CAUSA 453 Logan
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Description: Logan was one of my more challenging shoots in that he had an allergic reaction to the essential oils in my light sports blend massage oil. As a result, the glands around the head of his penis became overtly sensitive that further resulted in, shall we say, performance issues. So, quite a bit of this video was left on the proverbial cutting room floor, but wait till you get to the cumshot… HOLY SHITBALLS! It's one of the best that I have captured on video. Logan's chest & face (and the curtains behind him) are covered! Enjoy! CB ~ Casey Black
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Description: Well, with Coltons shoot, I discovered that I have the patience of Job since this will go down in the ClubAmateurUSA record books as the longest filming session that I have experienced. After four... uhm... erection-filled hours, Colton finally orgasmed. Glad that I scheduled him in the mid Saturday afternoon in Dallas and that Gavin was scheduled after midnight. Overall, his video turned out pretty dayum good since he maintained an erection the entire four hours. You see, it was not that he was not turned on; it was the fact that the glands just below his cockhead are *highly* sensitive, and my light sports-blend massage oil with the essential oils of peppermint, eucalyptus, clove, camphor, geranium, fennel, and orange *highly* irritated the glands on Coltons cock. Notice the swelling in the final close-up of his junk. Now, before you get all “CB is a slave driver; making the poor guy go for four hours,” let me clarify that is was not my choice. I explained to Colton that he cou
Patient gets his prostate massaged by gay doctor
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Description: The patient was about to get his prostate massaged. We all know how important it is for the sexual health of a man. Still, it appears this one had barely any sexual health problem! Watch him tempt the already aroused doctor with a possibility of a throat massage – with doc's cock, naturally. The doc hastily pulled out his shaft, and the patient got busy impaling his face onto it. And of course the prostate massage came later. But it was in a different form! Check out the sleazy doctor massage the ultimate male gland of his patient with his own throbbing fuck tool. The bear-like doc then covered him in cream!
SEX MALE GENITAL 1st part  //  Genitales de Hombre
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Description: I show my beautiful pubis and penis to teach all the sexual anatomy of a man: 1) Bulge genital exposure (see the pubic hair). 2) flaccid penis covered by the foreskin, over the testicles. 3) Displays the glans is still covered. // Muestro mi lindo pene, para enseñarles a todos la anatomía sexual de un hombre: 1) Bulto genital no expuesto (se ve el vello púbico). 2) Pene flácido recubierto por el prepucio, más los testículos. 3) Muestra del glande aún recubierto.
SEX MALE GENITAL 2nd part  // Excitación del Hombre
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Description: I keep showing my penis to teach them male sexual characteristic: 4) Handling the penis. 5) Excitement as an immediate response. 6) Growth in full size masturbation, showing how manly size and the production of seminal fluid. // Sigo mostrando mi pene para enseñarles lo característico sexual del varón: 4) Manoseo del pene. 5) Excitación como respuesta inmediata. 6) Crecimiento del tamaño en plena masturbación, mostrando lo viril del tamaño y de la producción de líquido preseminal.
Straight Farmer Stud Thomas
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Description: I always wonder how all these fit straight guys stumble across our site. I mean, I understand where the gorgeous gay guys come from, but every now and then men like Thomas who ****s in the depths of Wales knew where to come when he wanted to get his kit off! And is not he a sight to behold? Just look at those stunning good looks and his ***** fit body with its dusting of hair... and don't forget about his big fat uncut cock either! Foreskin fans need look no further than this film - Thomas certainly has a majestic and magical foreskin for sure! It's got a super thickness to it and when pulled back it completely disappears... and then it rolls back to completely cover the head of his cock again in one fell swoop! In fact there's stacks of hot foreskin play to feast your eyes on and the way it rubs back and forth over his swollen glands is truly special. And for a total newbie Thomas puts on a brilliant show - he has a unique wanking technique but it clearly pushes all the right
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Description: Un bon début de sodo sur ma table de salle à manger.. Ensuite, quand il a posé le caméscope, il m'a complètement défoncé. Son gland est très large et je peux vous dire que je le sentais bien. C'est dommage que ça ne soit pas filmé.
j'aime qu'on me suce  !
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Description: / video exhib d'un mec black grosse bite tbm qui va pomper une grosse queue dans la cage d'escalier de la grande surface auchan, 100% exhib, pompe pipe fond de gorge et limage de cul, le black blanc beur aime la bite de notre porn star black beur antillais gay reunion homo les noirs grosse queue gland enorme et couilles rase poil plan escalier viol grande surface parking partouze gang bang
plan q parking et cave escalier avec black tbm passif
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Description: / video exhib d'un mec black grosse bite tbm qui va pomper une grosse queue dans la cage d'escalier de la grande surface auchan, 100% exhib, pompe pipe fond de gorge et limage de cul, le black blanc beur aime la bite de notre porn star black beur antillais gay reunion homo les noirs grosse queue gland enorme et couilles rase poil plan escalier viol grande surface parking partouze gang bang
cumming high
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Description: It was first hot spring day... I became so horny... and I had to loosen my glands... :)
selfsuck, precum & cum / autosuce, mouille & yop
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Description: jacking my big precum dripping cock & licking it up off my cockhead until I cum into my mouth & eat that too ;) / je me branle la keu ki mouilles bien & je leche mon gland puis je jute dns ma bouche & bouff mon yop ;)))
Cumming Home Alone II
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Description: My cock fucks the tube in the same way you wish it were fucking your ass. It s a short flick because the tube is wrapped with a heating pad and I forgot just how easy it is to bust a nut with all the suction and heat. It also kept the cum warm so I was able to pour it down my throat. Hmmmm. When I stuck my tongue in it I could lick out the last little drop. Its taste mixed with the flavor of my swollen gland. Luscious!