting on a bench, Fuji continues to rub himself in all the right places. Once up on his knees, he's able to “explore” his hole for all to enjoy. Fuji is definitely a bottom with a cock that is as hard as wood; I wouldn't mind “nailing” him. Between tapping his hole and jerking his cock, I'd say this boy was born to please.
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Description: After checking out each other's massive packages under the shower, these two twink lads interrupt their kickboxing workout to get down to some real exercise, stretching their mouth and tight holes with throbbing monster cock. Making an impromptu sling out of the gym equipment leaves one lad's hairy nuts exposed for a sloppy jizzing.
John's First Time - Ricky, Mike and John
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Description: Here is another guy who just couldn't take the tickling. But at least he endured to the end. This guy is a gym instructor and he's absolutely gorgeous and sexy. You have to at least watch the preview clip on this one! He defines ticklishness!!
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Description: Buzz stops by the studio for some late night chillin' and he's looking good...workouts at the gym have paid off. When he's naked and sprawled on the bed, I get down beside him at play with him a little: nipples, balls, asshole, cock. Buzz puts his leg across mine and soon he's stroking my monster cock as he pleasures himself. Beside me on the bed, Buzz takes the lotion, lubricates my cock and strokes me nice and slow, making me bust a killer nut! Buzz grabs his own cock and gives it some determined stroking, and when I say ''Cum for me, Baby!'' he spews his week-old load on the bed . I would say that Mr. Bill has had a busy week! Oh, yeah!
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Description: As he slides the foreskin back, the purple head pops out, looking angry and ready for a fight. Pulling off his thermal shirt, his rock hard body tells the story of a man who spends a lot of time at the gym. His slightly furry pecs follow a treasure trail over the ripples of his abs and down to the thick dong he's pleasuring. He eases his tight jeans down to his ankles, revealing thick, muscular legs, slightly covered in hair. He grabs his balls and pulls as he begins to stroke faster. Pre-cum begins to ooze from the tip of his cock, which he tastes, as if by habit. Every muscle in his body seems to tense as he begins to breathe deeply, faster. A river of jizz rolls from the end of his dick, into the matted, curly, black patch of pubic hair as he convulses multiple times.
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Description: This 30 minute video is definately jam packed full of erotic scenes. First Scorpion teases and shows off his perfect gym body for the camera. Then he is tied down to the bed in his sexy briefs and tickled silly for about ten minutes. There's plenty of pit, rib, crotch, and foot tickling. This gorgeous asian has the cutest, smoothes feet I've ever seen!! And very ticklish!! Then his briefs are removed and he is completely nude. In this portion, he is rubbed, tickled, sucked, tickled, handjobbed, tickled, and then he is jerked off and fingered in the ass till he cums. This video is unbelievably erotic and HOT. You'll love hearing him saying "oh I love it" and "oh my god that is so good". Then he shoots his load all the way to his chin.
Arabian Fantasy - Al, Almahdi, Imad and Nur
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Description: And the fantasy continues..... Nur has finally made his way into that bubble bath. He's only got his legs in and he's fisting that dick like he means it but then slides to the bottom of the tub to relax in the hot water and the foam. We go from his seductive lip licking and cock rubbing to find a beefy trio sitting back and rubbing on their cocks. Almahdi Hannad, Al Tufail and Imad Aldin all have been hitting the gym and it seems to have built up their fuck muscles as well. It's a short chat before the cock sucking starts. All three guys are sporting a nice piece between their legs. Almahdi is one of those guys whose dick stands tight up against his abs when it's hard and it looks delicious. While a good rim job is hot to watch regardless, when Imad squats down over Almahdi's face to get eaten out it made my prick leak. This is another example of Alexander using voyeurism in a scene to great effect. Almahdi laying back and pulling his foreskin back and forth over his dick head while Al