I'm jerking off
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Added: 21 Oct 09
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Description: Now don't get me wrong; I like to wank but I'm 100% botton. This is the only thing I use my dick for. Not that I wouldn't like someone to suck it, but when I try to fiuck someone the damn thing doesn't work! Yeah, I klnow: it's bad quality, grainy, choppy, etc. But that's what you get with a 15fps camera. Taken with my Nokia 3600 Slide. As I said in my previous video, I like to take ******, so if you leave a comment, please don't be nice.
fuck me bro!
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Added: 31 Oct 08
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Description: Hot fiucking scene. I love how hot these guys are for each other!
Randy Blue - Gavin And Trent
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Description: Trent Davis gives Gavin Tate a whole bunch of firsts, his first rimming, his first fingerfucking, and his very first man-on-man hardcore scene!