Gayfruit Hot Premiere - Str8 Boy Veni
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Description: Veni is one of those guys you see in the street and think 'I wonder...'. You know he is str8 but it does not stop all your fantasies working overtime, these lads wear baggy clothes and hide all kinds of treasures in a show of faux modesty. I mean look at the size of this guys cock, long fat and uncut in all its glory, why hide that behind loose street gear. He teases his happy trail and his large smooth ball sack starts to tighten nicely. He does not wear such clothes all the time as his tan line shows clearly the contrast with his skin tone and the white sport socks is beautiful. His toned body is just right, not over done at the gym. A typical guy in the street who appears to be unaware of just how stunning he is. But his jerk tells a lot more than that. Veni jerks with passion rather than pulling at it furiously like some guys have to. He knows he is hung, he knows he is sexy, he knows you want him and that gets him off. His great cum shot with one load going up his chest and the re
Igi Jerks in The Sun - HD VIDEO
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Description: The urge to jack off gets too strong for Igi as he walks in the autumn sun. He stops to and the feel of his cock makes him horny, as he walks off he decides he has to wank. Finding a suitable place he stops and as he scans round his hand is in his underwear tugging at his cock. Out it comes and wow a great fat uncut cock. He is pulling at it and it keeps on growing and the camera angles get better and better. Settling down on the ground he really starts to let go and enjoy himself, beautiful shaved balls bouncing as Igi works the full length of his cock. This guy is made for sex and has a great body to go with his big cock. Wanking faster and faster, his balls slamming up and down he builds to a great climax, a good hot load of cum squirts up his body in jet after jet. He wipes himself with a handful of grass in a way that is almost as sexual as the wank itself, his empty cock still swollen and huge lying across his leg. Great location, big uncut cock, nice heavy cum load, all in all a
Mik&Domek Morning
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Description: Morning coffee, a bit of sucking and a lot of bareback fucking