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Description: My name is Pe and I want to become a skater and run around with the local boys. So one afternoon I was practicing in the alley behind my house when one of the local skaters Ae offered to help. He showed me a few moves, which was really cool. Then he suggested I come back to the clubhouse and he would show me some more. So I said sure lets go. Little did I know that he intended to show me some other kind of moves! Their clubhouse is on the side of an abandoned building. The gang has tagged the walls in all kinds of bright colors. There is a chair missing its feet sitting on a bunch of old tires and a bunch of other stuff lying around. It looks like a great place to hang out. Ae showed me around and then gently took my face and kissed me. It was fun! I started kissing him back and we pulled at one another's clothing, opened our pants and started tugging on each others meat. When I fist saw Ae's meat I didn't think much of it until it started growing and growing. I just had to suck on it!