Cum For Me
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Description: Haruto's in the car and horny. Making good use of the backseat, this boy starts to play. As he feels himself, first thought his jeans, then naked, he never disappoints with a cumshot that fills his torso. The boy gets me going, so I pulled a few older scenes with hot loads and sexy boys. Coda, is up to his "filthy" ways as he is "toyed" with and used. Stroking one out, he "plays well with others" as an extra hand comes into frame. Getting close, his engorged cock is fully aroused and feeling the "good pulsations" of a vibrator. Coda, giving us his all, blowing up onto his chest with an, "ah fuck." Yuto's muscular body towers over as he jerks. Lying down, he tugs and precums; shit what a gooey mess he gives us. Pooled up onto his groin, he sweeps some of his jizz into his hand as he plays with his flaccid self.
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Description: Jose' Camacho is 19, straight, with a girl, and “getting into the industry.” He's been web-camming for a couple of years and thinks he's “willing to experiment.” This Straight Rent Boy is going to start with a tug today, and as “a freak,” he'll be back for more. At 5'11”, 150 lbs. and tight, he's a mix of Puerto Rican and Dominican; checking out his fat cock and nice ass, I'd agree. As he grows, Jose' says he's 7”, but I'm think that's just on a slow day. Looking at the camera, Jose' asks, “who wants to suck this fucking fat cock?” Shit, line forms behind me, people. His freak is starting to flow and this “daddy” wants you to cum too. Pulling on his ball sack, Jose' sits down and spreads his legs; he is close, but it won't be much longer. Then, Jose' says he's going to cum, and cum he does; thick streams of “crema” shoot all over. Sitting back, flaccid and relaxed, Jose' will cum again, “getting my nut on;” lube up guys, I think we've got a world-Cup cock on our
David at the Gloryhole
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Description: David comes over for a quickie at the gloryhole, and Cody is up for the job. He sucks David's cock so good that David barely gets hard before he cums unexpectedly in Cody's mouth and down his hand.
Straight Curious Guy
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Description: Danny is a super hot self-described Viking from Scandinavia. When I ask how he stays in such good shape, he instantly replies "I fuck, of course". I can tell by his ripped abs and bulging muscles that he hits the gym at least several times a week, and hits it harder than a baby grand falling out of the sky. When he originally applied to do porn for me, he claimed he was straight. But after I got him naked on the casting couch and started asking questions, it wasn't long before he revealed a sexually experimental side that rivals most I've come into contact with, and that's saying a lot with my tenure in this industry. Danny has had many encounters with men, mostly topping, but occasionally letting dudes penetrate him, and has even rammed his gigantic 9 incher up the rectal canal of a tranny he met on the street in Miami. He quickly pulls his huge flaccid dick out of his bikini briefs and sensually tugs it into a man-eating anaconda within minutes. Danny continuously pulls his beautiful
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Description: Haruo Arata sits and strokes his dick right in front of us. Out of his pants and underwear, we see his nice sized cut cock. As he jerks himself, he spreads his legs far apart. I'm thinking he may want more than a quick tug, but we'll let him finish, first. For Japanboyz, “Erotic Ninja 1 The Hitman #5,” is about Haruo and his needs, and us, seeing his needs fulfilled. Haruo masturbates and cums all over his groin, his thick white jizz is eaten quickly by a man in sunglasses. Haruo whimpers as the man sucks every drop from Haruo's swollen head. The camera catches the boy's flaccid cock, twitching as his heart beats. Next, Haruo's in bed with a masked man, receiving some tactual attention. Haruo's sexy see through underwear shows that he is already reacting well to the feel. As the masked man kisses and fondles him, Haruo moans for more; his ears must be especially sensitive as he squirms from them being sucked. Working first on his nipples then cock, the masked man enjoys the boy's wiggl
Psycho Soccer Hooligans
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Description: At ******Tops soccer hooligans Derek and Toby are in their element. Marching a rival supporter back to the Tops lair, hand gagged and in an arm lock, this dirty cunt is under their complete control. Tied to chair, the Masters first use it's mouth for some *****-spitting target practice before moving on to getting their sweaty armpits and dirty arse cracks cleaned by it's slutty mouth and tongue. Given a boner by his Master it's now ben's turn to get them hard. Even with some encouragement he does a shit job and receives a good caning. Derek puts the useless cunt's tiny flaccid penis into a chastity cage as punishment.
On my bed
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Description: Me having a long session: From flaccid to the very breaths of afterwards :-)
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Description: The minute Nathan walked into the room, I couldn't fucking wait until he was out of his clothes. He has these handsome rugged looks and this deep husky voice that will make your knees weak. I pulled up a stool because I knew I was going to have a hard time standing for this one if you know what I mean. You can tell that Nathan is really smart; he was always one step ahead of me in the shoot. It was really a turn on. It was finally time to let Nathan show off his hard work so I shut up and let him go. Once he pulled his wife beater off and revealed his 49” pecs, I was just waiting for what was to cum next. He took off his jeans and pulled down his boxers and started stroking his flaccid cock. It didn't take much before his cock kept growing and growing. Why wouldn't he have a huge cock. The rest of him is perfect.
pinoy flaccid jack off
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Description: so horny that time...trying not to get hard but went into orgasm for 3x!!
SEX MALE GENITAL 1st part  //  Genitales de Hombre
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Added: 29 Aug 11
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Description: I show my beautiful pubis and penis to teach all the sexual anatomy of a man: 1) Bulge genital exposure (see the pubic hair). 2) flaccid penis covered by the foreskin, over the testicles. 3) Displays the glans is still covered. // Muestro mi lindo pene, para enseñarles a todos la anatomía sexual de un hombre: 1) Bulto genital no expuesto (se ve el vello púbico). 2) Pene flácido recubierto por el prepucio, más los testículos. 3) Muestra del glande aún recubierto.
Mac's First Hand Job
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Description: Chad lets Mac lay back against him. You can see Mac's hot, uncut cock go from flaccid to standing completely erect as Chad gently touches Mac's chest, cock and balls.
Fancy a Wank???
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Description: Some guys have all the luck, and I'm not just talking about our latest newbie - straight, hung personal trainer Jamie... I mean me! Who else gets the pleasure of having such a gorgeous guy strip off out in the sunshine and jerk one out right before them? But seriously guys, Jamie is something truly special. He has a fit east London swagger about him but not a hint of arrogance... team that with his boyish good looks, gym fit body and deliciously thick rock solid cock and we're on to a winner! So Jamie and I get to chat about his gym work, his cage fighting and his first times and rude exploits in a shopping centre changing room, before he strips down to just his shiny red shorts and trainers. He teases his flaccid cock against the soft cloth of his shorts, warming himself up before pulling them off and revealing himself completely! Mind you, pretty much everything was on show during our chat... his cock and balls were falling out of those shorts ;-) Jamie's all about pleasing an
Curtis & his Thick Uncut Dick
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Description: All you lovers of big, thick, chunky cocks are in for a real treat - Curtis has one of the finest, fattest and most veiny cocks I've had the pleasure of filming in a long, long time! He really is a huge fan of playing with his big fat boner too... and wouldn't we all if we were blessed with his man-meat? Anyway, let me tell you more about this 19 year old ex-army lad... Curtis describes himself as straight but I'm not so sure. He made this film on the eve of his 20th birthday and spent his last day as a [banned word] jerking his big dick for our pleasure (and his!)! After having a relaxed chat about his life, his first times and the wanking competition in the army barracks, he stands proud to show off his flaccid cock and very large balls... before he sets about working his prized meat to full mast - lovely :-) His superb cock begins to grow as he moans and mutters under his breath... and as it grows larger and larger he gets on his knees where it points skywards all on its own!
Ex-Army Boy Cameron
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Tags: BLAKEMASON Sixty-nine Rimming Riding Missionary Licking biting Kissing In the bedroom Hard fuck Fucking ***gy Dirty talk Deepthroat Cum Cum Jerking off Cum Cum getting fucked Blow jobs Ass play Underwear Super shooter Spoons Socks Sixty-nine Riding Passionate fuc

Description: It's time to welcome another fresh faced newbie – and so here's the gorgeous Cameron! He's recently left the British Army (he joined up when he was just 16!) and so after three years of Army drills and foreign tours his body's in a fantastic condition ;-) From his deep golden tan to his firm pecs, washboard stomach and a super sexy “come to bed smile” Cameron must have caused quite a stir in the barracks showers… And that's the key to this very fit fella - what you see is what you get. He's very open and happy to chat about life yet equally willing to strip off completely and proudly let his flaccid cock swing free! But hey, with a body like his I would be happy to skip down the street naked – wouldn't you be? OK… back to the film… settling back on the sofa, Cameron starts his marathon wank and sprawls his lithe body out across the couch as he begins to warm his fat uncut fuck tool ;-) But from there he just goes wild but he varies the tempo to suit his ever growing (but restrai
Jackson - Liverpools Chunky Dicked Twink!
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Description: This week brings the very welcome addition of Jackson to the site. He's an 18 year old newbie from Liverpool and Jackson's been very keen to get his kit off for the camera for a long time! And with so many of you requesting some younger, twinkier men recently, well, Jackson fitted the bill perfectly ;-) He has the body of a very fine young man, a cheeky smile to match his personality... and a cock that is begging to be admired and adored! Bur first, Jackson has a casual chat before standing and stripping down to his birthday suit. He's a very confident chap who happily stands proud and shows off his flaccid cock and perfect peachy backside! Shortly after stripping he's left to enjoy himself and his hand dives directly down onto his cock where he begins to work himself to full mast... He does so with ease and as soon as he's rock hard it's clearly time for him enjoy himself! He likes to wank himself fast and hard but he also likes to slow things down from time to time to admire hi
In the Birth Suit!
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Description: This week brings another complete newbie to the BLAKEMASON stable - and what a very fine young 'guy-next-door' type of chap Chase is! At 26 years of age he finally decided the time was right to try a bit of modelling - he'd been toying with the idea of getting his kit off for the camera for 6 years! Still, better a little late than never and I'm sure glad he made his way to see us - this guy is lovely ;-) Chase has a nervous coyness to him that I couldn't help but find endearing. I'm sure he's one of those guys who's quiet and reserved when first meeting people, but once you know them well it's hard to shut them up! Anyway, he talked openly about his turn-ons and experiences before standing to reveal his gym fit body, fine flaccid cock and low hanging balls - I told you he's lovely, didn't I? It takes no time at all for him to work his cock from soft to hard and crikey, it doesn't go away once it's up! Chase quietly plays with his cock, teasing himself as well as us with his slow
Sexy Straight Stud!!!
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Description: Well, all I can say is that this guy is all types of hot! From the minute he stepped off the platform with his straight-boy swagger I knew it was going to be a good day... in fact he was the highlight of my weekend ;-) At 24 he has this immense super-coolness that makes him incredibly attractive and when coupled with his gorgeous good looks, body to die for and big chunky cock I think I might have found my perfect man... again! Arriving at the house Andrew couldn't have been more calm or collected but beneath that first-impression appearance he turned out to be a very nice, warm and charming young man. All this becomes very evident during our on-screen chat as he talks about his first times and wild times... before Andrew gets up and pulls his perfect body out of his clothes - finally he's standing proud and completely naked! He settles down on the chair and before long Andrew's flaccid cock grows into a very thick and hard piece of meat! He gets really into his jerk off, moani
Big, Fat and Meaty Cock
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Description: If, like me, you like your cocks big, fat and meaty then you're going to like this film, especially if you also like your guys with some meat on their bones! Josh is what I would call the strong and silent type of bloke, letting his handsome good looks and piercing blue eyes do all the talking... well that is until he strips out of his clothes, and then it's that big fat cock of his that does all the talking... Still only 19, Josh has recently moved from his home town of Hull to Manchester where he now works in a gay bar just outside of the Village! Josh likes to keep fit and plays for a local football team but aside from that that he gets his workouts in the bedroom where he admits he is quite the dominant type! So after the chat Josh strips out of his clothes, showing off his very hairy and chunky footballers legs before settling onto the couch and working his cock hard. His impressive flaccid cock grows even thicker and longer and Josh has a very unique wanking technique! All
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Added: 21 Nov 10
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Tags: BLAKEMASON Jerkoff solo blond gay ass play bed

Description: Phwoarrr... I seriously like this week's addition. Another total newbie, who came and put on the performance of a lifetime. Shane is only 22 but is sure confident in his skin - but who wouldn't be if they had the cute baby face, stunning golden tan, beautiful blue eyes, and a hairy covered torso that Shane is packing... that's not all he is packing either. Shane claims to be straight, and has a girl that he is currently 'seeing' so he talks about how good she is at head, amongst other things. Before he stands to reveal his perfect hair covered chest, drops his trousers revealing his thick legs, and full package before he settles back on the bed to enjoy himself. The tight pink pants don't stay on for long, as Shane pulls his flaccid uncut cock out. He soon works it to its magical fat eight inch length, he jerks away owning the space he was allowed. Kneeling, standing, perching on the headboard! This guy didn't want to lay back, but when he did the action gets scorching, with his head
Jai C Filthy Gorgeous
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Added: 26 Sep 10
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Duration: 0:01:58

Description: Another total newbie to grace our screens, and what a debut... 22 year old Jai has a very dirty side that he hides behind his boyish good looks and shy demeanour, but get him horny (which isn't difficult) and get his kit off and he becomes a confident, big-dicked top out to pleasure whatever bottom is coming his way... That said Jai was a little nervous what with this being his first shoot and all, but the little chat settled his nerves and as he pulled his fit toned body out of his clothes his confidence started to shine through. Once his semi flaccid cock is pulled from his pants Jai is soon in to the swing of things and his big dick just continues to grow and grow... Jai knows works his meat with a certain finesse that was quite unexpected from a newbie. He gets himself real hard and stands back to admire his fine uncut cock proudly standing to attention! He swings it about, covers his head in thick shiny spit and settles back into a smooth rhythm. Jai describes himself as a
Gym Defined Beauty
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Added: 25 Jul 10
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Tags: BLAKEMASON Blond wank jerkoff on on the sofa

Description: It's time to welcome the rather lovely and beautiful Karl S to the site. He's been a fan for quite some time of what we do here and understandably, he wanted a piece of the action! Karl's only 21 but with a gym defined body of a man and a very fine and very fat 7½ inches of uncut meat he's one hot catch. And with a face and personality to fall in love with Karl really is something special... and when he's working his assets it's truly a sight to enjoy... This blue eyed, blond haired beauty is a really naturally rampant fella yet he hides it under his quiet and coy personality extremely well. But once he gets himself going there's just no stopping this sexual dynamo! This jerk-off is certainly no exception; he chats away like we have been friends for years and then strips off confidently, knowing what he is revealing is hot and salivating! Once Karl's left to enjoy himself he wastes no time in growing to full mast - his thick flaccid cock grows into a mighty shaft with a perfectl
Straight, Muscular, Massive Cock!!
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Added: 10 Jul 10
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Duration: 0:02:12

Description: Did anyone request a muscle bound, bronzed, god of a man with a nice big uncut dick? Nope??? Well I guess I'll just have to keep him for myself then! Seriously though, what a fine specimen of manhood, hey? Not only is Alex one really good looking fella but he's also very horny... dirty in the bedroom... open-minded (although he claims he's straight) and packs some seriously thick chunky meat! And that's not all. Alex has a super cool attitude where everything happens slowly and on his own terms. Even this jerk-off was at his own pace - slow and sensual - which is clearly just how he likes it and I'm not complaining! This man could easily be too much for most of us to handle; he talks totally openly, strips off in the sexiest way, and well, let's just say it was very hard to concentrate on the filming ;-) Once naked Alex stays stood up and his large flaccid cock grows quickly after its shown a little attention. He plays with it rather than jerking it and then climbs on to the sofa to co
ClubAmateurUSA Str8 Stud Dave 1
Category: Straight
Added: 15 Jun 10
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Duration: 0:02:00
Tags: Dave ClubAmateurUSA CAUSA straight bisexual curious cock cock balls hairy fur jerkoff jackoff stroke

Description: ClubAmateurUSA Str8 Stud Dave gets buck naked... he shows off his flaccid cock and floppy balls!
3some amateur shower sex
Category: Orgy/Group sex
Added: 14 Jan 10
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Duration: 0:06:13
Tags: threesome 3some shower sex sex group amateur

Description: It's a hot summers day so by the time these 3 amateurs arrived for a shoot they were all hot and sweaty. So we decided to do a shower scene shoot. They all stripped down naked and rubbed each other down with soap. Soon after there erections turned from flaccid to erect and the cock sucking action started !
My Hairy Legs -- by several requests.
Category: Bear / Hairy
Added: 02 Nov 09
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Duration: 0:03:45
Tags: balls bear cock cock uncut hung huge massive cum cum load hairy legs jack wank masturbate jerk public precum gay thighs furry fur muscle worship multiple load cum cum sperm wanker

Description: A 3-minute vid showing off my muscular, hairy legs while flashing my uncut hog (flaccid) and nut sack. Just for fun, I included a shot where I use a simple lighting silhouette effect to make it easy to see the magnitude of hair on the edges of my legs... you'll see what I mean. take a look. And, enjoy!