Mike at the Gloryhole
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Added: 30 Jan 13
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Description: "Mike" learns from a buddy that he can make cash shooting a load at the Fraternity gloryhole. He really needs the money, but doesn't want anyone to know, least of all his girlfriend.
Gay Studs Fucking At The Gloryhole
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Added: 20 Jan 13
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Description: I brought in my buddy Ryan who has been waiting all his life to fuck or get fucked through this historical glory hole. He walked in a he was totally so intrigue by the hole in front of him that he jumped down to say hello to the person on the other side. He pulled his dick out and they totally got right down to business. He told the guy that he is giving such great head that he would love to fuck the shit out of him and he let him. So excited, he totally came next store and they both got into and busted nuts all over themselves.
Rob at the Gloryhole
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Added: 17 Jan 13
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Description: "Rob" heard about the Fraternity gloryhole from other guys around campus and wanted to check it out. He slips his athletic shorts down and enjoys the hot mouth sucking him through the hole. In the end, he gives the guy a huge cum facial.
Glory Hole Cum Swallow
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Added: 12 Jan 13
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Description: This is one of my buddies. He's a hot cocksucker. I've seen his gloryhole videos and have been sucked off by him. He gives killer head! He swallows every drop right from the tap while the dick is still in his mouth too which makes him hotter. He was showing me some of his videos, I asked him if I could have this one. He was down for it… This is the video of him sucking off a dude and swallowing his load from the tap. Then he sticks his dick in the hole to get sucked off, busts out his load too.
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Added: 09 Jan 13
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Description: Trevor always needs to relieve his big, aching balls, so he visits the Fraternity gloryhole to get his huge, uncut monster drained.
There's Only One Way Out of This Box...
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Added: 05 Jan 13
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Description: Don't act surprised that these frat boys built their own gloryhole box--what else are they going to do, study? Alex, Blair and Kameron stuff superstar twink Dillon Samuels into their homemade gloryhole box and give him only one way out... sucking them all off! Dillon, like a champ, sucks those cocks until all three boys cum in his mouth.
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Description: Beau Steele is a super-hot young model. He loves the outdoors especially skateboarding and wave boarding. He had an erection almost before he took his pants off. Soon sticking it through the Gloryhole where young James was waiting to go to work on it. He spurted all over James chest like a fire hose, with a huge load. Then putting it through again, for another go.
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Added: 04 Jan 13
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Description: Johnny originally from Europe is full on into surfing. Up early cruising up and down the coast in search of the best waves. One of our scouts met Johnny at one of his favorite breaks and suggested he model for us, he said - yerr I will give it a go. Next day we shot him on his board, on the beach and against the Gloryhole, where he cam twice. The first time pulling out too late, it just felt too good to stop and then he went again
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Description: Clean cut, preppy looking Mark is a Rugby player from South Africa, now living in Australia. He is full of exuberance. He was very nervous once he got his pants off, so nervous in fact he couldn’t even get a hard on but when we got him to the glory hole it was no problem. Pulling out he could not stop himself blowing any longer.
Big Cock Through The Gloryhole
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Description: Diesel loves to man the gloryhole and he always makes sure the guy on the other side leaves totally satisfied but he admits to putting in his best work when an extra large dick is put through the gloryhole.
Mature Gloryhole Suck And Jerk
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Description: Eric asked us if he could do a glory hole session and we figured why the hell not, the guy is a grade A cocksucker and we love watching him work his tongue and hand magic on big young cocks.
Jag at the Gloryhole
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Description: Jag, who had his first blowjob from another guy on Straight Fraternity, is hesitant to do more. But every guy loves getting his dick sucked when he can't see who's doing it. Jag heard this would be a great blowjob, but he plays some straight porn on his phone to enhance the experience. Obviously he likes the bj because he's quickly rock hard, puts down the phone and is ready to shoot his big load.
Glory Hole Rookie Goes Gay
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Description: Ty wanted to go to the video store and watch a video. I busted in on him and told him, dude there is a fucking glory hole right there, stick your dick in there for a surprise. He did and let me tell you the person gave him super head. Ty fuck his tight ass threw the hole until he came in the booth just to let him fuck that ass.