Southern Boy DeepThroats Tony's Cock
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Description: Slurping and sucking, he glances up at me every once in awhile so I can get a look at his crystal blue eyes. I spin him around so I can get a look at his ass. I gently slide a finger, then my thumb into his fur lined rectum. I rub my cock against his crack, teasing his hole. His cock is rock hard now as he kneels in front of me, jerking his own pink stiffy. I work my cock down his throat and gag him before he licks my balls. I jam my dick into his waiting lips and jizz all over his outstretched tongue. A river of cum runs down his chin and drips on the floor while he slurps the last few drops from the tip of my cock. He reaches down and jerks his own cock until it explodes all over his ginger pubes.
Face Fucking Scott
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Description: all-americanheroes, gay-military, gay-handjob, gay-sucking, gay-cocksucking, gay-jackoff, gay-blowjob, gay porn Cock Sucking Timo glides one finger into Scott's tight man haven while he continues to eat up the ginger cock. Timo pulls the rest of his pants down and Scott dives down on the Timo Tower. As Scott swallows up the man flesh, Timo moans out and pushes his friend down further and further. Timo gets up and bends over, ordering his friend to eat his ass. Scott jumps in and spreads apart his cheeks while he tongue-punches Timo's tight hole. Timo jumps up and face fucks Scott while he feels up his own body. Timo reaches the finish line and strokes his long schlong to completion.
Reese Fox
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Description: Reese Fox is another of Dominic Pacifico's new guys, and he's also new to participating in adult content. We think you'll agree that he's got what it takes. Enjoy!
Patrick Grenshaw's ginger allure
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Description: Patrick Greenshaw is a tasty redhead twink. Discover how gorgeous he looks naked in this awesome semi-exclusive video. Naughty redhead twink assumes some very sexy poses, pushing his body to the limit. Then he's ready to play with his amazing hard cock until he cum so hard on his abs.
Sucking Latin Stud's Cock
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Description: Holden pulls Joey's uncut thick cock from his zipper and completes his final inspection with his mouth. Holden draws the thick latin flavored cock to rock hard status obviously enjoying the exercise while Joey leans back and enjoys the ride. Holden then stands to give Joey a taste of his ginger meat. Joey takes a throat fucking when the boys swing into a sultry 69. Joey teeters on the brink and springs up to feed Holden a big load of 21 year old straight stud cum. Holden laps up the load and swallows it whole. So hot and bothered by the sweet mouthful, Holden rises to the occasion and dumps his spunk on Joey's smooth brown cheek.
Tom Vojak & Libor Bores
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Description: Nothing like a half-naked romp through woods & an impending rainstorm to prompt Libor Bores to seduce the world's hottest Ginger, Tom Vojak. Libor does his very best to impale himself in both orifices with Tom's huge, uncut cock, and we finally get to see Tom successfully & wholeheartedly embrace sucking another man's cock. Enjoy!
Very long orgasm
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Description: No jerking. Just wathcing porn make me cum. 2 orgasms. The secound one last for over 30 secounds. Constant river of cum from my cock. Extremly good orgasm.
Hipster Farmers Suck and Fuck
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Description: ****er Tom and August Grey are both tatted hipster ****ers who like to fuck. They make out for a long hot tongue session before they take off their pants to reveal that August leaks precum when he gets horny. His underwear is a sticky mess and Tom gobbles up August's leaky cock before bending over to get rimmed and fucked hard by the sexy tatted ginger.
Ginger rubbed down & jerked
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Description: When I asked him about getting a happy-ending massage, Seth wasn't too fired up about it at first. He'd never done anything with a guy before and, even though the money sounded good, he wanted to "keep it straight." And then his car broke down. Suddenly, that pile of cash was sounding even better. Seth wasn't sure what to expect and admitted that he was a little nervous. Once he realized that all he had to do was lay back and enjoy the ride, Seth relaxed, closed his eyes and drifted off to his happy place. After rubbing down his toned back muscles, my hands managed their way down to Seth's firm ass. I pulled his legs apart, revealing the dusting of red hair that lined his crack. Seth's cock started poking from between his legs, so I could tell it was time to get to work on his front side.
Ginger strokes mushroom cock
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Description: Andy is a 21 y/o str8 boy who came to San Diego from the Midwest courtesy of the Marines. He'd been thinking about trying to get into doing porn for a while, but admitted that he didn't know where to start looking. So when a mutual friend approached him and slipped him a card, Andy practically jumped out of his clothes right there. His only concern was that his girlfriend might find he was showing his dick to the world. Andy is a ginger from head to toe (and every crevice between as you'll see). He's gotten used to his military buddies' teasing-- fire crotch, day-walker. He's heard it all, but had never before heard that it's a major turn-on for a certain crowd. When he peeled his clothes off, Andy's cock was already standing at half mast. So, even though he had said he was a tad nervous about his first time in front of the camera, it seemed the excitement about it wasn't going to let nerves get in the way.
Tony Gives a Sexy Bi Stud a Handjob
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Description: Bradley is a hot ginger haired guy, with dark eyes and a very cute smile that lights up his face. He is pretty fair skinned, with several interesting tattoos on his body. He's got some cute stubble, but not very much body hair anywhere else, just the right amount of fur on his chest, arms, and legs. He starts off by rubbing through his underwear and pants, and slowly reveals his pink curvy dick. Then the pants and underwear come off, and he goes right to it. He doesn't even use lube, just licks his hand and spits on it. I really wanted to help him out a bit, so I decided to lend a hand. I jerked him for a little bit, and I could tell he really liked it. Pretty soon he was cumming onto his own chest and in my hands. Sticky but nice! Afterwards his face tells it all, I knew he liked the feel of a guy jerking him off.
Steve Peryoux & Tom Vojak
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Description: The Czech Republic's hottest ginger is back, and this time around, Tom Vojak, is giving his all to Steve Peryoux. Enjoy!
Fingers his Ginger Rimmed Hole
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Description: He pulls his pink sword out of his uniform and quickly brings his soldier to attention. His pale skin and freckled shoulders make a great canvas for his thick carrot patch of pubes. Scott works his cammies down to his ankles and exposes a great pair of thick tree trunk legs. With a fully hard cock, Scott pays some special attention to his ginger rimmed hole. He glides his finger in and out of his tight pink ass with a sigh of delight. Scott flips onto his back and beats off with growing intensity. Still wearing his boots, he drops his load onto his hairy belly letting the cum nestle on a bed of copper pubes.
Hot Straight Ginger Strokes His Meat
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Description: Mase strokes his uncut red rocket slow and steady, like a man on a mission. He then gets on all fours and pulls his cheeks apart to give me a lovely view of his hairy hallway. Back on his back, Mase gets closer and closer to the edge, he punishes his dick faster and faster, almost turinig a light shade of purple with effort. His labors were not for naught, Mase shot a huge load into the air. It glanced off to the side and landed on my new pillow covers. Thankfully the remainder landed saftely in a pillow of Mase's stomach hair aqnd was accompanied with a sigh of relief. Ahhh Mase, I salute you.
Eddy Adams Fucks Zachary Perry
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Description: Eddy lays back in true straight guy fashion while his tool is serviced by the hungry bottom. Unsatisfied with just having the giant dick in his mouth, Zachary asks if he can sit on it. He gingerly lowers himself onto the horsecock, impaling himself to the hilt. Riding Eddy's cock with his round ass cheeks completely jammed with meat, Zachary grunts and moans as his insides are obliterated. Eddy gently lays him on his back and fucks him deeply, the massive sausage stretching Zachary's sphincter to its limit. With Eddy's cock still inside him, Zachary explodes a huge load of white glue onto his rippled abs. Eddy continues fucking him, getting closer to his own orgasm. When he's ready he pulls out of the tight hole and sprays more love juice onto Zachary's chest, stomach, and chin.
Ginger Personal Trainer Jerks Off
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Description: I met Seth as he was walking out of one of the local gyms. Turned out that he's a personal trainer there, and he certainly caught my eye. It was hard to miss him, standing at 6' 2" with a toned bod and topped with gingery red hair. When I gave him my standard "How'd ya' like to do porn" line, he perked up suddenly. He was skeptical at first, but said it's something he'd been thinking about for a while, so decided to give it shot. Seth showed up a little nervous since it would be his first time in front of the cameras. (Probably didn't help that he almost ran into an ex-girlfriend on the way over.) But as we got things going he admitted that he was starting to relax. He normally jerks off daily, but had wisely saved up for a couple days. When I asked him about the weirdest place he'd jacked off, he laughed and said, "Well, this is definitely going to be up there!"
Navy Stud Pumps His Tool
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Description: Before long he's exceptionally hard and spitting in his hand to mingle with glistening precum and facilitate an even more pleasurable glide. Before this sexy military man is ready to really stroke hard and fast, he gets down on all-fours and gives us a prime view of his ginger fur covered ass cheeks; teasing gentle by sliding his right cheek away, giving a view of his pink pucker. Finally, Mase lays back on the cot and frantically pumps his jizz-shot*** until the ultimate moment when spray after spray of scorching white-hot jizz explodes into the air and lands all over his golden treasure trail.
Slurp That Spunk Scene 1
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Description: Slurp That Spunk Scene 1 Factory Video Young cum pig Brice goes hog wild in a house full of hot, horny and hung men in Slurp that Spunk. Watch as he slurps the spunk from their junk with a big smile on his cum splattered face in seven hot scenes. This will definitely quench your thirst!
Redhead straight boy stroker
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Description: Perry hit a little financial rough patch when he got a speeding ticket. On top of that, his GF had gone out of town for a few days so he was more than ready to bust a nut. I was glad to tell him that I could help him out with both problems. I set Perry up in the bedroom with some porn and lube and let him go at it. He must've been extra horny 'cos his cock was hard in about 20 seconds flat. I always like seeing how the guys jerk off without any sort of direction-- kinda plays to my voyeuristic side. Perry used his signature reverse-handed stroking style, everyone once in a while cupping his other hand around his big nut sack. And then there's his intense "O-face." The same one he got right before spilling gobs of thick cum onto his ginger pubes.
Ginger's next dildo fun
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Description: Ginger is getting used to the dildo now. He bounces on it and wanks till he cums.
Stroking Military Shaft Before Explosion
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Description: Timo glides one finger into Scott's tight man haven while he continues to eat up the ginger cock. Timo pulls the rest of his pants down and Scott dives down on the Timo Tower. As Scott swallows up the man flesh, Timo moans out and pushes his friend down further and further. Timo gets up and bends over, ordering his friend to eat his ass. Scott jumps in and spreads apart his cheeks while he tongue-punches Timo's tight hole. Timo jumps up and face fucks Scott while he feels up his own body. Timo reaches the finish line and strokes his long schlong to completion.