Footy Gear Lads Get Off in the Lockerroom
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Description: Romeo Courtis smells fucking great in his sweaty, dirty soccer gear, and Cyril TBM looks good enough to be a profi player. Inked Romeo has to get on his knees for a sloppy deepthroat and soon opens up his sporty ass for Cyril's deep fucking.
any holes a goal
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Description: it most certainly is for these slutty, sports mad twinks, in and quickly out of their footie kit and up to the nuts in each others tight boy-holes
Sweaty Soccer Fuckers Take a Cum Shower
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Description: Twinks are full of hormones and sweaty footy action only gets their cum churning even more. These two soccer lads deal with their heavy sacks in the showers after a game. Rimming, raw fucking and releasing sperm is all that twinks can think of.
Rough Roadside Facefuck
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Description: When the nuts get heavy a boy has needs, doesn't matter where he gets them met. With traffic roaring past, Steven is soon out of his footy gear and cramming his tool down Max Lacoste's throat in a rough, back of the car facefucking session.
Straight Oiled 23yo Jerks Off
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Description: You just cannot get enough of straight 23 year old Ed and after countless requests we finally have Ed back for you on WankOffWorld for a 3rd shoot. Ed loves showing off on camera and wanted to oil himself up this time to show of his hot toned body. So he arrived in his footy shorts and oiled himself up and then proceeded to jerk his uncut piece of meat off until he shot his load of semen. Hot! Hot! Hot! Download over 380 exclusive images of this shoot and 20 minutes of exclusive DMS free gay video at WankOffWorld now!
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Description: We came across Pjaye an young AFL Footballer, in a small Australian town. He was nervous about his footy mates seeing him online but wanted the money. He had a hidden asset that was un-proportionally large for his body size. Watch when he takes it out of his underpants it starts springing to action almost immediately. He blew so fast the first time within about 3 minutes but he kept pulling till he came again all within about 30 minutes.
Filthy Footie Fuck
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Description: Two slim, horny sports lads in football gear, have fun with their dicks and holes in some unfinished building. Deep sucking, even deeper rimming, fucking all the way with thick spunk dripping down their massive cocks.
Jason Sparks
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Description: Jason is pretty busy these days behind the camera so it's good to see him back on film for this week's update. He's teamed up with Garrett Cooper in footy socks, jock straps and baseball caps for a hot romp in a cold Boston.
Aussie Footy Practice
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Description: Theres nothing like keeping fit and playing some Aussie Footy !
Ozzie Loves Footy Shorts
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Description: This Australian amateur loves his footy shorts and really gets off in them !
Aussie Footy Jocks
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Description: Ed and Jake get it on after a practice session of Aussie footy !
Kit and Kilt
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Description: In footie kit and kilt, I warm up in a variety of ways for the main event, wanking a hot load of cum out of my hard cock and full balls.
LockerRoom GoalKeeper
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Description: The SneakyPeek cameraman has horny hidden camera footage of a football team's locker room. This tall sexy lad is the goalkeeper of the team who is spied on changing after a long training session. He has a long cock which must look really hot swinging around in his footy shorts as he's chasing the ball on the field. See the full videos of him and all his teammates changing and showering at SneakyPeek.
Straight Guys Unleashed, S02
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Description: presents scene two from FreshSX's "Straight Guys Unleashed ". In Straight Guys Unleashed, the hottest straight guys get unleashed on our horny gay guys. Kelvin fucks Kai tied down in handcuffs, Jack fucks Fran in footie kit and Adam watches Justin play.
Australian Footy Practice
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Description: These two hot amateurs are captured outdoors training Aussie style, just wait until you see them indoors !
Sportsmans Phys Exam
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Description: Athlete Justin Edwards is all energy and spunk and no brains. After being thrown off the field after making a foul he's so pepped up and furious it's like some untamed beast has stormed into the board room. But he knows better than to talk back to the board members. The dominant clothed men tame him by making him stand before them while the chairman slides down his footy shorts to examine his muscular tanned body. With just a few strokes this sportsman's cock grows erect revealing that he's full of too much testosterone. See the full Clothed Male/Naked Male video at!
Lockerroom Jocks Exposed
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Description: Three stunning lads walk into the gaze of my fantastic hidden camera lens. Fresh from a hard game of footy, they're breathless and eager to strip off their clothes and disappear into the steamy showers together. The black guy is the last one to enter the room and has an amazingly suckable cock.
Footy Training Sex
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Description: Ed and Jake love to play footy ! It might have taken us a while but by massive popular demand both hung Jake and straight Ed are back and this time its together! In simple terms straight Ed has sex for the 1st time on camera with Jake! Here's part one of them outdoors getting to know each other!
Sports Massage Seduction
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Description: After some footy training practise, Jake takes Ed back to his place for some massage and more !
Footy Shorts 9.5 Inches
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Description: Say G'day to 19yo Jake whos proud of his 9.5 inches of cut cock and loves his footy shorts !
Rubbing one out
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Description: Horny as one morning - had only a quick 10 min to rub one out before i had to be at work. Flatmate ****** (i think?!?) in the room next door.
WorldCup Footballer Lukas Podolski cock exposed!
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Description: German footballer Lukas Podolski is one of the golden boys of the 2010 FIFA World Cup championship and Ruggerbugger has him full frontal naked! He's known as Germany's shooting star, the prince of Cologne and the joker with a hammer in his left foot, but now we know him as the sporty hunk with a rocket in his footy shorts! See Lukas Podolski's cock and more athletes from the world championship fully exposed at!
Footy Shorts Addiction
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Description: Ozzie is addicted to his footy shorts an really gets off when wearing them !
Afl shorts boy
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Description: Young Aussie Rules Footy player makes love with the camera