Code Black, Act II
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Added: 29 Dec 13
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Description: Code Black is the first film shot by Forbidden FUNK Media and it set the tone for all the funk to cum! Next up is Leon Masters who gets porn ver Flex Deon Blake on the pool table and then turns the tables! Leon gives Flex a good working over with his fist and becomes the first person to ever top Flex on film!
Best Of Tony - Viva Italia!
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Added: 27 Jan 14
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Description: Tony sees himself in the camera view screen and starts posing and flexing - he likes what he sees...So do we! His cock seems particularly hard this time - he hasn't busted in over a week! After I suck Tony for a while, I take out my cock and start rubbing it up against his...It doesn't take long for him to blast out a killer load! Viva Italia!
Homemade Sessions 4 - Shawn Hearns
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Added: 26 Dec 13
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Description: After a busy day Shawn's in the bathroom getting ready to shower and plays with himself thru his pants. He strips and flexes for the camera while stroking his cock and soon Shawn blasts a load on his chest.
Hot Straight Dude Cums in Spurts
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Added: 03 Jan 14
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Description: He teased me for the longest time, stroking his pet trouser snake until I almost went mad with anticipation. Justin then whipped out one of the biggest dicks I have ever seen in person and starts making it flex and pulse. I keep my cool standing aside with my trusty measuring tape in hand. Justin must have been as excited about the outcome as I was, after measuring a lovely seven inch circumference I draw my hand away and Justin gets very still and quiet. He almost came! He held it together and finished the job, beating that big beautiful meat of his. Large spurts of tasty straight man gravy spews out of the towering cock and lands on a soft pillow of big beautiful bush. Justin has the tools and the potential to go far in this industry. With a dick that size he's already halfway there!
Student Moving Agency - William Higgins
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Description: Moving flat, house or just putting some things in storage? Look no further than the able bodied boys of Student Moving Agency. Able to swiftly flex their young, shapely muscles disposing of any item in a way that makes your jaw drop, watch as they grab your precious assets and deftly man handle them. Each member of the team is highly skilled and you will feel safe in their hands as they move more than just your furniture.
Muscle Stud Simon Stroking His Muscle Cock
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Added: 20 Jan 14
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Description: Simon works his meat through his camies, while his huge forearms flex and ripple each time he strokes himself. He takes off his shirt next, revealing a nicely built chest and chiseled arms, which are enhanced by his beautifully designed tattoos. Pulling down his pants, he lets out his thick cock, already dripping with precum from the swollen mushroom head. Then getting up on his knees, he shows off his great beefy legs and hot bubble butt. Taking a sneak peak from behind, there is a sly little leprechaun waiting on his sexy ass cheek. Wonder what he is doing back there?? Going back around, Simon is ready to blow his load and squirts out white pearly droplets over the bed. Still jerking off and sweating from jacking off so hard, our Sergeant completes his task. Definitely hope we see his sexy ass again!
Riding Blakes Cock
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Added: 20 Jan 14
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Description: Francisco's black pubic hair tickles Blakes ass cheeks as he pounds him deeply. Both of their abs are flexed as they fuck. Francisco rolls onto his back so that Blake can ride his cock. Blake's slim musculature flexes as he pumps up and down rhythmically. Finally, Blake gets on all fours so that he can get fucked ***gy style. Francisco jams his giant meat into Blakes tight pucker, grabbing his hips for traction. When Francisco is ready to blow his load, Blake opens his mouth eagerly. Thick ropes of jizz leap from the tip of the swollen, uncircumcized cock into Blake's waiting mouth. Blake savors the taste, rolling the cum on his tongue and sucking the last few drops from Francisco's pulsating head.
Pumping Out Loads of Cum
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Description: He gently lifts his ball sack, rubbing the blushing skin tenderly between his fingers. Placing his fingertips to his tongue, he moistens each digit, and caresses his cock with his saliva drenched fingers. Brad changes positions, and straddles the bed. Up on all fours, he lowers his back, pushing his ass into the air. His pert, round bottom is covered in a rich layer of fur. He pulls at his ass cheek to reveal an open and inviting hole- red like a berry and just as juicy! With his ass still in the air, Brad pumps his cock, tugging his balls with his other hand. His blatant desire overwhelms him. Brad sprawls back onto the cot, lost in the near perfect moment leading to unrestrained bliss. He's pulling his cock with such fervor that each of his arm and torso muscles flex with the sustained tension of impending release. His shallow panting resounds in a series of hushed moans as he clenches against his orgasm. Tiny beads of shimmering spunk, like abalone pearls, cling to his sweaty, glist
Guzzling Tyler's Military Cum
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Added: 14 Oct 13
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Description: Pounding happily, Tyler's muscles flex with each pump as Chris groans in pleasure-****. The two kiss softly, then it's back to more ass-slamming. Chris flips over onto all fours and he's quickly mounted ***gy-style by Tyler. His pleasure cave is penetrated to the full depths as Tyler's ass cheeks flex. Opening his mouth wide for the white reward coming his way, Chris thrusts out his tongue. Tyler unloads a river of thick white semen, which coats Chris tongue and chin. Chris quickly leans back and let's loose his own cum gusher; coating his stomach and copper-wire bush.
Ten Muscle Guys Sweat and Cum
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Description: Check out these 10 hot muscular guys jerking in the hot sun and blowing sticky cum everywhere. Watch them flexing with full boners. HOT!
Hot Muscular Power Pack Jerking Fat Dick
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Description: Check out this hot fire plug jerking his cock for us recently. He knows how to show off his solid body and poses and flexes for us with a rock hard cock.
Andy Stone Performs Solo
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Added: 27 Jan 14
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Description: While we at AmateursDoIt pride ourselves in bringing you the best videos of gay amateur porn, we just couldn't pass up the opportunity to do a solo shoot of porn star Andy Stone. Andy takes off his pants and exposes his magnificent cock, which he starts to stroke up and down, squeezing and releasing rhythmically. Then he takes off his underwear and lies fully naked, looking sexier and hotter than ever. His cock is now fully erect and it is one awesome piece of delicious-looking man meat. Thick, long and straight it is uncut, but with a round and nicely-shaped head showing through. Andy also likes to play with his ass and he flips over on his belly and gets some lube and starts fingering himself, poking through his hot and tight hole. His round bubble butt flexes and releases as he writhes in pleasure. But he soon goes back to lying on his back to resume wanking off, while his other hand roams over his body, lingering over his nipples. Download the full video now at AmateursDoIt.
Slate Steel's Cock Stroking Solo
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Added: 02 Jan 14
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Description: He's ready to whip out his military cock and starts stroking; his giant biceps flexing with each motion of his hands. He lays back to really enjoy himself, edging his cammies all the way down to his combat boots. His schlong grows as he caresses it. Standing, he bends over with his massive ass up in the air, still stroking. He reaches back and spreads his round ass cheeks to reveal a perfectly puckered pink hole. With his eyes tightly closed, he works his index finger into his sphincter, massaging his prostate from within. A little more rectal pleasure and he's ready to unload. His cheeks become more flushed as his pleasure juices start to swell to the surface. Several thick pellets seep out of his stiff soldier, dripping down his shaft and into his dark brown bush.
Straight Dudes Going At It
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Added: 30 Nov 13
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Description: Beau is back with some suprises of his own. He was paired up with a very nervous latin lover named Armand who also is doing something new and exciting! It was his first time ever with another guy and I knew with his sweet demeanor and all-American looks that Beau would be the one to coax Armand out of his oh-so straight shell. Their playful sides came out when I suggested that they have a muscle contest. It quickly went from flexing at each other to some not-so innocent touching and stroking of another kind. My famous measuring tape got more action today than it has seen in a long while. The shyness had definitely left the building when Beau got so hot by being face-fucked he came all over his tan, toned, and beautiful stomach. Later, Armand gave Beau a nice load all over his face. Armand's thick uncut cock seemed to have a never-ending supply of white ropes to coat Beau's chin.
Older Gay Man Into Body Piercing
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Added: 06 Jan 14
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Description: This 41 year old dude is a versatile gay who is into body piercing. He takes care to keep his body in great shape and seems keen to show it all off. Moving up to the attic, Luke settles down on the couch and starts to touch his body through the fabric of his clothes. As he plays with his chest and his nipple piercing, the mound in his pants continues to get bigger and bigger with his continuous massage. He whips out his cock, revealing a pierced scrotum. As he plays with it and makes it harden, his cut cock grows longer and thicker until it is fully erect and totally gorgeous, curving nicely upward with a handsome round head. Taking off all his remaining pieces of clothing, he now wanks off completely naked. Flipping over on his belly, he begins to rub his cock on the couch, using the friction to generate an intensely pleasurable sensation. As he pumps the couch, his tight, firm and sexy butt flexes and releases. It looks good enough to grab and biteā€¦