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Description: Kory Mitchell comes down to the basement with an armload of dirty clothes to be put in the washer. He checks the armpits of the shirt he's wearing and since it smells pretty ripe, he decides to strip down and throw his entire outfit in the washer. Standing alone in the laundry room in just a jockstrap and boots, he's feeling a little randy. Next thing you know he's fondling his big black cock stuffed inside the tiny black jockstrap. He finds lube in the toy box, and makes himself comfortable jacking off in the garage. In this scene, there is plenty of posing, flexing, and fondling the thick gauge steel ring attached to the tip of his cock. He finishes himself off laying in the sling.
Pervy Officers Strip Search
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Description: In ‘Border Squad’ at traveller Glenn is exhibiting suspicious behaviour which gives the officers free reign to examine him however they please. In full view of all passing passengers Glenn’s big floppy cock is fondled and his anus fully exposed. The feisty lad only gives them reason to investigate further with his cussing and wild behaviour. He tries to get them away from his dick but these pervy officers confidently take him in hand.
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Description: Luke snags curious friend Ben for an impromptu sausage-eating contest! An elastic-snapping, crotch fondling suck fest is exactly what he needed as an introduction into the exciting world of gay facials. From the look on his face-- and the load he deposited on Luke's soft cheek, this facial won't be his last!
Bullying Security Officers
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Description: Cute, smooth, and tight body gay Asian Warren shows off his hot body and gorgeous Asian boy feet just for you. Watch him entice and tease you while he fondles himself, puts his smooth soles right in your face, then finishes with a torrent of cum.
Japanese Couple
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Description: Allowing us into their love making pleasures, we have a couple today. just turned on the camera and let these two do their thing, fucking hot. Lapping at each other’s’ tongues, they fondle one another and undress. One of the boys goes down for a taste while the camera shot stays tight; as his partner works his nipples, the boy’s dick flexes with joy. Apparently he has a lot to be happy about; he’ll be the bottom today. Switching, our bottom works hard on his buddy. It’s not long before the top is stiff and in need of more “interaction.” The top rolls his partner over and puts two finger in his sweet pink “pussy’ Again the bottom’s dick flexes in ecstasy. Entering his friend, the two rock together until the top gives a final thrust and, leaves his juice inside the hole; sweet cream to share. Some nice close-ups confirm that these two were made for one another, “filler up”.
Jake Woods
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Description: Mr. Jake loves to stroke his man wood and fondle his balls!
Chinese Cum On American Boy
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Description: his week, returning the favor, Keith Stone now goes down on Leo. Leo's blowjob was amazing and it seems that Keith has a great mouth to orally satisfy his partner as well. Keith eagerly takes all of Leo's cock into his mouth and sucks deeply. In this "Chinese Cum on American Boy" video from enjoy these two as they have some fun, and cum. Lying on his back, Leo moans at Keith's abilities. Then has Keith on the bed so he may face fuck his partner. Keith has Leo in a frenzy for more oral pleasuring. The two caress and kiss as Keith devours Leo. Close, Leo kisses and fondles Keith's body and masturbates above him. Leo continues to tug on his reddened head and shaft; Keith slaps Leo's ass to intensify their delight. Download the Full Video at
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Description: Yuu is on the phone with his boyfriend as Masaru starts to kiss and fondle him; I don't know if Yuu's boyfriend, Tsuyoshi, knows Yuu is not alone. I also don't know if Yuu every really said "goodbye" to Tsuyoshi as he dropped the phone on the bed, he and Masaru just landed on. One thing is for sure, Yuu does want to say "hello" to Masaru's cock in this "Barebacking the J-Boys" video. Masaru starts with Yuu's dick and quickly gets him named and sucked. Masaru works Yuu's nipples while Yuu's lips are in full contact with Masaru's cock. Moving into a 69 position, both boys enjoy a hot wet tongue. Yuu continues on as Masaru works not only Yuu's dick, but also his hole. As the boys suck, Yuu's nice twink body shines in the light from a nearby window; the camera zooms in to watch Masaru's mouth bounce on Yuu's meat. Masaru pull off Yuu so that they may kiss tenderly and explore each other's bodies more. Masaru found what he was after as he puts Yuu in a missionary position and thrusts. Both
Policeman Solo
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Description: Jack's here today in uniform to get the job done. All he needs now is your attention and his "baton." In this video, Jack uses the "tools of the trade," to get himself off; "cum" along for the ride, he may need back-up. Jack has a nice hairy chest, unique to most Asian guys. Check out his bushy underarms as well. As he strips and fondles, his nipples pop up like a "Tom Turkey Timer;" I think this boy is ready to be eaten. Using his baton, he massages his fine body then loses the pants. He has some sexy black underwear on and rubs his dick through the material. As the camera pans down, Jack definitely has a package large enough for two. Ah, what's this, a nice happy trail leading down to his equipment, sweet. Now if you're counting, Jack suddenly has three hands working him; no fear, sometimes a "solo" becomes a "friendly solo." Hell, if I were there, I'd be licking from top to taint. Download the Full Video at
Alex & Francis
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Description: Alex and Francis start things off in tender fashion, kissing and fondling each other slowly and passionately. Once the fucking starts, though, there's nothing particularly tender about it, as the boys pound each others' asses like there's no tomorrow. It all ends in a cum-drenched climax that neither of them will soon forget!
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Description: Watch while these two, barely legal hotties kiss, fondle, undress each other, share blow-job and 69 before engaging in all out, boy on boy ass fucking! This very private, home-made porn video was never intended for public display, but it's too good to keep filed away in the drawer! All cum fetish lovers will be delighted with this jizz soaked, cum covered, hardcore, home-made, gay porn! Hot!
Rico & Smith Pt 2
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Description: Now on the bed, these two continue their pairing. Vince Smith opens his hole for his ever sexy Latino, Joey Rico. Both guys enjoy the "fiesta" as Joey is a great top who knows how to use his hot cock. Vince helps out by bouncing back onto his partner. "Oh fuck yeah," moans Joey as he changes up the position of his bottom. In a tight missionary, joey goes right to work on Vince's hole while Vince strokes himself; the view from behind both boys is well worth your own bit of "handy work." Joey's tight ball sack slaps up against his partner's taint and heightens both their pleasure. As Joey starts to break a sweat, Vince moans that he is about to cum. When the bottom releases his juices, he sprays his upper torso and covers it in musky cream. Watching his partner blow puts Joey over the top; he then has Vince fondle his balls as Joey jerks toward a "happy ending." Close enough to taste, Vince puts his face right down by Joey's cock; as he comes, Vince jerks back seeing the amount
Hidden Pleasures - Koe and Toy
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Description: Walking through the jungle Toy is frightened by a noise and he jumps onto Koe;’s arms. Koe squeezes that tight Toy Ass and soon they are embracing and fondling by waters edge. Clothes come off and let the sucking begin. Toy is really into his work as his hard on rages. Koe with his chiseled frame and thick dick just leans back and guides Toy’s head to and fro for the proper motion. Suck, suck, slurp, slurp somebody is going to get fucked! In the jungle by the stream Toy bends over and takes that long thick rod. While he’s being fucked he stays hard and you can see the pre cum staring to leak out. This 18 year old hottie loves taking it up the ass. Next Toy lies back on a rock tilting his hole in the air simplifying penetration. His head rolls over the edge and he pants with delight with each thrust. Then he is holding on to a tree and lifts one leg up. Reaching back he grabs Koe’s butt and pulls him in deeper. This **** continues to remain rock hard as his ass is being plundere
Heavy quickie in the stockroom
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Description: Stockroom action with two hot lads! Yohan fondles Jimy's bump, hoping he'll let him suck his dick. A short break from work and a chance to relieve pressure Jimy surely doesn't want to miss. So the sweaty lad screws his colleague's brain out and fucks him so hard they finally shoot their wad, totally exhausted.
Kaorukun Gets Fucked
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Description: Kaorukun is back with us here on and this time he has a sexy friend with him. Did I mention horny too? Watch these two young Japanese boys get down and dirty! The boys start out with some kissing and fondling getting to know one another better. What's this? Kaorukun's playmate has some rather unique "cock underwear." That's okay, no problem for Kaorukun, off it goes and on goes Kaorukun's mouth. After a hot little 69 session, it's time to get Kaorukun's ass lubed up for a finger or two before the his playmate gives him the real thing. They fuck in all sorts of positions and one I've not tried myself. The action is hot, the cumshot is even hotter! Download the full video here!
Scott Davies
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Description: Timmy and Scott are sat on the sofa in their white shirts and school ties kissing and fondling. Scott gets his ring-piece lubed by Timmy's probing tongue then, taking Timmy's tool, he grips onto it like a vice and takes it long and deep until they both release their creamy boy juice.
Lucky Skill and Andy West
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Description: 31 year old Lucky Skill and 35 year old Andy West are a pair of studs from the Czech Republic. Andy just got out of the shower and is wearing nothing but a towel. Luck can't help but use his feed to fondle Andy's package under the towel. One thing leads to another and Andy begins helping Lucky get undressed. His jeans come off, leaving him with only tight white briefs, which come completely off in no time. Lucky lubes Andy's back and begins giving him a massage, rubbing his cock up and down Andy's back side. As they sit back on the couch, Andy begins sucking Lucky off. Lucky leans over to give back some oral magic, sucking Andy off, while stroking his own cock! After their oral playtime, Andy sits down on Luckys fat cock, bouncing up and down, taking his man meat deep inside. Andy dismounts and gets on his knees, while Lucky plows his ass. Lucky removes his condom and strokes a load across Andy's chest and Andy continues to stroke, unloading his own stream of cum.
Herculean Penetration
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Description: Spencer is one of my favorites. He's hot and muscular, perfect for one of my famous oily fucks. Once I stuffed his juicy cock in my mouth, I knew he wouldn't resist. I fucked his hard tight ass and fondled his Hercules like body. He enjoyed every minute of it.
Backyard Gape
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Description: Jordan White and his fuck buddy Luke Hass are out in the backyard fondling each other. Luke brings out his massive penis and Jordan collapses in awe. He quickly shoves the huge cock in his mouth, getting it wet enough to get fucked in his ass. Looks like it'll be another nice day for some fucking....
Tobias and Joni
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Description: 20 year old Tobias and 22 year old Joni, both come to us from Argentina. Tobias is a Professional Dance Instructor, specializing in Salsa and Joni is a full time student at their local university. These uncut studs frolic and make out, like the young playful guys that they are. You can see that they truly enjoy each other’s bodies fully; touching, sucking, stroking and fondling each other’s holes before getting down to business. Joni, now wearing his condom, has lube applied to his stiff rod and Tobias straddles and mounts his throbbing cock, taking him for a ride. Tobias dismounts, while Joni loses the condom and delivers a creamy load across his lower torso. His focus is now on Joni, who lays back while Tobias fingers his hole, while licking and sucking his balls. Joni takes his own cock in and strokes hard and fast, squirting his own creamy load across his pubes! Tobias finishes by sucking his cock clean.
Hot And Horny Dance Class
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Description: Today in the FratHouse, slender redhead Brek Williams is ready to give his fellow college-mate, furry chested Parker, a private dance lesson and neither of them is ready for the kinds of moves they are about to pull off. The dance instruction begins with Brek demonstrating all of the cha-cha moves. Parker tries to keep up but seems to end up staring at Brek's ass and forgets what his feet are supposed to be doing. Really wanting Parker to get the steps, Brek takes a different approach. They pretend that Parker is taking the girls position as they move across the floor getting closer to each other with each step. Unable to resist the raw ******* attraction between them producing a miasma of pheromones, they both press their lips together and begin slowly sliding their hands across the other's bare and fuzzy torso. Brek continues the trend of dominance and confidently reaches down to fondle Parker's obviously growing bulge. Which just continues to grow until Brek gets on his knees, slide
Anal Engagement
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Description: JD Phoenix's new roommate is hot and horny. He's been eying JD for quite sometime now. Making his move, he begins to fondle JD's veautiful ass. He begins to lick it, getting it wet in order to begin his anal engagement...
Jace Tyler
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Description: Jace Tyler is a 25 year old truck driver from Lincolnshire, England. It is obvious that Jace finds time to maintain his incredible body, we are guessing that there isn’t an ounce of fat to be found anywhere. Jace doesn’t waste much time removing his shirt and pants so that we can visually inspect his ripped chest, abs and long hairy legs while he continues to pleasure himself on the black leather coach. We can see that his underwear can barely confine his massive uncut cock as Jace continues to rub its lengthening shaft. He finally has to let his dick get some air so he pulls his massive member through the leg of his briefs and fondles it by pulling the skin up over the head of his one eyed snake. Jace gets more comfortable on the coach by removing his briefs and laying on the leather while he continues to stroke his penis while occasionally pulling on his nut sac. Wait until you see how far he shot his man seed.
Jindra Hojer
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Description: Jindra Hojer enjoys the gym, swimming and combat sports giving this 23 year old university student an incredible body. We get the pleasure of watching him display all of his hard work. Jindra has come into the studio commando, so nothing is keeping his uncut man meat from getting hard as he starts to flex and fondle himself. Jindra has a set of large nipples, perfectly placed on the two mounds of pec muscle. Rolling on his side and removing his ripped jeans, he gives us an unobstructed view of the tempting opening in his wonderful bubble butt. We are treated to a private muscle flexing show complete with more views of his almost inviting love tunnel. After some more flexing, the show cums to a climatic conclusion with Jindra emptying his nuts all over the jungle print blanket.
Pervert Masseuse Fondling Therapy
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Description: Finn Daniels was a piece of stinky man meat I could not resist. He came in with a smile and left confused for the next few weeks. You see, after I gave him the rub down of his life, I gave him the fuck of his life. I even came on his sweet straight face...