Chris Harder & Kevin Carson Flip-Fuck!
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Added: 11 Oct 14
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Duration: 0:03:00
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Description: Chris Harder said right away that Kevin Carson was the most beautiful French-Canadian in all of Montreal. He couldn't stop staring at his abs, while Kevin was enamored with Chris' slightly harrier pecs.
Matthieu Paris and Macanao Torres
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 06 Sep 14
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Duration: 0:02:30
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Description: At the same time, another customer, French Matthieu Paris, goes into the fetish shop asking for a big dildo. Macanao Torres realizes that he wants dirty action and this is what he gives to him! This crazy scene takes place at the dildos section. Macanao Torres would stick all kind of budgets into Matthieu Paris' hungry hole: huge dildos, a baseball bat (covered by a dirty sock!), one fist, two fists, a boot! There will also be blow jobs, piss and dirty fuck action!
Asian Bareback Action
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Added: 01 Sep 14
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Description: Dave fucks his horny buddy Johnson as deep as he can push it in, while the boys French kiss each other. So Johnson's tight little twink hole gets quite a workout but the Asian boy rides it like a real pro.
Facial Jizz
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Added: 26 Aug 14
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Description: Dominic pounding Rays ass, but Big wants to bareback his first European. Dominic lies on his side, and Big slides his cock into him. He gasps as Big drives his cock deep, but his gasps are stifled as Ray french kisses with him.
Rimming Thomas
Category: Asian
Added: 25 Aug 14
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Duration: 0:05:40
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Description: Holding Thomas legs back, he rims his hole. Stephan loves to watch this and he sucks on Thomas' dick. This ass licking makes Dominik want bareback action, and he fills Thomas' hole with his cock. Thomas wanks Stephan, while they french kiss. The youths cocks are solid, and Thomas lowers himself onto Dominik for a slow barebacking, while he sucks Stephan deep in his mouth.
CAUSA 460 Masen
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Added: 15 Aug 14
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Duration: 0:05:35
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Description: From French Canadian to Italian to Spanish, CAUSA hit the diversity jackpot with today's newest model, strikingly handsome Masen. Seeming to be the quiet type, you feel a genuine spirit & positive energy every time Masen smiles & his gorgeous hazel eyes sparkle.
Young French boys orgy
Category: Orgy/Group sex
Added: 13 Aug 14
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Description: Eight cute and young French boys having fun in a famous sexclub on the French Riviera. Fucking, rimming, fingering, blowjob, threesome...
First time fist fucking for a young French boy
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Added: 13 Aug 14
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Description: During a hot threesome the young and skinny Jerome will be fist fucked for the first time of his life, it hurts and that's hot !
European fuck buddy
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Added: 21 Aug 14
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Description: Big so excited for his first European fuck buddy. Dominic lies on his side, and Big slides his cock into him. He gasps as Big drives his cock deep, but his gasps are stifled as Ray french kisses with him. Big is so turned on, he can't wait to unload. He wanks his cock in Dominic's face, until he shoots, and covers his blond face with thick cum. Ray joins Dominic in licking Big's dick clean of sticky thick cum, before he covers Dominic's quivering shaft with lube and lowers himself onto the hard love pole. The three sluts bodies are wrapped around each other as they continue their kinky session.
Warrior Cock
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Added: 11 Aug 14
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Description: The three youths are in such pleasure that they don’t know whether they want to suck, fuck or wank each others cocks. They all feel the joy of their man protein rising from their heavy ball bags.Their warrior cock are in combat mode while ***gy style while French kissing. The fucking continues as he moans of pleasure grow louder, his ass full of a massive black cock, while his own shaft is gripped tightly and stroked slowly by his warrior friend.
Big Easy Bears
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Added: 19 Jul 14
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Description: New Orleans has never been so Big or Easy as it was with these 8 bears fucking and sucking their way around the French Quarter!