Getting Into the Groove Part 1
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Added: 21 Nov 14
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Duration: 0:01:09
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Description: Javier gets into some music; Javier also enjoys "getting into" cute guys, like Franko. Offering himself up, Franko knows just how big and thick Javier is. Better than music, the pair "groove" together. As the boys pet and play, Javier slides his hands down onto Franko's nice ass; guess who the bottom in this scene is. As Franko's pants just keep sliding down, the top shows us a little taste of what he'll be fucking. Working up Javier's thick cock, Franko uses his tongue well; even the foreskin gets special attention. Ready for more action, Franko turns and presents his ass to the top. Grinding, Javier dry-humps his partner and slaps his "monster," marking his territory. With this two-part video, we give you a peak at the next scene, but I'm sure you know where this mammoth is "headed"; let's just say that not only does Franko's hole gets a sample, but also his taste buds.
Getting Into the Groove Part 2
Category: Latino
Added: 21 Nov 14
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Duration: 0:01:27
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Description: Sucking Javier's "skin flute," Franko wants to feel the "rhythm" from the inside. With a bit more hot grinding, the two connect on a "deeper" level once the top gloves up and slides in. As the camera goes below, we can enjoy Javier's topping skills as well as his thick cock. Putting the bottom boy on his back, the two intertwine and relish the sensations. Again from behind his partner, the top rocks that meat in and out of Franko before the bottom takes over and "cowboys up." While "swallowing" most of his partner, Franko shows his pleasure by "helicoptering." Engulfing Javier, Franko then blows his partner while jerking himself. Both of them then work their "instruments" while kissing and caressing. Oozing out a fair amount of jizz, Javier is quickly cleaned up by his "musical" partner.
Well hung twinks have anal sex
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Added: 23 Oct 14
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Description: Javier and Franko take off their clothes and make out, they touch each other and feel their boners. They go down on each other, sucking and stroking those hard cocks and getting horny as fuck. Cum inside and watch as these horny twinks end up having nasty anal sex till cumshot.
jean franko and aitor
Category: Hidden Camera
Added: 10 Oct 14
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Duration: 0:02:18
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Description: This week we bring you another hard and dominant Fuckermate session with Jean Franko and Aitor Bravo. Jean is one hot, hard dominant top. He expects that his bottom boys do exactly what he orders. Aitor is the perfect bottom for Jean, he is willing, submissive and cock hungry. Aitor is obedient Jean knows it. He uses his mouth and ass as he pleases. This is a passionate encounter with deep rimming, sweaty domination and of course two hot and muscled Fuckermates.
Franko bedroom twink fuck with Luciano
Category: Blowjob
Added: 20 Feb 14
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Duration: 0:05:39
Tags: Bareback Anal Muscle Butts Ass Gay Twink Latino Jock ****-Gays Blowjob Cumshot Butt-Sex Big-Cock Gay-Sex Ass-Fuck

Description: Franko invited his friend Luciano over to his place. But instead of ******** they started touching and feeling each other. The clothes came off as hands explored bodies and cocks found their way into mouths. Both guys piled on top of each other sucking and fucking the night away
Jean Franco and Lucio Saints
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 13 Jan 14
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Duration: 0:02:11
Tags: ass gay porn fuck plowed cum cum jerk wank alpha

Description: A Classic remastered in HD, featuring two of our all time most popular models, Jean Franko and Lucio Saints. Black leather looks amazing on Lucio's smooth muscular body. Jean Franko chooses a much simpler cock ring but when you are Jean Franko that's all you need. Lucio returns the favour and handles JF's lunchbox with gusto and while he is there extends the fondling to JF's masculine ass. They take turns sucking each other off but Lucio soon develops a taste for his hunky friend's ass. Wouldn't you? He bends him over and starts working that hairy hole with tongue, fingers and some beads which are soon replaced by Lucio's massive cock. He wants to sit on it and it takes some time for JF to be able to slide over that meat totem but he finally succeeds and his nearly virgin ass gets a royal fucking and a royal wetting when Lucio squirts an enormous amount of cum over Jean Franko's. South American dream.
Creamy Twink Deliciousness
Category: Asian
Added: 21 Jan 14
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Duration: 0:02:02
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Description: Franko's got a gadget and can't wait for Simon to "plug" into it; oh Franko has a new phone as well. These two twinks are up for some fun, no charger needed. After a couple of shots, Franko compliments his friend on how good looking he is and wants to show his affections for the boy. Sliding his hands down Simon's pants, Franko just moans and keeps on massaging. Taking his time undressing, worshiping and blowing Simon, Franko is really thrilled with the soon to be, "out-cum." Sliding down onto Simon's cock, Franko grabs his own member and widens his hole. Instantly the pair are thrusting and commenting on how good it feels; the close-up by the camera confirms that both are "in it" all the way. The two change positions, but the deep penetration and the passion remains. Simon's "rocking the cock" like Franko's the last hole in the work, lucky boy. Their "Creamy Twink Deliciousness" continues as the boys satisfy their "sweet-hole" needs. Visit here!
Slave fucked in Darkroom
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Added: 15 Jun 14
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Description: Jean Franko, a hot, manly guy wearing a mask, fondles the bulge in his shorts. Stany waits behind him in a cage in the darkroom, eager to fulfill his master's wishes. He may suck first, but then he has to offer his arse to let Jean play with his hole and unmindfully fuck him.
Franko Gets 3some Action
Category: Latino
Added: 06 Aug 13
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Duration: 0:02:40
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Description: one guy gets all the attention as his two buddies work his cock
Ben Brown and Jean Franko
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Added: 24 Mar 13
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Duration: 0:02:04
Tags: Alpha male anal blow jobs cock cock sucking assfucking

Description: Hispanic supers-stud, Jean Franko, gets fresh with British beef boy, Ben Brown during a game of darts while there's nothing to do in the Tool Men office. Loving his sweaty pits, and hairy bullet nipples, Ben gets to work big time on ravishing his work-mate's muscled body all over. Plenty of hot cock sucking gets underway with fat shafts of meat being guzzled by hungry mouths. Jean Franko can't get enough of Ben Bown's furry, manly ass! On his back, legs spread wide, Jean Franko dives to devour the tight willing hole before him. Gagging for a meat pounding, Ben Brown offers his butt skyward and gets a hard, fast pounding; loosening up his back entrance, ready to take a bucket load of Jean Franko's spunky man juice all over his ring piece.
Jean Franco and Lucio Saints
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Added: 10 Mar 13
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Duration: 0:02:04
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Description: Trojan still has some stuff to shift in the office, his boys have all been busy elsewhere and works at the HQ has been slow. But visiting tool men Lucio and Jean Franko are at hand so Trojan sends them to get rid of all that rubbish. Jean Franko wants to claim the sofa but Lucio is fast to pull him back on track and and starts passing him the boxes and bags. until one box falls on the floor and a good part of Trojan's personal toys is displayed at their feet. Lucio picks up a harness and, after stripping to their jocks, Jean Franko helps him do it up. black leather looks amazing on Lucio's smooth muscular body. Jean Franko chooses a much simpler cock ring but when you are Jean Franko that's all you need. Lucio returns the favour and handles JF's lunchbox with gusto and while he is there extends the fondling to JF's masculine ass. they take turns sucking each other off but Lucio soon develops a taste for his hunky friend's ass. wouldnt you? he bends him over and starts working that hair
Tailored To Fuck
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 31 Jul 12
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Duration: 0:01:05
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Description: presents The Gay Office's "Tailored To Fuck". Lucio Saints is alone in a changing room with Jean Franko when his shirt gets stuck in the zipper of the pants he's trying on. An attempt to help is mistaken for a sexual advance but the anger quickly turns to passion leading Jean Franco to make Lucio his bottom.
jean franko and harley everett
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 09 Jun 12
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Duration: 0:01:21
Tags: uncut cocks jean franko harley everett

Description: Sexy South American top guy Jean Franko can't wait to offer up his magnificent arse to muscle mountain Harley Everett, and Jean's fuck hole takes a real battering.
El Rancho Scene 1
Category: Orgy/Group sex
Added: 10 Jan 12
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Duration: 0:06:00
Tags: latins muscle anal sex sex group sex sex

Description: ****** rancher Carlos Montenegro has an erotic dream: Jean Franko gets blown by Tommy Alvarez. Then Murat Cipiere takes a ride on Carlos Dispone's man-pole until they both shoot. Carlos and hung blond David Vega suck each other off, and Carlos fucks the jizz right out of David. When all six studs get together more cum flies as Jea Franko is gangbanged by the group of horny men!
Big Latino Dick Wanking And Pissing
Category: Solo (1)
Added: 24 Dec 11
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Duration: 0:02:25
Tags: cazzo cazzoclub solo latino golden shower solo wanking piss macho hair tatoo

Description: In the Cazzo stable, Jean Franko is the Latin stud with irrepressible potency. Jean Franco shoot a solo video, where he is jacking off all alone in front of the camera. Isn't this the best way to admire a macho man in all his glory?
Rocks and Hard Places 1 Scene 1
Category: Orgy/Group sex
Added: 20 Dec 11
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Duration: 0:06:00
Tags: latins muscle orgies anal sex sex

Description: When Jean Franko and Rocko Magnus run out of gasoline on a mountain road in the wilderness, the adventure begins! Jean Franko gets picked up by motorcycle stud Victor Souza. The two barely settle in for a blow job, when they are discovered by wanderers Gregoire Chavalier and Viktor Vesely.
Jean Franko and Aitor Crash (butch dixon)
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 21 Oct 11
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Duration: 0:01:19
Tags: Jaean Franko Aitor Crash hairy men

Description: Hairy Jean Franko slides, his good length of uncut meat deep, deep inside Aitor's tight, but more than willing arse.
Jonathan Agassi and Jean Franko fuck in the Mediterranean
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 25 Jun 11
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Duration: 0:00:36
Tags: Lucas Entertainment Missing Jean Franko Jonathan Agassi fucking outdoors

Description: Jonathan Agassi is being hotly pursued by the aggressive Jean Franko, who captures him and ties him to a pier at low tide. Helpless and beaten, Jonathan has no choice but to succumb to the lascivious advances of his muscular captor, who licks him and jerks him off at his own pleasure. Spitting, slapping, and sucking, Jean Franko shows Jonathan who's boss with heart-pounding ferocity. Soon he strips and lowers his sweaty hole over Jonathan's mouth, and unties him. The captured becomes the captor, and the results are nothing short of captivating, as Mr. Agassi pushes Franko up against a rusty pier structure and fucks his brains out. Franko finishes up in Jonathan's mouth.
Category: Orgy/Group sex
Added: 26 Sep 10
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Duration: 0:03:54
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Description: While vacationing in Barcelona, young sex-pup Diego Cruz is seduced by a hot local man (Pavlvs Guell). All is going well until Diego realizes it is a set-up and is then gagged, bagged and ***napped! Michael Lucas, back in New York, is on the phone with him when the attack takes place. Missing follows Michael Lucas as he enlists the help of Jonathan Agassi and they become tangled in a suspenseful and action-packed search for Diego in the gritty and dangerous underworld of S****. They took his friend and now he'll do whomever it takes to get him back! Missing stars Lucas Entertainment exclusive Jonathan Agassi alongside newcomer Diego Cruz, Pavlvs Guell, Bruno Jones, Ivan Rueda, Carlos Caballero, Sergio Serrano, Jean Franko and Michael Lucas.
Jean Franko
Category: Masturbation / Jerking Off
Added: 22 Apr 10
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Duration: 0:00:37
Tags: Jean Franko LucasKazan Latin men hairy tattoos uncut cocks

Description: His latin good looks, furry chest and strong, 'macho' persona have made Jean a favorite with fans and critics alike. Jean is a men's man and always delivers, both as a fierce top and, occasionally, as a voracious, assured bottom.
Jean Franko bangs Philippe
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 06 Feb 10
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Duration: 0:00:49
Tags: Jean Franko Philippe Delvaux Lucas Kazan twink hairy men tattoos uncut cocks European men latin hunk

Description: 18 year old Philippe is about to lose his virginity to an escort (hung Jean Franko). Will the reality of Philippe's first time live up to his fantasies and expectations? Will it quench his thirst for romance or his hunger for cock?
Jean Franko as grease monkey hammers Marco Blaze
Category: Monster Cock (10in+)
Added: 05 Feb 10
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Duration: 0:00:51
Tags: Cazzo Fucking Sucking Latino

Description: Macho grease monkey Jean Franko has his colleague; Marco Blaze, rim his hole before hammering him over the oil barrel