Trent at the Hole
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Added: 13 Dec 12
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Duration: 0:01:04
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Description: What his girlfriend doesn't know won't hurt her, and Trent is desperate to get his long cock sucked and balls drained. Trent sticks his dick in the gloryhole, and he's so horny that he gets hard as soon as a warm mouth is on him. He takes off his shorts and leans into the hole for his balls to be sucked, too. Trent's long cock gets harder and harder with the anonymous sucking and stroking. He screws up his face, shoots his load with a splat and leaves satisfied.
Abel at the Hole
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Added: 22 Nov 12
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Duration: 0:01:08
Tags: straight fraternity gloryhole blowjob

Description: Abel's been willing to do almost anything, so now he gets to enjoy a reward. He sticks his dick in the Straight Fraternity gloryhole, and the Pledgemaster gives him a bj he won't forget. Abel shouts "Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck!" as he shoots his huge load on the Pledgemaster's face and has his cock sucked dry.
Brutal Asshole
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 16 Nov 12
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Duration: 0:05:00
Tags: Anal Play Bondage Chains Cum Cum Facial Face Fucking GloryHole Heavy Anal Humiliation Restraints Rope Smoking Spanking Spit Boy Napped

Description: Buff top Dan Jenson finds innocent twink Jacob Daniels pissed on and left rope cuffed in the abandoned toilets. Horny and feeling nasty, Dan assaults Jocob's asshole with a ****** fucking. With Jacob almost crying, Dan fucks harder battering the boys hole as Jacob's head is ******* down the toilet hole. Dan's hard dicks gets oral service as he rams his thick dick down Jacob's throat as the twink gags and dribbles saliva. This full on assault leads to Dan's heavy load being released over Jacob's tearful face.
Johnny Explodes
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Added: 08 Nov 12
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Duration: 0:01:00
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Description: After giving Johnny a helping hand (and mouth) in his recent blindfolded encounter with Allen, the Pledgemaster wants another taste of this scruffy young straight guy's dick. He invites Johnny over to get sucked off at the gloryhole.
Trey at the Hole
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Added: 03 Nov 12
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Description: Trey says he's still not ready to try something with another guy, so the Pledgemaster tells him to come over and get sucked off at the gloryhole instead. Trey stops by after practice and comes in the back door. He drops his sweatpants and sticks his pole through the hole. The Pledgemaster can tell Trey likes it hard and fast, and that's how he blows him. Trey begs for it not to stop, cums on the Pledgemaster's face and he sucks him clean. After Trey shoots his wad, he tries to look through the hole, but can't tell who's on the other side. Trick or treat!
GloryHole Cum Dump 2
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Added: 19 Oct 12
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Duration: 0:06:15
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Description: Jarod Steel told us about this amazing Glory Hole at the garage of where he works. He told us there's always guys there that love sticking their dicks through this discreet glory hole. We decided to grab a camera and follow him to actually capture this video. The guys who stuck their dicks through the glory hole didn't know their dicks were being filmed. We told Jarod not to tell them if he knew who the guys were. To this day, nobody ever found out about us capturing it except for you now. Anyways, Jarod being the hot slutty bottom that he is sucks these dicks and takes 3 loads deep in his ass from 3 hot hung dicks.