Pervert Masseuse Therapy.p5
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Description: Finn Daniels was a piece of stinky man meat I could not resist. He came in with a smile and left confused for the next few weeks.
Navy Stud Cooper
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Description: His arms bulge out of his sleeves as he massages his cock through the material of his shorts. When he unzips, we're treated to a view of a nice thick piece of meat. He strokes his cock rhythmically while staring at the screen. Then he whips off his shirt while his stiff dick sticks up straight. He leans back to reveal a tattoo on his left pec—the mucles flexing with each stroke on his cock. This blonde haired, blue-eyed sailor works his cock steadily, getting harder every minute. Finally the stiffness needs to be relieved. He closes his eyes and beats faster. He grips his tool with all his might as each gush of cum follows, larger than the last. His entire stomach is coated with a thick puddle of translucent semen.
Blonde Surfer Loves to be Watched
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Description: When he starts rubbing his junk on my couch, I take my cue from our previous conversation and move a little closer for a better look. I can tell he's got a nice sized sausage from the outline in his shorts. He whips out his pink meat and stares me in the eye as he continues to give it a massage. I reach in to get a measure and he lets me grab the swollen chub with both hands. I can tell he's getting a little nervous. So I back off and let him do his thing. He's laying back on the couch, with his legs spread, completely comfortable jerking away. He starts to stiffen up and I can tell he's about to blow. Big blobs of white bubble up from the head of his cock and dribble in between his legs. A giant load of it splashes onto the blue fabric while the rest of the pearly love juice drips down his cock and onto his hand.
Horny Josh Peterson Loves Sex
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Description: Not yet fully hard, he's already at 8 1/2 inches in length, and 6 inches around. Josh continues tugging as I step back. He massages his balls, and as he rub across his cockshaft, his magic wand springs out taut over his thigh. He stands for a moment, to show me his sweet cherry ass. Spreading his cheek with one hand, I spy his virgin hole. Before I'm tempted to approach, Josh spins back around, flopping onto the couch. His movements are quick now as his breathing abruptly turns toward panting. Spraying the air overhead with tiny shooting droplets, he sighs deeply into the cushions. Josh said he was feeling dirty. Now he just feels satisfied.