Haze Him
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Description: They don't call it Greek life for nothing! At HazeHim.com, these straight college boys are definitely going Greek, both literally and figuratively. This brand new site brings real user-submitted footage of college and fraternity rituals gone wild. Haze Him members get a genuine behind the scenes look at fraternity hazing and initiations, college parties and dorm room pranks, all featuring cute young studs, toned jocks and real party ******s. These guys might call themselves straight, but they sure are willing to suck some cock or take a dick in their virgin asses for acceptance. Group jacking off, stripping, naked games, ******** sex and more, all streaming in high quality video. If you've ever wanted an inside look at frat life, HazeHim.com delivers with never before seen footage.
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Description: Dirty gay gangsta eat cock so deep then goes for very hot anal fucking action. Two gay lovers enjoys anal fucking with cumshots in the end.
Casting Couch - Taylor Jones
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Description: Taylor starts digging in his undies at his dick that is already stiff as a board. I peek over his shoulder as he whips out his huge pierced pink cock. This guy has everything going for him, a great body, big hairy bush, and a pair of low hanging balls that just beg to be cradled. As Taylor starts stroking faster and faster, his dick gets more and more engorged and impressive. Taylor moves onto the bed to get a little more comfortable and to spread his cheeks just for little ol' me. His middle finger traces his pink rimmed hole and then plunges deep into his cavity. All this anal activity is too much for Taylor, he flips onto his back and quickly strokes his dick to completion. A big all-American white boy load comes shooting out the tip and lands on his blond pube patch. Taylor smiles for the camera, obviously relieved of the load that had been weighing him down all day. Damn, I love straight guys!
Tag-teamed and creamed by horny boys
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Description: The show must go on, and boy does it go on here. The orgy gets one more participant, well, naturally, a naked twink! The shameless older dirtbag was enjoying to the full, loving every second of his backdoor stretched out by the boys. And the boys, oh Jesus! Horny as hell by that time and with their ***** filled with adrenalie, they just kept pounding whatever hole they could. Soon, everybody was not able to take it anymore. The older guy hurried to get on his knees, opened his mouth, and there you go, multiple loads from throbbing-dicked boys stroking away at their rock hard tools!
Classic CAUSA 103 Jaxon & Hydro
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Description: Jaxon & Hydro originally aired as a two-parter in May & July 2005. For today's Classic CAUSA, I've combined the two videos into one. Below are the two original storyboards. So, the last evening that the boys were in Scottsdale for their Spring Break, I sent Aaron & Kyle off to Fashion Square to cruise the high school chicks (LOL!), and I threw Jaxon & Hydro onto my bed and said, “go at it boys!” Well, we got a little criss-cross handjob action, a little self-penetration, and little CB penetration, and lots of laughing and joking around. We were able to get down to business, and Jaxon & I definitely showed Hydro a good time. With almost two hours of footage to this video, I decided to break it up into two parts. In part one, the focus is definitely on Hydro's pleasure. And part two: So, we pick up Part 2 with the focus shifting to Jaxon… As we left off in Part 1, Jaxon and I had successfully brought Hydro to his first orgasm. That's right his first… After a short break for us to
Hot Studs Go Bareback Fucking Crazy
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Description: Awesome hardcore gay bareback action with cum dripping from tight hole and a nasty sperm swapping. There is no breaking the barebacking fun of two men having hardcore anal adventure.
Horny Butt Fuck With Muscled Men
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Description: Want to see big muscled military men butt fuck? Watch this video that involves big muscled, big biceps, big muscled chest men as they go on an operation. Operation butt fuck, See how he gives him a gay blow job like no other. See him lick and suck his big dick to give him the best hard on in preparation for his tight ass. Get to see how he gives him the butt fuck of his life. See some gay on gay sexual position that will make you hot and steamy. Get to see some cum at the end of the clip.
Chat Mate Twinks
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Description: Roger meets up with his chat mate Jimmy at the bus terminal and they are both are too horny to wait! They go behind the terminal, in an alley where they blow job each other before checking into a nearby motel to finish the date with a hot session of bareback fucking and twink sex and spewing hot cum!
Jerry and Rowdy Go Down
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Description: After the nut I figured we were done and went to take a piss, but when I was done I realized these two had started all over. And even though the sun was going down, Jerry's dick was still up.
Roommate Wanted Episode 3: The Housing Squeeze
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Description: Looking for a place in San Francisco without a dotcom salary? Good luck. Liam Harkmoore and Dylan Knight meet in a line for rental unit, but when it's clear they're outpriced, they go in for something a little more cooperative. Luckily, Dylan's got a key to a place around the corner where no one's home. They may not be able to move in — but they certainly can use it to unload. The door is hardly shut before Liam is thanking his would-be host, with a pair of firm lips and raging hard cock. So what if it's a short-term solution? In San Francisco, any bed is better than none!
Roommate Wanted Episode 2: Shared Utilities
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Description: Want to move into this hip crashpad? Before you sign the lease here, you have to leave a deposit. In the second episode of NakedSword's Roommate Wanted, Cam Christou is looking for a shared apartment, but when sexy Luke Harding opens the door, he sees that the floors aren't going to be the only hardwood. The house has more men than it does bedrooms, Luke tells him, and the communal living arrangements extend way beyond the chore wheel. It's a sharing economy based on sex, and lean-and-tatted Cam shows he's more than happy to contribute. The initiation starts out in the hallway, and before long the two are joined by Leo Forte, who breaks in his new roommate with his fat dick. Luke gets in on the action as well, first riding Leo and then moving into Cam's back bedroom. The three collapse in a pile of sweat and sex. And just think — the other roommates aren't even home yet!
Addict Episode 1: Addicted To Power
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Description: Sex is hot, but power is even hotter. In the debut scene from NakedSword's ADDICT, power top Trenton Ducati tries to let go, only to find that control is the one thing he can't give up. In this edgy exploration of desire, Trenton starts off bound and gagged, unable to move more than an eyeball. This time, it's Max Cameron who holds all the cards. The hungry bottom teases Trenton without restraint, getting him hard, letting him have just a taste of his incredible body. Cocky with his newfound power, Max straddles Trenton, and rides him like a toy. But does he go too far? Because isn't long before Trenton breaks free and gives Max a taste of his own medicine. A stunning scene that turns notions of top and bottom on their head, and will have you aching for another hit.
Horny Monks Taking Raw XXL Dong
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Description: You can't keep a good cock down, no matter how hard you try. These two *******s finally give in to their carnal desires, and once the sinning has started there's no holding it back. The hungrily push their over-stiff cocks down each others' throats and go raw up the ass, dumping all that pent-up spooge.
Marine and Firefighther Fuck
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Description: John's sexy hairy chest and muscular body looked great while he laid on his side and slurped voraciously on Bryce's nice cock. Then, to Bryce's surprise, John asked him to suck his cock. After a bit of protest, Bryce obliged. John moaned with pleasure as Bryce gave him the blowjob he'd been anticipating. Bryce didn't seem to mind too much, but was definitely and amateur at dick sucking. After his cheeks were tired from working on John's thick meat, the firefighter decided he was going to give John a good fucking. He flipped his fellow marine over and gave it to him ***gy-style. John groaned and grunted as he was given a good pounding in true military fashion. And when Bryce had had his way with John and widened his hole, he sprayed John's face and neck with a huge cum shot. Not only did John's face get a good coating, but Bryce was so hot from the military fuck, he shot several feet past and landed on the floor!
Unexpected Cock Stroking Helping Hand
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Description: The two happily stroke on their own cocks while John checks out Rex's junk in the corner of his eye. Without warning, John reaches over to give his fellow military man a helping hand. Rex doesn't protest, even though there is mild look of disdain on his face. Then John leans over to get a mouthful of the Captain's meat. He slurps up and down while Rex continues to watch the video, wetting every inch of the shaft and head. John decides it's time to go for a ride and gets Rex to lay flat on his back. Then John sits on Rex's cock. Slowly he inches down, eventually making the entire length disappear in his hole. He starts to moan as he slides up and down on the stiff cock. This gets Rex too turned on. He can't hold the cum back in his balls any longer.
Manuel, Tomas & Secreto
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Description: Manuel Roko, our porn artist, is so fucking horny. His work drives him so crazy he needs to go for a good fist and SM session with his slaves. They are waiting next door. He enters the room where Tomas Zagal is already tied up waiting for his master to mistreat him, as he likes it. Spitting, boot licking, and fist and punch: this is the way Manuel Roko makes Tomas happy. He has a very good assistant with Secreto Iberico. This sexy masked guy helps the Master to fist and punch Tomas. The scene ends with Secreto lying down in the sling shooting loads of cum while the Master punches him hard!
Grease Monkey Bears
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Description: Nine blue-collar bear-studs are hard at work and lube isn't the only thing they're dripping. These furry fuckers know how to go deep under the hood, pump 'em up, and leave customers with a smile on their face!
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Description: Please let me introduce Jan, our new colleague. He recently joined our team and is eager to proof his „counseling abilities“. He has a funny attitude towards his job. He doesn't consider sex as sinful at all. Not even the fact that most of the clients are straight would ever change his mind. So he is exactly that kind of guy which fits our team perfectly. Today he had his first appointment. The guy who called lived in some sort of social housing. This is a place where you can go when you have lost your apartment already. It is not a nice place but it's really cheap. Jan had a different approach towards this guy. He wrote down all his debts and offered to pay them one by one. For an adequate reward of course.
Uncut Cock Pool Party Scene 1
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Description: Uncut Cock Pool Party Scene 1 Lucas Entertainment It's party time! Uncut Cock Pool Party, second title in the popular foreskin-centric series, follows thir**** hot, hung, and horny studs as they suck and fuck each other like crazy. From a poolside orgy to a tryst atop a pool table, the action doesn't get any more hardcore than this - and the dicks don't get any more uncut! Bored watching TV, Mario McGabe decides to go for a quick dip in the pool, and hunky Lucio Maverick decides to take a dip in him. After sucking and fucking on the poolside couch, Mario shoots loads on his own face. Hungry for more, they fuck again on the floor for a second round of hot cum shots.
J vs. Jay
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Description: I was telling Jay Shorty contacted us and was interested in doing some work, and before I could finish the sentence Jay let me know he was going to do the scene!
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Description: Lazy but so horny. That was my today's mood. So I've decided not to go too far from my house. Actually I just went out of my apartment and switched on the cam. Bus stops are always good spots to get an ass. Within 10 minutes I've spotted my little prince. Cute face, but masculine body was a perfect fit for today. I felt in love with him as soon as we started to talk. He kept smiling no matter what the question was. Football player, with a good paid job. I was afraid that my money trap won't work on him. But I felt something vibrating about him and his charisma. Without too much of a convincing he showed me his dick. And it was a nice smooth dick with huge glans. Oh god, I have to get this guy. Luckily he was very open minded and I got him over to my basement. I didn't see someone so gifted for a long time. The blow job he gave me was the best one ever. Now it's just a question how do I get him into fucking.
Aleksandr Treats Mahail To His Cock
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Description: Mahail's on his bed, when his fuckbuddy Aleksandr comes in. Being a true bottom, Mahail goes right for the top's huge cock. Servicing Aleksandr, Mahail sucks so that he too can have some fun. As we see from Aleksandr's point of view, his partner definitely knows how to work his mouth. Good to go, Mahail gets in position for the top to take control; fingering the boy's hole, the top spits on his cock and slides in. For this "rough fuck," Boykakke.com brought in two very talented guys, who seem to know each other well already. Damn, Aleksandr really knows how to pound his fuck buddy, as Mahail grabs his foot to give more "ass-ess." Loving the feeling, the bottom squeals with delight; Aleksandr laughs as he enjoys bringing out the "monkey" in Mahail. Watching these two fuck, I'd say they have been in contact, a lot, long before this shoot. Switching to his back again, the bottom opens up fully, and we get a nice peek at that sweet gaping hole.
The Yin & Yang of Boyhood Part 2
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Description: Having a second look at Yoshinori cumming, we now want Yura to show his boyhood. Knowing how well the bottom's mouth works on Yura, it's not long before the boy is up. "Gloving" the good stuff, Yura then lubes his bottom boy up and works on getting in; but everything worth having. Topping Yoshinori, Yura gets in and goes balls deep from the get go; the nice "backside" view of the top verifies that. As the two enjoy, both take turns jerking the bottom's dick, which's a bit more sensitive post-blow. Flipping his partner over, Yura takes care going back in; seems like getting it "from behind," has the Yoshinori loving the sensation and it shows. Damn, this "bend-a-boy" positioning is hot as hell. After a bit, looks like they're both done with the yin/yang as Yoshinori begins to suck Yura again. Slobbering on his partner's cock, this bottom really has more than one talented hole. With a bit of a tug Yura spews onto Yoshinori's shoulder and the boys kiss, "cumming" full circle.
Shosei Gives It Up Bareback
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Description: Sneaking in, Japanboyz.com gets up close and personal with Shosei, in the black, and Sesuke, in yellow; well, at least our camera does. The way these two are going at it, I don't think there's room to get in between them. Caressing and exploring each other, the boys are up fast and already panting. Sesuke takes down Shosei's underwear and laps at his big cock before swallowing. Lying Sesuke back, Shosei also takes a taste of his partner, rich in flavor. Using his feet, Sesuke strokes the bottom boy's cock before they dock. Grinding and kissing, they are very sensual with one another. Rolling him up, Sesuke licks the boy's hole enthusiastically. Shosei fills his mouth with Sesuke, who will be topping. Priming his partner's ass with spit, the top slides his fingers in first. For a better feel, Shosei works his way down onto his partner's cock; this is Shosei's first time bottoming on film. Switching into various positions, they fuck with intensity, always watching one another.