Nick Moretti Massaged
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Description: Every massage begins a little differently. Some guys are laying on the table, butt-naked, when I walk in. Others prefer to greet me standing up, wearing nothing but a towel. With Nick Moretti, a hot-*****ed Italian bodybuilder, we started with lots of tongue before his huge hard-on caught my attention. When I finally got him face down on the table, my own cock was in the right spot at the right time and I found out just how good Nick is at blowing a guy. My self-control kicked in at last and I oiled up Nick's backside, working my fingers deep into his sore muscles (okay, they also went into a couple other key spots!) The sheer hotness of everything led to me stripping down and feeling my cock up against that bubble butt. Nick's flexibility came in handy after he flipped on his back for a
Nick Moretti and Jake
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Description: Put the ***s to bed cause the daddies are ready to play. After watching Nick Moretti get his fur stroked by the likes of Devin Draz and Tyler Saint, I knew I had to have my turn next. His hairy chest and curved cock are enough to drive me wild! After tickling the back of each others' throats with our cocks, Nick shoves his up my waiting asshole. The wait was so worth it! Nick feels more amazing than I could have ever imagined. He pounds me long and hard until we both blow our loads onto ourselves.