Cadet Gives Dr. The Shaft!
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Added: 17 Mar 10
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Description:  Our handsome cadet discovers a horny medical resident in his bed. The young doctor turns out to be quite the cocksucker. He takes a full 8 inches of uncut boy meat down his mouth and then rolls over. The cadet gives our resident the meat thermometer - Dr. Cutie bites the pillow while he takes our young cadets fat boner into his hungry boyhole! Latex and Leather get Geared Up To Fuck!
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Description: Josh's skintight latex sticks to his skin as he sucks JP's uncut member. He turns JP over to get his twink ass ready for some heavy pounding, grabbing him by the straps and licking his hole. They swap places with JP eagerly licking at his master's ass. Two fit lads in latex and leather bondage gear, what could be hotter?! Hockey Player Scores with Surf Boarder
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Added: 15 Jan 10
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Description: Max loves the way his pal, Kyle dresses up in his hockey helmet, jock, hockey shorts and sweaty jock. It makes his fat uncut cock perk up and drip precum. They trade long sloppy blowjobs rubbing neoprene against hot smooth skin. Soon he's begging to be ass***** by Kyle's fat Irish cock! Not long later, the cum covered duo begin to lick each other clean!
Construction Worker / Skin Diver Fuck
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Added: 03 Jul 09
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Description: There s nothing hotter than getting sweaty in a a neoprene wet suit and rubbing yourself all over your buddy. His toolbelt gets you all hard and it shows through the suit so you rub it to make it bigger and harder till it s dripping with a layer of sweat and precum. When the heat is almost unbearable, strip down and lick each other clean sucking your buddy s thick uncut boy-dicks and giving up your sweaty hole to your mate in his construction helmet.
Getting it on with
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Added: 14 May 09
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Description: Long-dicked Latino Elias loves to get dressed up as a jock. He gets horny in Lacrosse gear and a facemask that his cute buddy Ely just can t help licking and worshipping. Ely is dressed like a new recruit. He pops a big stiff boner when he swaps out his gasmask for an Army helmet. While Elias loves getting his hot bod squeezed by the latex rubber suit under his shoulder pads, he gets really turned on by blowing Ely s cadet cock! The two get down and dirty in this gear filled romp as they sniff and rub all over each other, suck each other s hot dripping cocks and 69 their way to shooting creamy loads!