Hayden Russo and Tex Gemmell
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Added: 11 Sep 10
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Description: If you like big dicks then Hayden Russo will send you to heaven. His cock is HUGE and Tex can't wait to shove it deep into his bubble-butt. Before Hayden dives in, he spends a little time licking Tex's gorgeous feet and sucking Tex's thick tool. Now that everyone's hard (including you) Hayden slides his bare cock into Tex's hungry hole. He pounds Tex relentlessly from behind until he can't hold back any longer and sprays his load all over Tex's ass and back. Tex follows suit, blasting his load all over his hands and bed. Hayden licks Tex's fingers clean. HOT!
Hee Haw
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Added: 12 Dec 09
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Description: The age old question... how do you get a straight guy to have gay sex for the first time? Just tell him you're his best friend and ask him. Works for Tristan. Southern stud Tex gives in and sucks some dick and when he's hesitant to rim his best friend, Tristan's got a trick to get him to do THAT too (turns out no straight guy can resist the taste of cherry lube). Tex lays Tristan down on his back and fucks him with his Texas Longhorn dick. When he can't take it anymore, he talks Tex into kicking those long legs of his up so he can get a feel for what it's like to have a dick up his ass. Tristan takes it easy on his pal at first but then gives him ALL he's got. Tex loves every inch of Tristan and declares
Bareback Rednecks
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Added: 16 Nov 09
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Description: Just two good ol' boys. You know how it is… after a long day and a couple of ****s in the truck, Tex and Shawn lay back for a bit of a stroke session. They decide to help each other out a bit like buddies do, and before long these southern boys are in the back of the pickup rimming and 69ing. Shawn wants a piece of Tex's hole and slides his rock hard boner up there. You can see the workmen off in the distance while Shawn throws Tex over the top of the cab and fucks him bareback under the hot afternoon sun. Shawn blows his load all over himself but Tex decides if he's gotta bend over and take a dick, Shawn's gonna have to lay back and be on the receiving end of a cum bath. That's Hawt.
Tex Gemmell Fucks Jake
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Added: 17 Oct 09
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Description: Tex is back for more, 8 inches more to be exact. I finally get to know what it feels like to have his thick cock in my ass, but not before he takes my pants off with his teeth and gives me a great blowjob. We make our way to the bed and frott while making out. Tex is a great kisser. I could have cum right then and there, but I wait until Tex is deep inside of me to drop a HUGE load while being fucked. He pounds me with reckless abandon until we wind up in a “sticky situation” as Tex puts it. He cums all over my face and chest. Oh, and there's a little surprise at the beginning of the video, but I don't want to give it away. You'll just have to watch to find out!
Tex Gemmell Massaged
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Added: 02 Oct 09
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Description: A lush green landscape and a waterfall provide a sexy backdrop for Tex to receive one of my signature erotic massages. I begin working on his broad muscular back rolling my hands down to his buttocks. Soon I have him kneeling, his bubble butt in the air, while my tongue flicks his sweet asshole. I slide underneath and Tex fucks my mouth. He turns me on so much I shoot a load on my belly. I flip Tex over and work his hard muscles and sexy feet before making my way back to his dick. I tug and rub that monster cock making him cum hard, spraying his load everywhere.
Tex Gemmell Serviced
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Added: 15 Aug 09
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Description: Tex, a carpenter by day and stripper by night claims to be quite good at pounding things (nails or otherwise). I make him put his money where his mouth is. Actually it's my money and my mouth, but you get the point. Before we get to the face-fucking Tex shows off some of his moves for me as a stripper and man this boy can wiggle! I sure intend to bring Tex back for more fun.
Tex Gemmell Solo
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Added: 13 Aug 09
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Description: You don't mess with Texas. That has nothing to do with this scene, but I wouldn't mess with Tex either. He's got his shit-kickers on and he's ready for no good. He's a carpenter by day and a stripper by night, which is a great combination for someone about to jack off for you. It means they're good with their hands and have some great moves to show off. But don't take our word for it, watch the movie...