Penis and Ball Pumping in Rubber and White Sox
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 14 Nov 14
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Duration: 0:00:45
Tags: Feet Pumping Rubber Sox

Description: A young and sweet guy in rubber and dirty sox is playing with his pumping equipment on a boring afternoon. He does some penis enlargement like enlarging his penis in a cock pumping cylinder, worshipping the pumped meat, pumping his penis including his balls in a cock and ball pumping cylinder, worshipping his pumped genitals, sniffing his extremely used and very smelly socks, worshipping his unwashed boy feet, and showing you two orgasms at the end of this hot pumping fetish video. The first one is a cumshot onto his rubber shirt and the second one is a cumshot into one of his dirty sox. If you want to see more of our unique amateur gay fetish porn, check out now!
Hetero Fucked in the Forest
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 14 Dec 13
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Duration: 0:00:32
Tags: domination submission public outdoors fucking ropes bondage S&M flogging

Description: Just a short while ago Ed was a typical straight lad out on the town. Now he's tied naked with his arms and head suspended by a tree in the middle of nowhere with two perverted men from BreederFuckers unleashing their sadistic punishment upon him. His pert ass is filled with a giant dildo which he's vigorously fucked with. He cries piteously through his gag while the nasty fuckers penetrate him repeatedly and use a flogger on his butt and balls. The hetero is burning with rage so the men decide to cool him off squirting him with freezing cold water. The bucket attached around his cock and balls quickly fills up with the water dripping down his naked body. As it's weight is increased his genitals are yanked down making him squeal. With his dick and ass in bondage he's made constantly aware that he's now nothing more than a publicly disgraced fuck toy.
Stripped at Customs
Category: Straight
Added: 01 Aug 13
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Duration: 0:00:16
Tags: jocks cocks amateur straight anal fingering

Description: At traveller Ryley has a very high opinion of himself. He thinks he can make a gag and flash a smile in order to breeze through life. Here he gets a serious wake up call when he suddenly finds himself stripped of all privacy rights as the squad strip him of his clothes and seize his genitals. To his deep shame, his big floppy cock and nuts are suddenly revealed out in the open and fondled while other passengers look on with curiosity.
Genital Massage From Heaven
Category: Massage
Added: 09 Jul 13
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Description: Learn the exotic and erotic artistic ways to touch your own genitals to bring pleasure.
Penis Enlargement
Category: Massage
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Description: Learn how to grow your cock the natural way. A beautiful film from India and Europe.
After the Match- Clip 2
Category: Locker Room
Added: 31 Jan 13
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Description: Tied to the locker room bench the athlete is now subjected to groping and fondling of his genitals that causes him to become erect in spite of himself.
Lance Navarro
Added: 19 Dec 12
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Description: Handsome, furry *********** Lance Navarro has obviously done this before, as attested to by the feats of genital ****** you are about to witness. Lance stretches the head of his cock, spreading the hole and revealing the Prince Albert hole just below. The
Straight Man Fucked
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 25 Nov 12
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Description: At BreederFuckers strapping young straights like Terry need to be tied to gyno chairs to be fucked in the way he deserves to be. He’s stripped naked and his genitals are interfered with. He keeps hollering insults so his insolent mouth is gagged with his torn underwear and a thick leather belt. His perfect cock and balls are roped up. Then it’s time to pound that tight hole by hammering a dildo into his ass. He’s viciously fucked by his captor and his asshole is covered in cum which is fed into his mouth.
Hetero Patrick Groped!
Category: Straight
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Description: New lad Patrick is a physically active guy who likes the high life. Spending money comes as naturally as fucking to this cocky straight boy. Once he’s stripped down his demeanour is much more vulnerable as we eagerly handle his smooth hard body and hefty genitals. We’re the first men who’ve been allowed to grope, penetrate and jerk off this popular rugby man who dreams of stardom. If he ever achieves his ambition to become the next James Bond we’ll be able to treasure these videos of Patrick being turned into nothing but a piece of meat.
Army Hazing Barracks
Category: Orgy/Group sex
Added: 25 Aug 12
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Description: At when Privates Towne and Davies return to the barracks in the middle of the night full of ****** and moxie they pick on Private Rob Chance. The dozy hairy hunk is totally at the mercy of his randy friends as they push him through exercise drills and replicate the sergeant's pervy inspections. They tease him about his big full balls and the manly stink emanating from his gooch and anus. Pinning him to the bed with his exposed ass in the air they pour and spit ***** into his ass crack while tugging on his dangling genitals. The humiliated young squaddie has to take whatever the guys dish out without knowing when it will stop.
Straight Men Pushed Together
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 04 Aug 12
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Description: Young ****** Joel wants to make extra cash. When the men at BreederFuckers invite him to their lair to earn money making a video he jumps at the chance. He's tied up by his wrists and is surprised to see his buddy dragged naked into the room. The two are strung up next to each other, made to kiss and press their naked bodies together. Their nipples are clamped and asses flogged. Joel's foreskins and testicles are pegged and his friend is made to flog his genitals until all the pegs are removed. His head is tied to his friend's ass so he has to lick out his hole. While he's rimming his friend Dave fills the ass crack with a fresh stream of piss.