Street thief caught and fucked by a gay policeman
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Description: This young bastard was trying to snatch the handbag from a girl walking down the street – and it looks like the burly cop that caught him when he was already speeding the other way is not really happy with his behavior. He's literally going to drag him all the way down to police station where he's going to have a private one-on-one interview with him and… Wanna know what this interview is going to end up with? Watch the youngster get his asshole destroyed by the law – and facialized for dessert!
Rock The Boat - Calvin
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Description: Calvin starts out this scene with the director posing him for some photographs. Calvin's a little nervous in a cute sort-of way as he pulls his pants down just far enough to see his pubs and part of his dick. "So you want to watch me? Let's go." The button-fly jeans are pulled down, the girlie magazine is flipped through, the cock is hard and the boy is standing in front of the lens pulling on his schlong as the boat gentle sways. A short interview follows after his solo scene where he describes his sexual fantasies and what he likes a girl to do to his balls.
Ink'd stud jerks off 6-7 times a day!
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Description: Owen the tattooed hooligan couldn't stop smiling the moment he hit the bed. This was obviously a dream come true to a guy who watches porn constantly and cums six to seven times a day...a day! He is into ass worship and can't wait to get his eager tongue into some lucky girl's tight pucker. He is very open minded and even got a blowjob in a festival booth from some guy. His strong inked arms stroked back and forth until his face turned a light shade of pink and his cock exploded all over his trimmed triangle of pubes. Still all smiles but now out of breath, Owen was the happiest hooligan on the block.
Fuck Machine Boy
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Description: Gay Robot Fuck Machine Fucks a boy up his tight ass hole so hard he screams like a little porn girl
Russian twinks go wild stuffing mouths and butts
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Description: Spreading on the leopard print bed these Russian gay boys got really wild. Their tender French kisses were followed by sloppy cock-sucking and intense ass-pounding leading them both to a gooey finale. Who needs girls when your buddy can do it better?
Hottie takes 8.5 inches of uncut dick
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Description: What could be better than a hot young stud with a big full bush and an uncut cock? Two uncircumcised, hot, and hairy lads fucking like the world is about to end! Power bottom Lance came in feeling pretty good about himself, since winning a wet underwear contest the night before. He tells me he would like to top sometime and show off his skills. After getting a peek at his scene partner, however, Lance is more than happy to accept the 8.5 inches of straight boy schlong coming his way. When America finds out that Lance is 1/2 Cherokee Indian, he becomes giddy like a school girl and explains that he had never had one before. America seems to be very fond of Lance, especially when the head of his dick starts to tickle the power-bottom's tonsils. Greedy Lance takes every inch of America's Turkish sausage and begs for more. What a great day for porn. Hot bodies, hard abs, uncircumcised cocks, full pubic manes, and young beautiful men.
Muscle boys fuck it out!
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Description: New ***** in the room, but the same HOT shit! I have a newbie getting comfortable on my bed. Chad is just as hot as hot can be. He is a rising star from the Bay Area, and a perfect match for LA's favorite handsome, hairy Mikey. Mikey loves coming to my place. It gives him a chance to get away from it all, and get into something he loves: fucking. Sexy Chad is all ears listening to straight, studly Mikey lament about his lost love. Apparently the engagement ended badly for him, but good for Chad. To get his mind off of his girl-trouble Mikey decided to go a very different route; like straight into Chad's tight round ass. Lots of heavy petting, steamy sex, two cum shots, and a very hot suprise from Mikey ends this lip smacking video. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it!
Massaging Yuri's happy spot
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Description: I don't know if he was just playing coy or Yuri really needed to think about getting a happy-ending massage. There's no doubt that he's into them. He goes to one of the local parlors 2-3 times a month. But those have all been with girls. Cash certainly played a factor into getting his first from a guy, but whatever got him on board, I was definitely on board, too. Yuri has one nice bubble butt and I was looking forward to getting my hands on it. I didn't realize I'd have a finger in it by the end, though. The amount of pre-cum leaking from Yuri's uncut cock was pretty amazing, too. Most of it was well-used to keep his foreskin lubed up, but there was some used to see how long of a strand I could get stretched from his cock by my finger. Just for fun. (wink) When cum time came, Yuri had closed his eyes and gone to his "happy spot." Apparently, it wasn't happy enough, though, so I lubed up a finger and pushed the "happy button" between his ass cheeks.
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Description: America's got what it takes! He's got a big beaming smile, big personality, and a huge uncut dick. This ball of fire is chomping at the bit and raring to go. Girls, girls, girls, are on America's mind; especially the tiny Asian ones that he likes to manhandle so much. America is quite at ease with another man in the room, his sexual exploits include pulling a train on a girl at a party with not one, but two of his friends. He insists that was as close as his cock is ever coming to another man's equipment. He says the only contact he will ever have with another guy is a high five. Right. I've heard that one before. Lets see what he thinks of Dirty Tony's special handshake, shall we?
Bi-Curious Stud
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Description: After ending a long and somewhat boring relationship, Anders came to me looking for some self-exploration. The only thing his girlfriend left him with was a taste for a finger in his ass while getting blown. Just recently, Anders has been pushing his own boundaries and has discovered the fun of dildos in his tight virgin ass. The next logical step in his mind was either getting fucked from behind by a girl with a strap-on, a passable tranny, or just get straight to it with a "straight" guy. As Anders gets more comfortable jerking his cock in front of me, he starts to pull his balls this way and that. He finally can't take the temptation anymore and plunges a finger deep in his ass. Shortly after an explosion of cum erupts!
Marine gets first gay blowjob
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Description: The blowing begins and Barrett clearly LOVES a warm mouth around his penis head whether it is from a guy or girl. The recruit stands up and goes around the side of the couch, telling Jake to come over and suck his big dick. Barrett face fucks his little civilian boy, making Jake gag on it repeatedly. Jake takes it like a man and keeps sucking Barrett's raging hard on, getting him closer and closer to cumming. They move back on to the couch, where Jake plunges that hard cock into his mouth so deep that Barrett can no longer hold back and bursts out a creamy geyser of cum. Jake puts his mouth over the swollen head, swallowing Barrett's wad as it cums out. He continues sucking him off until he is dry and then picks up the rest of his juices that he missed and swallows it all down. That's a good damn civilian!
Giovanni Unleashes His Massive Load
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Description: Luckily, Dirty Tony gets lots of hot military guys because he is so close to the military bases. And, Giovanni is one of these guys, who is a hot, confident and a sexy airplane pilot for the Army. He is a unique officer, because not only is he a stellar pilot but he is also a fitness trainer to get other recruits in shape. He is also very DIRTY. He has had lots of threesomes with girls and even had a few where a guy was involved, but says they never actually touched...yet. He does admit, however, that he gets turned on when guys or girls watch him on his web cam. Voyeurism seems to be quite popular these days, which is the reason why he is here today! Giovanni takes off his shirt, revealing nice hairy armpits, big muscular pecs and a lightly furry torso. Ready to start rubbing one out, the officer pulls down his pants and jerks his hard cock for the cameras. Getting close to finally cumming, an Tony reaches out to help our naughty military guy. Spraying copious streams of hot cum.
Hot Tom
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Description: Big beefcake Tom has just recently gotten into really good shape. And it's a good thing too! He is the perfect addition to my couch collection. This former college baller is schoolboy nervous when he first plants his firm linebacker tush onto my fine blue sheets. But he loosens up a bit when we touch on his favorite subjects, fucking and football. It turns out Tom has a taste for doing it in pubic, in a parking lot, amongst his cheering friends. Thats what I call extreme tailgating! Tom is straight as an arrow, and this hunk of a man says he won't bend, for a guy anyway. But when it comes to girls, anything with a nice ass that is over eighteen will do. Tom has such a great body, with a nice hairy chest that leads down to a surly six pack. His gorgeous pink cock is quite an accent to his strong chin covered in five o'clock shadow. All of this topped off with a long luxurious cum-shot that bubbles out of the top of his dick, onto his hand, and then dribbles onto that sexy, sexy six pack
Golden Gate Season 2 Scene 4
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Description: Golden Gate Season 2 Scene 4 Naked Sword Episode 4: "Punk Rocks" Tyler (Chris Porter) was quiet in college or maybe he was keeping quiet so he could watch while his sexy-as-hell cocky roommate Jimmy (Tommy Defendi) banged girl after girl in their one-room double. The angst - and whatever else - that Jimmy had all bottled up in college started pouring out once he came to the city's gritty South of Market district on vacation. Like a moth to a flame, Jimmy found his way to Tyler's show... and Tyler, who's gained a bit of confidence himself since they last saw each other, can't wait to give Jimmy the show of his life.
Trey: A Hole New Level
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Description: Trey, 20 and straight, loves a girl to play with his ass, “croutons too.” He's really into Asian chicks; he likes the way he can “fold them.” I ask if he's ever worn a harness and pass him one to try on; it does look excellent on his muscular chest. Trey has a great body and a booty that “works.” He also puts on a jock strap and agrees that girls probably would like to see this on him, I know I do. Watching some gang-bang porn, Trey gets hard; he has a very nice cock and big balls. As he comes up, he lies back and slides a finger up his ass for Jerking as he pushes in his finger further, his cock twitches in response to the pleasure. To heighten his senses, I give Try some poppers to try. Liking the feeling, he takes time out to admire his engorged cock, whacking it against his leg; girls must love that thick piece of meat. As we get an “aw yes,” Trey moans, lies back and gets close. By the time he blows, he's very much “into himself.” Spewing all over his stomach
Kinky Straight Surfer Stud Plugs Furry Hole
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Description: A surfer from sunny Southern Cali has a secret he wants to tell Dirty Tony! He likes to be tied up, whipped, electrocuted, the whole nine yards! His nickname is Monkey (for the antics he pulls in the domination dungeon and biting girls). You could tell he was used to someone telling him what to do in the bedroom. I got this dirty little Monkey to bite a pillow for me in the studio while shoving a nightstick sized dildo in his hole. But it was the smaller silver one that got those big blue eyes really shining. He literally bent over backwards for me. And like a good boy should, got his well-deserved desserts in the end!
Mark Gets Fingered
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Description: Mark likes girls, all kinds of girls. He also likes to surf, have sex in public and be naked in general. He's got broad shoulders, a nice tan, and fif**** inch ***s from all that surfing he does everyday. Mark also lets it slip that he enjoys a finger in his ass when he gets a blow-job. I wonder if he would go for two. Anyways, I can't wait to measure the muscle in his pants! Mark gets to business and starts pulling his cock and grabbing his balls immediatley. He didn't wait to take his pants off first. Fat cock, big nuts, and a nice hairy hole. I like this one so much I just may have to give him a hand...
Charlie, the jerk-off junkie
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Description: Charlie is a 19 y/o Sailor I met the day before he was going on a 7-month-long deployment. When I approached him about doing porn he was clearly excited about it, but there was no time for shoot before he left, so I figured that'd be the last I'd ever see him. Well, seven months later, guess who got in touch. Standing at 5' 7", the years playing football and wrestling in high school gave Charlie some thickness, especially in his legs, and an ass that girls, and even some of his male co-workers, have commented on. Charlie could barely contain himself before coming over. He told a handful of friends about doing his first porn shoot (all of them giving him a big thumbs up). When got here and started undoing his zipper for the camera, he was already getting hard from the excitement.
Eating out Hugh's tight pink hole
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Description: It's great having guys like Hugh around. He is always horny and ready to blow a load. Even if he's already jerked off 2-3 times that morning, you can count on him wanting to go for round four in the afternoon. Hugh had said he loves getting a good blowjob, but, of course, he hasn't found many girls who can do the job well. After peeling his jeans off, it took just a couple turns of deep-throating his cock before it was standing rock hard, with Hugh grabbing the back of my head, moaning in appreciation as my mouth worked his shaft. My tongue made its way down his balls which made Hugh's moaning get even louder, so I moved further down, eventually pushing his legs back to expose his pink hole. Hugh's head rolled back, mouth wide open in ecstasy, as I went back and forth between rimming him and teasing his ass with my finger. I half-joked with him that he had better stand up before I pulled my dick out and fucked him.
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Description: Some boys are really funny. They call you and ask for help. And if you tell them the conditions for an appointment (you know: we meet alone, I bring a camcorder to document my genuine counseling etc.) they start to discuss them. In this case he insisted that his girlfriend would be their as well. I was close to hang up when he finally agreed to the rules. I cannot exactly say what kind of guy I expected to meet but when he opened the door I was totally surprised. A cute, small blond guy with long hair welcomed me. If I would have met him on the street I would ask him for his age rather than expect that he lives together with a girlfriend. Anyway - I have tried all to make him feel like a girl himself that day;-)
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Description: Blake is a hot straight neighbor of mine I shot a few times in the past for solo and videos with his girl. This time he came over to complain about my loud music but I know that was just a excuse to sit back in my chair and get the nut sucked out of his cock and that's exactly what he got!
First Gay BJ
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Description: Not one to miss an opportunity, Dean leans in and starts to slurp on the head of Miles' meaty monster. He works his magic; trying to summon the treasure buried deep in Miles' scrotum. With the skill of a musician, he gives Miles and oral workout beyond compare. Mile's knees start to buckle and Dean leans in with excitement for the reward thats about to cum his way. As Miles' balls explode, thick white streams of jiz coat Dean's waiting tongue. His load sprays far back into Dean's throat and a nice pool of white is caught in Dean's beard. "Who do think gives better head, guys or girls?" Miles, answers with sincerity in his eyes, "I still think girls do". Don't worry Miles, I've got more ideas for you to try.
Jizzy Military Facial
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Description: Their banter about the hot girl morphs quickly into admiration of the hung guy on the screen, and his huge cock! Suddenly, Private Keegan speaks up, saying that he's never done anything like this before. Private Colt reassures Keegan by taking Keegan's dick into his mouth. Private Colt sucks cock with tenacity, and Keegan cannot help but murmur with pleasure. Private Keegan is overcome with the desire to reciprocate, and sliding off the bunk, takes Private Colt's member in between his salivating lips. Colt moans loudly over the sound of Keegan's slurps, suddenly telling Keegan to jump up on the bed. The Privates are now sucking each other's privates! It's an all you can eat, endless cock to mouth buffet! Private Colt tickles the tip of Keegan's meattube with his tongue, while torquing his shaft. Private Keegan, dizzy and fluttery eyed, says, "I think I'm gonna cum!"