Glory Hole Sweat Lodge
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Description: Chad and Hank meet at a glory hole in Palm Springs during Water Boys Wet 'n Hot weekend. And those Water Boys weren't kidding.
Southern Hospitality
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Description: DESCRIPITON: Showing some southern hospitality, gives you Rene Lakes, the long-haired bottom, and Nick Stevens, the straight top. These two head to the back for some “glory” sucking. Rene, on his knees, takes in all of Nick. Getting the Texas boy hard, Rene wants more than his mouth to be filled. Nick does a quick lick; I told you he was straight. The bottom boy makes sure Nick's meat is up and ready. Putting Rene on the fuck table, Nick plays with a “tight pink hole” hungry for Nick's meat. It's not long before all we hear from the bottom is “give me that dick,” and the response from Nick, “take it.” Joking about their “deep” roots, these two are having a ball, or two. Pounding and then flipping, Nick has his fill and then some; he blows his thick load into Rene's “southern charm.” Rene then works on his own sweet cock and ends up streaming all over his torso. Lending a helping hand, Nick then smears the jizz back into Rene's sweet spot
Gloryhole Threesome For Cum Hungry Hip Hopper
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Description: It's clear why this horny dude has taken a job as janitor in the public WC - his main task is emptying the heavy nuts of his customers through his purpose-built glory hole. As the buff young buck services an innocent twink they lure in muscled lad who enjoys an anonymous blowjob from the two young sucksluts.
A Series of Loads
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Description: A collection of the hottest cumshots of the previous year is our New Year's treat to you. More than 21 loads on display from multiple angles, and in slow motion glory. These military men are at full salute and unloading for your pleasure. We've captured cum-covered Marines enjoying the aftermath of a good fuck or their first gay blowjob, lifeguards with their holes puckered after a good long bang and jizz dripping from their mouths, and firefighters with their hoses erect and dripping with spunk after a long day of pounding and sucking. Watch expl*sion after expl*sion of these muscled hunks being caught on camera for the first time. Grab your cum rag and get comfortable!
josh milk glory hole
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Description: It is our pleasure to show you a Fuckermate first, a cum drenching glory hole session with our cum thirsty mate, Josh Milk. Josh never wastes a drop especially when treated to three hot monster cocks. Josh devours 4 hot loads from our hot and hung mates but this only leaves him hornier than before. This video ends with an explosion of josh's own cum. This is one Fuckermate session so full of cum you can't take your eyes off it! we are greatful to all the staff at BoyBerry, many thank you.
Glory Hole Sweat Lodge
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Description: Chad and Hank meet at a glory hole in Palm Springs during Water Boys Wet 'n Hot weekend. And those Water Boys weren't kidding.
Perverts Scene Three
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Description: What happened to porn star Rod Painter who is trapped in a fucking cage. From all sides huge cocks find their ways through glory holes into his compartment. What the heck. Rod starts to milk one dick after another and the final conclusion is a warm shower. What a sensitive way to treat his skin.|