Str8's First Gay Piss Fuck
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Description: Tattooed 22 year old straight boy Drac feeds Welsey a load of piss before they take turns swapping head! Then Drac gets fucked for the first time with Welsey pounding his ass with his BIG uncut dick! Drac also gets his very first facial! Watch it all now at
Slates Double Fuck & Facial
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Description: Once their firm military asses are offered up, he probes their holes with his fingers. He orders them to use both hands to spread their cheeks, giving him better access to double finger their holes. He tells them to get on their knees so they can pleasure him. Next Slate orders Axel onto his back, where the Sergeant sits on his stiff cock. Slate orders Jayden to suck his cock while he rides Axel, grunting and groaning each time he sits down firmly on the stiffy. Now Jayden spins around and sits on Slate's cock, while he's still impaled by Axel's wood. Finally, both privates are ordered to their feet. Slate kneels in front of them, ready to take their loads. Axel explodes a stream of white cum into his Sergeant's mouth and onto his bulging, muscular chest. A few seconds later, Jayden's giant cock finishes the job, covering Slate's tongue and cheek with another river of jizz.
Puckered Hole Spreads Before Jerking Violently
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Description: When he starts rubbing his cock through the royal blue of his uniform, he is staring intently at the porn. He slips his pants down to his ankles to get better access to his stiff pink cock; which he is strangling with both hands. As he gets hornier, he peels of the rest of his uniform to reveal a developed chest and tattoo. His pale white skin is contrasted nicely with the tan and blue of his uniform. He stands up for a moment and his perfectly round ass is visible. He bends over a bit and the nearly invisible blond hair around his puckered hole spreads for a moment. He reclines across the sofa and really starts to go to town on his meat, jerking violently. White jiz spews from the tip and lands on his chest as the thicker cum puddles in the ripples of his stomach.
Blowing Load Between His Pecs
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Description: Stroking in all directions, this Special Ops knows how to get off. After stripping off all of his clothes, Jordan shows that the tattoo on his arm is not only a sleeve but it stretches over the left side of his chest. This gives a well defined image of this Navy boy's muscled pecks. Once he let everyone see a peek at his amazing hole, he was ready to blow his load. With soft moans and ass clenches, Jordan shoots his well deserved load all the way up between his pecs.
Spewing Military Man Juice
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Description: After a night of drinking one thing would lead to another and Jakobee found himself giving his cock to a fellow serviceman. Workshops, fan rooms, closets, wherever they could fit was where they screwed on board. All the talk about the dark corners of a ship gets Jakobee in the mood and he can't wait to prove himself. He frenetically rubs his growing bulge through his cammies. By the time he whips out his thick sailor cock, Jakobee is at full salute. His pecker is hard as rock, ruddy pink and the size of a baby arm. He pulls off his shirt and exposes a sleek strong chest littered with tattoos and muscle. He spins onto his knees and spreads his cheeks wide, teasing his hole with a thick finger. Faster and faster he jerks himself mounting to a hot spew of military man juice.
Tattooed Soldier Fingers and Jack Himself
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Description: First, he just grabs his ass cheek with one hand, spreading open his crack for the world to see. But then he starts to jam his ring finger in all the way to the third knuckle. Sitting back down, his chest is flushed and it looks like he's ready to blow. His cock is at full salute and he's moaning slightly. Gripping tightly, his cock chokes out several large clusters of jizz as his chest heaves.
Thug Latino jerking off
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Marine Spreads His Cheeks To Show His Hole
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Description: As he slowly unbuttons his jacket, I realize he's inked with more than a few military inspired tattoos. He takes off each piece of his clothing methodically, and with great care. I begin to wonder if he isn't slowly *********** me with this peepshow. Once he's naked, he displays his fat, hard dick for me. There's no teasing now as he firmly pulls on his cockshaft. He turns around to show me his ass, spreading his cheeks for a closer look at his hole. He stretches out on the bed, showing me his taut and rigid rod. He sighs ever so slightly, and with sudden stealth, spews his thick, white-hot load onto his torso in streaming, stringy arcs. He tastes himself, looking directly at me as he smiles. Corporal Reese is a dedicated performer til the very end.
Tobias' Solo
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Description: One of my more talkative conquests is a tattooed hooligan named Tobias. He found me online and came down to the studio full of nervous sexual energy. Some of his favorite things include the world of underground fighting and fucking outside. He even had a girl ride him while he was driving a big rig. Confident Tobias is covered in tattoos and gave me the grand tour around his body. Pumped full of energy, this ripped stud pulled out his enourmous schlong and worked it long and hard for me. He started to huff and puff as he got closer to the edge, his balls pulled in tight to his body, and he was staring into my camera so intensely he went crosseyed for a second. Tobias blew all over his tight six pack and didn't seem to ever want to let go of his dick. He even held up his hand for me so I could film the pearly prize on his palm.
r153: Pro Help
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Description: Warren needs gas money for his trip, so Franco pairs him with his friend, porn star Sebastian Young. As a gay-for-pay amateur, Warren has never had to deal with the amount of muscle and cock that a pro like Sebastian brings to the table, and Sebastian makes sure to put him in his place.