The Mix Episode 3: A Dangerous Toast
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Description: Not everyone's made for the country life, and when uptight friends crash a free-spirited barbecue in "The Mix," the flames really start to jump. A-Gays Race Cooper and Conner Habib aren't happy that friend Felix Warner is getting married to a man they consider little more than a street trade. And those friends! They'll be damned if Felix marries this, this trash! But when Race is caught red-handed making trouble, Blue Bailey makes him take a dose of his own medicine. A little herbal surprise loosens Race up, and with a little prodding he and Blue shake the cabin with a flip-flop fuck that leaves Race laid out … and maybe just lightening up. After all, nothing equalizes like anal!
Real House Husbands Of Miami - Phoenixxx
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Description: Angel, Sean, Joey and Alexander are all living the high-priced lifestyle in hot and beautiful Miami, thanks to the support of their wealthy wives. These four married men keep busy with Miami's sizzling social scene and a jam-packed schedule of charity events and fundraising galas, but there's one thing that brings them all together... they're GAY! All the hot gay sex on the side, and the drama that comes with it, might be the one problem their money can't solve!
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Joey Cooper & Rod Daily
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Description: Joey Cooper is in the men's locker room and notices a tattooed, muscular man checking him out. Turned on, he approaches the man and confronts him about it. The man introduces himself as Rod Daily and tells Joey that he must be mistaken because he's a married man. Joey knows what he saw, and leaves it with Rod that he'll be in the empty shower, alone. Rod can't deny the fact that he was checking Joey out, so he joins him in the shower the gay sex his wife can't give him, and that he's always been waiting for.
Str8 Dude Shows Off Virgin Ass
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Description: Today the casting couch is hot with the presence of sexy tattoo covered hunk Eduardo Rodriguez, and boy am I glad he made the appointment. Eduardo begins by sharing all about his constant pursuit of pleasure all the way into the homes of married women whose husbands are out of town for the shear joy associated with the risk of getting caught. He continues telling me how he's always on the prowl at nightclubs to find women to fuck with his older ********* who is always down to join him in a tag-team. Finally he talks about the craziest sexual experience he's ever had being this time a girl hopped onto his lap and rode his dick while he was driving on the freeway! Not content with just telling me stories of his dick's encounters, Eduardo busts it out and shows me what he's been working with Ð such an impressive package! He leans back on the bed and slowly works his thick tool eking precum from the girthy head and using his other hand to massage his beautifully chiseled body. Next Eduardo
Fishing Buddies Share Tackle
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Description: Like a lot of married men, Christian isn't getting any action, and that admission to his fishing buddy Derek is all the guy needs to make a move on his friend! Blue balls mean a guy will do anything to get off, even feeding his buddy his cock and fucking the cum out of him too! He might be married, but a guys gotta do what a guys gotta do!
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Sucking Off Married Rocco
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Rick McCoy
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