Jake Steel and Jake
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Added: 30 Apr 10
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Description: Tall, toned, and tasty, I'm lovin' my new friend Jake Steel who has bedrooms eyes that will melt, well, steel. Jake is a great kisser and cocksucker so we don't waste his oral talents on fucking. I quickly make my way down his naturally smooth chest and discover a cock waiting to be deep throated. I swallow him down to the balls, and Jake soon returns the favor. I think his mouth is on lease from Hoover, cause he is one of the best cocksuckers I've ever felt. Both hard, we frott and frolic around the bed only breaking to have another taste of each others' cocks now and then. Jake winds up on top of me, our dicks rubbing back and forth while he fucks my hands. Frotting with this hottie on top of me is indescribably hot, and we both are sent into orgasm leaving a cummy mess on my furry belly.
Girth Brooks and Jake
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Description: He's a man that needs no introduction, but I'll do it anyway. Girth Brooks and the tree trunk dangling beneath his furry forest is here to play with me. I peel him out of his clothes and surprise Girth and myself by swallowing him down to his balls. I'm better than I thought! I undress and we compare cock sizes. It's close (yeah right!) but I think Girth might have me by a smidge. I suck Girth some more and we frott a bunch which I find super-hot. I even contemplated taking that thing up the butt, then decided that it's in my ass's best interest to pass on this one. It may be the last scene I ever do otherwise! He fucks my thighs and then my face instead before shooting his sweet juice. I crank a load of my own out while Girth sits on my chest. Hopefully my ass will work up the courage for round 2 with Girth in the near future.
Tex Gemmell Fucks Jake
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Description: Tex is back for more, 8 inches more to be exact. I finally get to know what it feels like to have his thick cock in my ass, but not before he takes my pants off with his teeth and gives me a great blowjob. We make our way to the bed and frott while making out. Tex is a great kisser. I could have cum right then and there, but I wait until Tex is deep inside of me to drop a HUGE load while being fucked. He pounds me with reckless abandon until we wind up in a “sticky situation” as Tex puts it. He cums all over my face and chest. Oh, and there's a little surprise at the beginning of the video, but I don't want to give it away. You'll just have to watch to find out!
Lance Bennett and Seth Sweet
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Added: 25 Apr 09
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Description: What a pairing we ve got this week. Our latest sensation, Lance Bennett, gets to fuck one of our most popular models ever, Seth Sweet. Don t worry; it s OK to be jealous; we are too. Lance is an absolute cutie and has a beautiful ripped and lean body. Seth is quite the hunk himself and sports a HUGE tool. It s easily one of the thickest we ve ever had the honor of bringing you. They kiss, frott, suck, and fuck their way to a nice sticky facial. Hot!
Skyler Penn and Rod Daily
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Description: Pale and hairy meets tanned and smooth with Skyler Penn and Rod Daily. After an overtime game of tonsil-hockey these two studs start to frott to get nice and hard. Skyler can t wait to give Rod a rod of his own. In fact he s so anxious he blows his load in no time flat. He empties his condom to reveal the remnants of what would have been a real gusher. A real trooper, Skyler hangs in there until the job is done though and continues to fuck Rod until both men are able to shoot on Rod s abs.