Hipster Farmers Suck and Fuck
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Added: 12 Sep 14
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Description: ****er Tom and August Grey are both tatted hipster ****ers who like to fuck. They make out for a long hot tongue session before they take off their pants to reveal that August leaks precum when he gets horny. His underwear is a sticky mess and Tom gobbles up August's leaky cock before bending over to get rimmed and fucked hard by the sexy tatted ginger.
Daddy lust!
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Description: Older men using their free time to hook up and get off! These fellas love to suck and are always ready to fuck like the hungry ***s they are!
Stud Dad fucks good!
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Description: Older men using their free time to hook up and get off! These fellas love to suck and are always ready to fuck like the hungry ***s they are!
Rick Solo Jerk off
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Description: Quite a character! Lives solely on his looks - very little grey matter here! Brought some nelly queen with him to interpret things like, turn left and be still. Beautiful body and cock for a man of his age which he would not indulge or he doesn't remember.
Casting Couch - Alec Grey
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Description: Alec finally works his dick into such a frenzy that he has to release it from it's bondage, pulling his waistband down and unleashing a rock hard beautiful cut dick with perfectly suckable balls. This boy really has such an exotic handsome look, and really knows how put on a show. He jerks his swollen dick like he's trying to strangle an attacker, really grasping tight as he clenches his cock in an upward yanking motion with his other hand teasing his taint and flicking at the rim of his tender pink asshole. All this ass-play really gets Alec worked up so he bends over and presents one of the most spectacularly tight holes I can remember seeing. He plunges his fingers deep into that salmon colored pucker letting out more moans before sitting up on his knees and jerking a huge load all over his stomach like an accident at the milk factory. I don't know anyone who has a better job than I do.
Damien Cross and Kayden Grey
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Added: 08 Jan 14
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Description: After all, Damien had to go to the office anyway and decides to go to the pub for a quick drink with a friend. They are enjoying a drink when he sees Kayden at the bar, he walks towards his corner of the room and sits across him. They exchange glances and Damien gets up to go to the toilets, hoping Kayden will follow. Damien takes a piss at the urinal and starts stroking his cock, slowly. Kayden is outside debating but he decides to go. He places himself next to a wanking Damien and whops out his own massive semi erect cock. They look at each other and wank for a bit before they turn to face each other and Damien grabs Kayden's cock. Kayden wanks Damien then kneels down and takes the thick cock in his mouth. Damien is dying to taste the monster cock in front of him and soon the roles reverse, Damien sucks Kayden, then pushes him to the wall and rims him before fucking him. Kayden's cock is dripping precum and as much as he enjoys feeling his ass filled, he likes to fill one too. He pus
Foot dreams
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Description: Mathias dreams that he's a lorry driver. He and his fellow passenger give a lift to a hitch-hiker who unfortunately only finds room in the small cabin between the latter's legs. During the journey he makes himself very useful by licking his Nikes and pleasuring his feet after taking off his sexy grey football socks.
Hot curly haired guy receives assfucking
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Description: Watch hot curly haired guy Alex Grey receive bareback assfucking now! He will also receive hot facial cumshots OF COURSE!!! His name should be Alex White because he loves white cum so much! You will surely love this bareback bukkake orgy!