Hung Skater Stud Fucks Toy
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Description: Jizzy is a hot ripped skater stud who rolls in on his skateboard all horned up and ready to go. His house is a pit but he doesn't give a shit. He's horny and the only thing that will satisfy him is his trusty fleshjack. He takes his shorts off, plays with his junk a minute, throws his arm up over his head and sticks his cock inside the toy. It feels good all lubed and pounding against his balls as he works his big thick hairy cock to the finish.
Self Toe Sucking Twink!
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Description: We all know what a fleshlight is for, but with Billy and Wiley they like to explore some sexy foot fun in their shared jack off. The boys are soon showing off their toes and soles, then jacking their cocks and sinking them into their toys.
Slipping Nevin the finger
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Description: I'd been hoping to get sexy str8 Marine, Nevin, back. This time he came extra prepared; he hadn't jerked off for a full week and was ready to bust pretty much as soon as I had my hands on his cock. After peeling off his clothes, Nevin lay back on the bed with a raging hard-on while I slowly stroked him. A couple minutes into the shoot, I saw him staring off at the landscape photograph on the opposite wall, so I asked him what he was thinking about. "Rocks," he said with a smirk. "I have to concentrate or I'm gonna cum too soon." I gave him a little bit of a break and had him jump up onto all fours to give his hot furry ass some attention. I tried slipping a finger up his hole, but, damn, it was tight. What I didn't notice until I started editing the video was how much Nevin's cock perked up when tip of my finger was just inside him.
JO buddies blast their loads
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Description: I've been wondering where the bro-mance "competition" between Randy and Sean would end up going. It took a while to make it happen (you'll hear part of the story about why in the video), but these two Marine buddies finally ended up in front of the camera together. And even I was surprised at the outcome. That sneaky Randy had something up his sleeve for the ending… but I'm getting ahead of myself. The guys showed up looking very nervous about the shoot. After reassuring them that they could relax and just have fun with it, they did just that: had fun, and lots of it. From teasing each other about dick sizes and cumshots, the connection between these two best friends (as well as the curiosity) was obvious.
Men Boys and Toys
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Description: When we got Ty and Jake together, there were some definite sparks in the room-- and not from the electric toys... But the toys did add to it! They were intrigued by the array of new toys and excited to try them out on each other. Ty started by loosening Jake up with the dildo, and the whole time you could see in Ty's eyes that it was getting him eager to get into Jake's ass. But like any good meal, you gotta have your appetizer before the entree!
Anthony's Dick Bust
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Description: We decided to film spur of the moment. We had one model already with us but of course we needed another! We posted an ad out on the internet and Anthony replied to it. After seeing his pics we said "Come on Over!" He did 2 scenes for us then, but here's the first of him jacking off and fucking his Fleshjack.... More videos of Anthony to cum!
Flip Fucking: Best Of Both Worlds - Pacifico Entertainment
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Description: Dominic Pacifico is back to share his cock and ass with some of the hottest guys in this great collection of scenes, kicking off with Christopher Daniels taking every inch of the porn star hunks uncut cock in his beefy jock ass! That might be one seriously horny fuck, but you might appreciate the sight of Dominic getting fucked in the butt by Logan Scott even more in the next scene. The guys are a great match, and Dominic really delivers in the ass department to get his buddy unloading. That might be why he needs to relax a little in the following scene, opting to enjoy his own cock and a jerk off toy in the shower instead. The Fleshlight takes a pounding from his hard uncut shaft, and you'll be wishing it was you getting those inches instead of that toy. That little break seemed to do the trick, and soon Dominic is in need of some more fucking, teaming up with jock Cal Parker to take a deep dicking on a trip to Washington. Check out the cum covering he gets over his abs as a really ho
gorgeous and perfectly ripped
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Description: Ed is a 23 year old straight hunk with a gorgeous and perfectly ripped body and handsome model-good looks. Although inexperienced when it comes to getting down with other guys, he is open minded and willing to try new and exciting things. Ed is puffing a cigarette in the attic while sitting on the bench of a bench press set with his shirt off. As he sets the mood for himself, he starts sensually massaging and caressing his smooth, muscled body. He puts his hand inside his pants and strokes himself. Soon, he strips his pants off and is down to his green briefs. He walks over into the bedroom and gets totally naked, showing off his perfect, sexy body. He starts to wank off making his beautiful cock harden. The sight of his naked body and hard cock gets the cameraman so worked up that he just has to join in the action. He strokes Ed's cock and touches him all over his chest and abs before handing him a fleshlight...
25 yo Has Huge Uncut Cock
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Description: Wearing a ball cap, a windbreaker and some nice pants, 25 year old Boyd gets on with the solo jerkoff action by putting his hands on himself and feeling his body through his clothes. He opens the fly of his pants and lets his hands slide beneath the cloth and feels his hot, bare flesh. He puts one hand in his briefs and arouses himself further by massaging and stroking his manhood, making it swell and harden. He strips down to his briefs and reveals a fit and toned body with a thin layer of hair over his nicely formed chest. He grabs his ass as he lowers his briefs, exposing round and smooth buns. His finger moves into the crack and starts tickling the tight entrance to his glory hole. He slides out of his briefs and gets completely naked, and while his nude body is extremely hot, the best part is definitely his mouth-watering huge uncut cock. As he strokes it to a full erection, his uncut cock looks absolutely delicious ...
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Description: Since it'd been almost a year that I'd seen him on my favorite sex and swingers site, I think that Shayne was being a good boy and not playing around. My suspicions were confirmed when Shayne emerged from the shower before the shoot, and his cock was already at half mast. I started taping with the first camera while I setup the second camera because, as you'll soon see, Shayne was hard and raring to go. Given his anticipation, it wasn't too far into the shoot with me stroking his raging erection and fingering his tight hole, that Shayne was ready to pop. With a little prostate massage, sucking, licking, rubbing, tugging, and a little Fleshlight action, Shayne's return to CAUSA after more than a year away turned out to be one helluva hot video! Enjoy!