Aaron and Jimmy
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Description: College exams can be very stressful so it's always a good idea to have a study partner, especially if the subject is Gay Sex 101. Aaron Rivers, the studly ex-football player, accepts classmate Jimmy Coxxx's offer to give him some pointers about man-on-man sex. Aaron whips out his cock and Jimmy proceeds to give him a nice wet blow job. Aaron returns the favor and was obviously paying close attention in and outside of class. Then it's time for these two study mates to get naked and practice making out and feeling each other up. Trust us, you'd never skip class again if it meant watching Jimmy slide that perfect muscle butt on top of Aaron's long and thick dick. They fuck as if their college future depends on it and when the cum starts flying you'll agree that they are more than ready for that big test.
g116: Double Gloryhole
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Description: Franco teaches Linwood and Diesel that sometimes you have to pay with your mouth to get your own dick sucked at a gloryhole. Linwood even eats his own cum and takes a big load to the face!
Using A Straight Guy/ Roman Rivers
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Added: 22 Apr 14
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Description: No one loves banging out a hot straight guy more than me haha. This dude may look familiar to you some of you, he goes by Roman Rivers. I met him while helping out with a shoot for OnTheHunt a few years back and we've been buddies since. I find it so hot when shooting with some straight guys who do porn because they try their best to act like they're into man sex even though they are hating it more and more with every thrust of cock.
r137: Signed Up
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Added: 20 Apr 14
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Description: Tex and Linwood draw blindly from a bowl of tasks they signed up to perform on each other for cash. Paddling, teabagging and toe-sucking are all included, but when Linwood passes on a trick, he earns the penalty of being nutted on by someone else. And Milo is there to offer his services!
Category: POV
Added: 21 Apr 14
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Description: This was a strange experience for me. I was searching the streets of Prague - nothing special about that so far - when I noticed this young guy who appeared a bit lost. He was from Slovakia and he had obvious some problems to find his hotel. Apart from that he appeared to have no financial problems. He was in Prague for holidays even. And what was so strange? Well, we know that about 8-10% of the male adult population are gay. It is obvious that sometimes I meet somebody gay who even enjoys my „dirty offer“. But this one was definitely not gay. And he was not in need of money. And still he did agree. I still try to figure out what his motivation was.
My First Time
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Description: Meet Leo, our newest member to Japanboyz. Leo is actually straight and came to us looking to try something new, "gay for pay" and earn some extra money. He enjoys surfing and it shows with his nicely toned body. If you don't mind me saying so, he's definitely a "good looker" with his chiseled facial features and rock jaw. This is one guy I'm sure has all the girls AND guys watching him when at the beach.
r136: Lube Job
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Description: Tex and Warren use two kinds of lube to stroke themselves and each other, and when Warren starts playing with his ass, Franco joins in the fun. They finger his greasy hole and milk him of his cum, then finish with Tex shooting his wad on Warren.
Railing Brad's Hole
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Description: It's so true that boys will be boys-they start fantasizing about their favorite celebrities, a sure sign of two straight guys getting themselves pumped up for a good old fashioned fuck-fest. The ball starts rolling, Brad can't keep his hands off Danny's huge chest and shoulders and is definitely enjoying the ride so far. Then to my (and Brad's) glee and surprise Danny gives a little something extra that I have never seen him give before! The action is uncut and uncensored as Danny ******s Brad in every way possible. Brad isn't fooling anyone, behind all of his groans and moans he is clearly enjoing the punishment from our large viking friend. To top off this uber-hot scene, Danny paints Brad's face with a load so big I had to get it in two different angles!
AJ Irons fucks hairy twink
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Description: This summer the east coast met the west coast. Our friend from Penn-Seth, was warming up the sheets with California born and raised Fabian. Long and lean Seth is no stranger to my door, and he can't wait for beautiful brown skinned Fabian to come a'knocking on his. They talk about music, surfing, mountain biking, snowboarding... is there anything my boys can't (or won't) do? While discussing the joy of sex and all of its sights and smells, Fabian's love muscle starts flexing before the rest of him does. A steamy makeout session ensues, and quickly after Fabian gets a little more than he bargined for. Undaunted by the sheer size of the cock before him Fabian dives right in-lips first, trying to conquer Seth with his tongue. Not to be outdone, Seth pushes Fabian to his feet and gives him the sucking of his life. Oh yes, it gets better! The action gets more and more hardcore as the boning begins. There is everything from a romantic missionary position to a cowboy ride Fabian is not likely
Category: Eastern European
Added: 18 Apr 14
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Description: I spent half the day in a usually crowded area without finding anyone attracting me enough to offer him a small fortune. Well, actually I must state that I met 2 or 3 guys but they were not willing to even listen to my offers. Not my day so far. But then I saw this young guy leaving the metro station. I almost had to run to catch up with him. He came from Ceske Budejuvice (a smaller Czech city) and was going to visit his girlfriend. I was happy to hear that he came from far away. Guys from Prague appear to be a bit spoilt recently. I told him that I record funny clips to upload on youtube. He agreed to run across the crowded place: butt-naked and for 1,000 crowns. How far would he go for real money?
Category: Twink
Added: 19 Apr 14
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Description: I noticed this boy already half an hour before. He was standing there alone and seemed to wait for somebody. When I finally decided to approach him I realized that the access to a path leading up the hill was blocked. And he was just there to inform the people about it as this park is quite popular for skiing and sledding. Yes, that might sound strange for a few of my Western friends but this is some sort of a relict from the communist times. However, he was not really talkative although I though he should be happy that somebody offered a conversation. Must be really boring to stand there the whole day for about 500 crowns. So I offered him money for a small favor. It really took a whole while to convince him.
a060: Linwood's Audition
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Added: 09 Apr 14
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Duration: 0:01:11
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Description: 19-year-old Linwood is a cyclist and an aspiring tattoo artist. He thinks he's just making some extra cash jacking off on camera, but today he's getting a casting couch bonus...the cum sucked out of his big dick.
Category: Blowjob
Added: 20 Apr 14
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Description: When I say that I am into blondes that of course doesn't mean that I don't appreciate black-haired guys as well. The opposite is the case. I love their sometimes arrogant attitude. I especially enjoy to put them into a situation where they are about to loose that attitude - if you know what I mean. In this case I met a handsome guy from Usti who visited his granny in Prague. After a while I found out that he didn't even finish the school and was currently unemployed. And he was a bit short of money to put it this way. I realized that he had a problem with nudity so I decided to act step by step. I managed to make him follow me to a hotel and to jerk for me. But when I tried to proceed he was almost a bit aggressive. So I gave up. But a few days later he called me again…
r135: Kae and Diesel
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Description: Straight buddies Kae and Diesel never thought they'd be in a gay-for-pay scene together. Since both guys have experience doing it, they just roll with it. Kae sucks his friend's cock and, after jacking with him, gives him a cum facial. He even rubs Diesel's cock and balls until he busts his nut.
g114: Lane
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Description: Lane needs to shoot a load badly and is willing to get off at an anonymous gloryhole. He's so excited that in no time he dumps his huge load. Lane even does what the other guy says and gags on his big dick. He follows instructions and ends up coated in a layer of cum.
r134: Jason and Milo
Category: Cum / Sperm
Added: 30 Mar 14
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Duration: 0:01:29
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Description: Franco sets up a gay-for-pay game to see how far he can push new straight buddies Jason and Milo. They take a pass on eating ass, but still are willing to teabag, paddle, kiss, spank and dickslap each other. Jason even cums twice, once on Milo and once on himself, before Milo pops off a big nut.
Blame It On The Head Guy
Category: Asian
Added: 29 Mar 14
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Duration: 0:01:53
Tags: Interviews Behind the scenes

Description: Leo goes in for an interview for Boysstarmovie.com. This being a gay for pay porn site, the more he strips down, the more the boss wants to see. In his underwear, Leo has quite the body, now let's see what the man in charge can do with it. Rubbing on Leo's cock, the two sit down and get to it, as the manager turned fluffer does his best. As the casting couch guy positions our boy into several directions, it seems that he may not have what it takes to work Leo up, let alone blow. The best is yet to “cum,” as Leo rolls over and shows off his beautiful hole, hairy with a scent of ass. The manger goes back to sucking and trying to get “things” to work. It's not until he tweaks Leo's nips and jerks him off that the hottie can release; thin streams off jizz coat the boss' hand; job well done.
Scotty in Uniform
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Added: 25 Mar 14
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Duration: 0:06:01
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Description: He pulls his pink sword out of his uniform and quickly brings his soldier to attention. His pale skin and freckled shoulders make a great canvas for his thick carrot patch of pubes. Scott works his cammies down to his ankles and exposes a great pair of thick tree trunk legs. With a fully hard cock, Scott pays some special attention to his ginger rimmed hole. He glides his finger in and out of his tight pink ass with a sigh of delight. Scott flips onto his back and beats off with growing intensity. Still wearing his boots, he drops his load onto his hairy belly letting the cum nestle on a bed of copper pubes.
r133: Cum On Him
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Added: 22 Mar 14
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Duration: 0:01:17
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Description: Jason and Diesel have been friends for a couple of months, but today they get a lot closer. Franco instructs them to stroke and suck each other's cocks. He even gets them to cum on each other, but only after shooting his own huge load all over Diesel's face.
r132: Half In, Half Out Bareback
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Added: 16 Mar 14
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Duration: 0:01:33
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Description: Jacob hasn't gotten off in weeks, so when he fucks Scrappy bareback, it doesn't take long for him to cum. With Scrappy cheering him on, Jacob dumps half his load inside him and half out. Scrappy stuffs Jacob's cummy dick back in one last time before climbing off and shooting his own big load.
r131: Enrique and Warren
Category: Straight
Added: 08 Mar 14
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Duration: 0:02:05
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Description: Go-go dancer Enrique is paired with gay-for-pay stud Warren. Warren jacks Enrique's thick, uncut cock and blows him before busting his first nut. Enrique unloads all over his hand, then talks dirty while Warren keeps whacking it. The dirty Spanish talk reminds Warren of his Latina girlfriend and suddenly he cums again.
Firefighter Landon's First Gay Blowjob
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Duration: 0:06:01
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Description: As his buddy deep throats his tool, Landon gently places his hand on the back of Paulo's head before pushing his face closer to his fur covered pelvis. Paolo is greedily slurping away on his straight buddy's big dick, making gulping and gagging noises along the way. As Landon towers over Paolo, he starts to grunt and moan ever more loudly. With Paolo's tongue outstretched in anticipation, Landon drops a heavy load as his hips thrust forward. Paolo laps at Landon's cock, sucking every last drop of cum from the tip.
g111: Nathan and Bradley
Category: Straight
Added: 06 Mar 14
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Duration: 0:01:05
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Description: Nathan needed someone to suck his big dick and Bradley was willing to give gloryhole servicing the old college try, so Franco hooked them up. Nathan shoots a big load all over Bradley's chest and mouth, and Franco teaches Bradley how to finish off a guy.
Niko Barebacks Benjamin
Category: Asian
Added: 03 Mar 14
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Duration: 0:05:01
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Description: Niko is one hot little Asian boy fucker with a perfect toned body and bubble ass. Although he is str8, the smell of money makes him gay 4 pay and he'll fuck anything. Fortunately he's lucky enough to be fucking the cute gay Asian twink Benjamin in this hot bareback fucking scene. Benjamin gets Nikos juices flowing with plenty of cock sucking and ass rimming. And Niko rewards him with a hearty ass pounding and cream pie for dessert.
r130: Jason and Scrappy
Category: Blowjob
Added: 01 Mar 14
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Duration: 0:01:12
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Description: High school athlete Jason and hung 19-year-old Scrappy meet for the first time. Franco makes them take turns sucking cock, and they help each other shoot their loads.