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Description: Seth is a hot, young college guy, who is covered perfectly in hair and has a nice lean body. And that is not even mentioning what is hanging between the youngster's legs...a huge 9 inch cock! Seth starts rubbing himself through his white gym shorts and a massive swollen head immediately starts showing through the fabric. He says he never wears underwear so people are constantly checking him out, especially at the gym. This sexy, little otter must get a lot of action with that peeping through his shorts all the time! Finally, pulling out his big frat boy cock, he strokes that stunning piece of meat over and over. Seth then gives us a show of his tight ass, giving you the options of a great dick or a nice butt. Eager to blow his load for the audience, Seth jerks off harder and feels his balls pulse with the urge to release his hot cum. With a couple more hard strokes, streams of pearly, white jizz sprays out of that stiff beauty, coating his furry chest and abs with his own collegiate ju
Haze Him
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Description: They don't call it Greek life for nothing! At, these straight college boys are definitely going Greek, both literally and figuratively. This brand new site brings real user-submitted footage of college and fraternity rituals gone wild. Haze Him members get a genuine behind the scenes look at fraternity hazing and initiations, college parties and dorm room pranks, all featuring cute young studs, toned jocks and real party ******s. These guys might call themselves straight, but they sure are willing to suck some cock or take a dick in their virgin asses for acceptance. Group jacking off, stripping, naked games, ******** sex and more, all streaming in high quality video. If you've ever wanted an inside look at frat life, delivers with never before seen footage.
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Description: Jack Rider really is your All-American boy. Tall, dark, and handsome with a southern twang to him that will melt your heart. He's very clean cut and straight forward, but there's a bad boy side to him few get to see. Jack just got done swinging the iron at the driving range with Josh Harnett, and is feeling horny. The best part about this full package is his voluptuous ass and hard throbbing cock!
Circle Of Trust
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Description: They hazed and humiliated their pledges in ways that, well, are pretty creative and down right amusing. Naked push ups, wrestling and sit ups are among some of the things these poor wanna be frat boys had to survive in order to call themselves *******s.
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Description: You know the usual... the guys dropped a few frat boy loads into his cum dumpster. Thanks for a good time Ryan!
Frat House Cream Episode 3: K.O.K. Shots - NakedSword Originals
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Description: While Kev (Hunter Page) is trapped in a locked truck back at the frat house, his fellow K.O.K. *******s (Doug Acre and Lucas Knight) are living it up at the Powerhouse underwear night. In the third episode of NakedSword Original's Frat House Cream, the guys find that if love is strange, lust is stranger. Doug and Lucas are disappointed when they don't get picked to work their rumps on stage so the boys each get on their phones to find a match with the "Mister" app — and find each other. So while Kev cries out for help, Doug takes Lucas in the back for a little *******ly love.
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Description: The first in our new "Tickle Fraternity" series, Jeff gets initiated into the frat by his buddies as another is going through a weekly maintenance tickle session upstairs as you can hear his screams of laughter mixing in with Jeff's. He is pinned down on the sofa by 3 frat *******s while they tickle his upper body and feet. After they have delighted themselves they take him to the stairs and tie his wrists up on the rail and finish the tickling and conclude with a relaxing blow job rotation by the 3 other boys.
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Description: horny twink gets his tight asshole fucked with big **** cock
Frat House Cream Episode 1: Peep Show - NakedSword Originals
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Description: Frat boy Kev (Hunter Page) is stuck home at the K.O.K. house — but he's got the feeling he's not really alone. And in the debut episode of NakedSword's epic Original Series, Frat House Cream, it turns out he isn't. His frat *******s are gone for the night so when he hears a voice at his back, he jumps. Luckily, it's only Rudy (Marco Russo) popping up with a webcam to show off his latest conquest, porn star Johnny Torque. Rudy and Johnny give the house-bound Kev a live sex show, and while Kev is happy to have a little company, he soon realizes something isn't right ...
Frat House Cream Episode 2: Truck Load - NakedSword Originals
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Description: Kev's alone in the frat house… or so he thinks. He's close to blowing a load to a webcam show when the lights go out. Is it a blown fuse, or something more sinister? Kev (Hunter Page) ducks outside to investigate and finds two movers (Connor Maguire and Ray Han), lurking outside with a stray couch, an empty truck bed, and raging hard-ons. What's a horned-up guy to do? Give the hard-working boys a tip, of course. And while the movers take turns on Hunter's tight ass, no one notices the truck door sliding down ... and locking them in.
Breeding Boy Threesome
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Description: Sebastian's Studios specializes in gay (of course), bareback, ass breeding, hot blowjobs, cum swallowing, orgy, gangbang, hot studs, hot twinks, REAL amateur videos, NO FAKE CRAP, and a hell of a lot more. After you've enjoyed this complimentary video, be sure to take a minute and see what Sebastian's Studios is up to.
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Description: Eight of us got stoned sat around and waited for Sean AKA Pike to get on his knees and start sucking dick. He's pretty much the official frat bitch now.
Frat Boy Gangbang
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Description: Eight of us got stoned sat around and waited for Sean AKA Pike to get on his knees and start sucking dick. He's pretty much the official frat bitch now.